It makes no difference now…

We had a little problem the last time we had kway teow here…

Sri Tanjung Cafe
*Archive photo*

…as we ordered their kway teow goreng and char kway teow and got two different ways of cooking those flat rice noodles.

Well, we went back to the place at Sungai Antu, opposite RTM, their Sibu office and station, the other day and my missus had their nasi lemak special (RM6.00)…

Sri Tanjung nasi lemak special

The rice on its own was not anything to shout about but the sambal was very nice and extra spicy. My missus liked it a lot so I tapao-ed RM5.00 of that home.

I loved the egg she got with its very runny yolk…

Runny yolk

…and the chicken rendang that came with the special…

Chicken rendang

…was very nice.

I asked for the kway teow goreng or char kway teow, the special (RM6.00)…

Sri Tanjung kway teow goreng 1

…of course and it makes no difference what you call it now; you will end up getting the one and the same thing, the girl said.

It was very nice and no, they do not claim that it is anything like Penang’s or anything anywhere else – it’s their own version of fried kway teow and one thing’s for sure, you simply can’t go wrong when you have lots of prawns…

Lot of prawns

…in it.

I was rather disappointed with my egg though…

Egg, overcooked

It was overcooked, nothing like what my missus had with her nasi lemak and I got a piece of fried chicken…

Fried chicken

…with my order. I would prefer the rendang that my missus had. I certainly would make my preference known to them should we drop by again and I happen to order this…

Sri Tanjung kway teow goreng 2

…the next time around.

All in all, we did enjoy what we had that day, a little pricier than some places around here but it did not matter as long as what we had was good enough.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “It makes no difference now…”

  1. Nothing below RM5 now and you have drumstick in it as well.

    I like Malay style of goreng but usually I go for the yellow noodle or mee hoon. Not so with kway teow.

    I do enjoy their yellow noodles too, can’t remember if I ever tried their bihun or not. Yes, at least I got a drum stick, not just any part of the chicken.

  2. Kway teow goreng & char kway teow not the same thing?….Got confused. The fried kway teow looks pretty good with the drumstick but the egg ?????? Am a noodle person, so always noodles for me.

    Yes, we were confused the last time – two different ways of cooking and we thought the char kway teow that I had was nice. Now all the same, one size fits all. That egg sure was a disaster, eh? People should pay more attention when frying eggs, not just do it anyhow like that.

  3. It sure was promising in the first couple of pictures. I was suitably impressed.

    Looked good, tasted good too. One good place to drop by for a bite…and they have nasi kerabu on Saturdays – we love the one here.

  4. The egg looks sad but the one in the first photo seems alright… rather inconsistent?

    Yes, there should be some quality control. They fry a lot at one go – next time, I will go and choose the one that I want.

  5. You should go by again and again.. for those prices, they are pretty reasonable… As for the eggs, I prefer them overdone and cooked like the one you had… 🙂

    So far, two votes for runny yolks, two for overcooked eggs. Hehehehehe!!!! I love the egg smell in the yolk but these days, I can’t seem to detect it much. Worse in kampung eggs and Omega 3 eggs, no smell at all…or maybe I’m growing old, taste buds not so sensitive anymore. 😦

  6. but nasi lemak is all about the rice!! sigh… 😛

    Indeed! That is why I have yet to find one here that I would say, “Yes! THIS is the one!” So far, there are a few o.k. ones, very few while most have been rather disappointing.

  7. The fried kway teow does look very good. I am very hungry right now and I must go home to eat!

    Lots of prawns, very nice…like your mee goreng, I’m sure. Can’t go wrong with those crustaceans.

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