Say what?…

My girl wanted to pick up a few things as she wanted to cook dinner that evening so we went to the supermarket at Simpang Tiga here and since we were there, we decided that we would just go over to the hawker stalls opposite for lunch. After all, the African guy‘s pili pili grilled chicken rice (RM9.00)…

Stall No. 7 pili pili grilled chicken rice

…from Stall No. 7 there is one of my girl’s favourites in town. The mum had the same and yes, it was good as always.

For a change, I had the ais kacang or ang tao peng

Stall No. 10 ais kacang 1

…from Stall No. 10 but the beans were a little hard, not that it really mattered as there were so few in it…

Stall No. 10 ais kacang 2

Still, I quite enjoyed it as they added a lot of the gula Melaka (palm sugar) and they were also very generous with the evaporated milk. I certainly liked it a lot more than the one I had from the other drink stall (Stall No. 3) there that had all that rose syrup that I am not fond of.

I did not feel like having the pili pili nor the Moroccan grilled chicken rice so I went to the stall beside it, No. 6, to see what they had for their nasi campur. I chose the curry fish, ikan pari (sting ray)…

Stall No. 6 kari kian & telur sambal

…and the sambal egg and I picked this labu (gourd)…

Stall No. 6 labu

…for my choice of vegetable.

I asked the lady how much that would be and she said RM7.00. Say what??? RM7.00 for this…

Stall No. 6 nasi campur

…with only two meat and one vegetable?

The sign at the stall said, “Nasi campur RM4.00++,” so I asked the lady about that. She said it was RM4.00 plus what one picked…and in my case, there were one, two and three…so RM7.00 altogether.

Ah well, no prize for guessing who would not be coming back for more, thank you very much!

The SEDC HAWKER CENTRE is located at Simpang Tiga, facing the entrance of MDS Mart with the end of Jalan Kampung Hilir on one side and the end of Jalan Awang Ramli Amit (formerly Race Course Road) on the other.