Back in the old routine…

Well, thankfully, my mum was discharged Friday afternoon last week and is presently looking well. I guess as long as she eats regularly, she should be all right from now on…and now that she’s home after over a month at the medical centre, we can finally go back to our old or usual routine.

My girl was home, of course, over the weekend and for our lunch on Saturday, she wanted pad Thai (RM13.90)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen pad Thai

…and of course, whatever she wants, she gets!

That was why we stopped by here

Flowers at Flavours

…that day and to go with it, we also ordered their tom yam goong (RM42.90)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen tom yam goong

…with two huge freshwater prawns…

Flavours Thai Kitchen freshwater prawn

…and that certainly works out to be cheaper than what we had here for RM30.00 with just one prawn cut into halves to make it look like two. The soup was absolutely perfect, just the right level of the sour taste and spiciness and we all enjoyed it very much and of course, their pad Thai was great, as always.

We also enjoyed the oyster omelette (RM19.50)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen oyster omelette 1

– it had that very nice egg taste that I love in omelettes, something that I do not seem to detect much elsewhere or when I fry my own. I don’t know if it’s just me but I do not seem to find that same egg smell, what people would call chao chor in Hokkien, in eggs anymore these days and it would be worse in those kampung (free range) or Omega-3 eggs, no smell at all.

Anyway, going back to the oyster omelette…

Flavours Thai Kitchen oyster omelette 2

I did think that they should place it on some kitchen towel first before moving it onto the banana leaf in the plate – I do that myself at home all the time and that would help soak away the excess oil so that it would not be so oily underneath.

The ladies said the paku (RM13.50)…

Flavours Thai Kitchen paku

…was all right but I thought it had a little bit too much santan (coconut milk). I prefer how they do it here and I do think it was nicer the previous times when we had that.

Jos, the Thai chef, was out when we got there – well, they open for lunch at noon and we got there before 11.30. We really must stop showing up too early all the time here, there and everywhere. LOL!!! I think all the dishes we had were cooked by the other Thai chef who came to work here a bit later than Jos but yes, Jos did come back while we were enjoying ourselves there and lo and behold!!! We were served one huge bowl of beef noodles on the house!

I was afraid there would be those yellow noodles in it and my girl, being on a gluten-free diet, would not be able to enjoy it. Luckily, they used those pad Thai noodles in it…

Flavours Thai Kitchen beef noodles 1

…making it look like those Vietnamese pho. I asked Jos if it was that but he said no, it was his own original recipe.

We thought it was very nice…

Flavours Thai Kitchen beef noodles 2

…different from any beef noodles that we have had before and very fragrant with the Thai basil and all the herbs that went into it.

I noticed on their menu that they do charge for drinking water now but looking at my cashier’s receipt, it looked like they had left that out – wasn’t that so very nice of them?

FLAVOURS THAI KITCHEN is located on the ground floor of the ORCHID HOTEL, along Brooke Drive at its junction with Jalan Tunku Osman. You can use its main entrance at the back of the hotel building (facing Brooke Drive) or go through the lobby past the reception desk if you are using its hotel entrance.