Dime a dozen…

No, you can’t get anything for one cent here…

One Cent

…not even for a dime…

Nothing for one cent

…despite the name. I’ve blogged about this place a few times before including that time in 2012 when I was here with my blogger friends from the peninsula and once when I was here with my young blogger friend for breakfast.

Well, if anyone is interested in the exact location (2.311277,111.847358), it is to the extreme left (facing Jalan Sena) among the shops in the Lot 9 area, right across Jalan Pedada from this mall…

Delta Mall

…and these are their opening hours…

Opening hours

It sure looks like they are open every day but be forewarned that some of the stalls may take a day off each week, like this one…


…which, I understand, sells every nice mee sua and they have something with their own home-made fish balls as well.

Food handling course certificate

My! It even has this certificate from a food-handling course that I hear, is compulsory for everyone in the food business in this town to attend in order that they may be allowed to carry on with their trade.

Well, since it was closed, I had to order something from another stall at that place and I had this (RM4.00)…

One Cent Fried lao shu fun

…the fried lao shu fun (rice drops) and yes, I would say it was very good indeed.

I also ordered the Sarawak laksa (RM4.50)…

One Cent Sarawak laksa

…to try. The broth was very good but I did not like the egg that way. For Sarawak laksa, it would have to be an omelette, fried very thinly and sliced just as thinly too. Other than that, I thought they could give less of the shredded chicken and tofu puffs and substitute those with a prawn or two even if those would have to be somewhat small ones.

My missus had the fried tom yam mee (RM5.00)…

One Cent fried tom yam mee

…from another stall and she said it was good as well.

People always say that one can tell whether the food is good or not by looking at the crowd and yes, this place was very crowded when my missus and I dropped by that morning.

On our way home, I saw this banner on the road…


It’s coming soon! The Borneo Cultural Festival, from the 30th of July till the 8th of August. That week would be a good time to come to Sibu and after that, you can hop over to Kuching for the renowned Rainforest World Music Festival from the 7th till the 9th of August this year…and you can fly back home from there, two birds with one stone. Any takers?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Dime a dozen…”

  1. First comment! I wonder do they sell siew mai in the coffee shop? You did mention that they sell Siew Mai in one of your posts if Im not mistaken 🙂

    They did – from the same stall selling the rat’s tail noodle and the laksa that I had. Did not take notice if they are the same people or whether they are still selling the sio bee as I was not planning on eating those.

  2. The easy way out with that hard boiled egg in laksa. Thinly sliced omelette may take off their precious time. I also don’t like laksa with hard boiled egg & tofu (so far I have never come across it) but I loved shredded chicken meat.

    Yes, the tauhu pok must be a Sibu thing – people have told me you would not find those in authentic Kuching laksa, only in curry laksa in Singapore and in the mainland. I would add those when I cook too though – my girl loves it and also the thinly-sliced omelette, lots of it, not really into the prawns or the chicken and much less, the taugeh. She’s not all that fond of hard-boiled egg so the laksa here is definitely not for her.

  3. There is a shop here selling household stuff for RM2.50. Everything RM2.50.

    The laksa looks good. For me, I also like those shredded omelette in laksa. The hard boiled egg reminded me of mee jawa. Hehe

    Oh? Not like our Dua-pulah Sen Store eh? Nothing at 20 sen there. Overseas, I saw that the £1 had some stuff that price but not all – there were others costing more e.g.£1 X 5, priced in multiples of £1 as such.

    You gang with my girl. When we cook at home, she will put a lot of the omelette.

  4. See the Sarawak laksa makes me crave for it…

    So many things here that will leave you craving for more…and so cheap some more especially when you convert to your currency. 😉

  5. hmm, haven’t tried lao shu fen in that way, we usually serve them the way we serve koay teow th’ng.

    My first time…and I liked it! Nicer than the usual that I had had before.

  6. The shape of the loh shi fun over there is quite odd, different from the ones here where one side has a pointy tail! 😀

    Yes, I’ve seen those cendol-shaped ones. Ours here do not have the tail, probably how they make it is a little different…so do not qualify to be called rat’s tail. I guess the Chinese name translated is just rat’s rice…no tail?

  7. I looked up your geo-coordinates in Google maps and found that Sibu now has street view! Last time I checked a few months ago, it didn’t. I remember you mentioned the Google car has bee around. Now I can enjoy cruising your city, but cannot taste taste the wonderful food!

    I use this one – it has the satellite views but it is not that up to date, some parts already developed but not shown.

    Ah yes!!! I googled. Now I get to see Sibu too. Ahhhh!!! I found my house!!! My car just driving in through the gate!!! Muahahahaha!!!! So much fun!

  8. Are you going to the Rainforest World Music Festival? Loosen up and dance the night away 😛

    No, thanks. One earthquake is one too many – don’t want to cause another. 😀

  9. Shoots and sprouts are fun to eat and cook with and use as toppings!

    Bean sprouts have high protein content – not for those with gout. I’m ok with it but not shoots, bamboo shoots. Missus loves that – never mind that she has to take painkillers after eating. I would not touch them, thank you.

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