Once a week…

This place (2.311277,111.847358), among the Lot 9 shops across the road from Delta Mall at Jalan Pedada here, is open for dinner now…

One Cent Cafe open for dinner

It used to be open every day from 6.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m….but one particular stall there is closed once a week, every Wednesday…

One Cent Cafe mee sua stall
*Archive photo*

…and coincidentally, everytime I dropped by here, it so happened to be a Wednesday so other than that one occasion on an earlier visit when I was here with my West Malaysian blogger friends, I had not had the chance to enjoy the mee sua.

That morning, I spotted these packets of nasi lemak (RM2.00)…

One Cent Cafe nasi lemak & ang koo kueh

…at the counter so I just had to grab one to try and I also bought the ang koo kueh (RM2.20 for a pack of two).

I wish they had used banana leaf inside instead of the piece of plastic and in that packet, other than the rice, there was half an egg, lightly fried till golden and also a little packet of the sambal and another one of the peanuts and fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies)…

One Cent Cafe nasi lemak 1

Yes, the rice was not too bad. There was only a slight hint of the richness of santan (coconut milk), very very slight, but the rice was not hard and dry unlike some that I had had the displeasure of eating before. The sambal, however…

One Cent Cafe nasi lemak 2

…was a little on the salty side – usually, the ones with nasi lemak would be a little sweet. On the whole, I would say it was quite nice – not something that would get me rushing back for more but it was all right and for RM2.00 only, one might want to consider having that sometimes for a change.

As for the ang koo kueh, it had peanut filling…

One Cent Cafe ang koo kueh

– I prefer the ones with mung bean filling so it did not really tickle my fancy.

There was this advertisement on the notice board…

One Cent Cafe advert

…and I remember how we were made to drink that when we were small, a remedy for coughs and how I hated it so much that every time I drank, the very strong taste would send my head spinning – I wonder if that was all psychological or what. In Hokkien, we call it heng jin and I believe it is actually almond syrup.

I had the mee sua in traditional red wine chicken soup (RM6.00)…

One Cent Cafe ang chiew mee sua

…and boy, it sure was really very good – so strong on the red wine and I absolutely enjoyed it! Now, wait a minute! If you look at my archive photo of the stall, it was priced at RM5.00 then and now it is RM6.00. Ah well!!! What’s new? Everything has been going up in prices these days so that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Perhaps it was a slip on the part of the old lady helping with the serving when she gave me this chili dip…

One Cent Cafe chili dip

…so I had to get the usual one…

One Cent Cafe fresh cut chili in dark soy sauce

…we would get with mee sua myself – the sliced fresh chili with dark soy sauce. I would want the soy sauce to eat the egg with.

Of course it did not go to waste! My missus was quite happy to relieve me of the chili dip to add to her own and enjoy with her tom yam hung ngang (RM6.00)…

One Cent Cafe tom yam hung ngang

…which she said was very good, as good as the celebrated ones here.

That sure was a delightful brunch and for sure, we would be back again but I must remember not to drop by on a Wednesday if we intend to have anything from this same stall.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Once a week…”

  1. One cent cafe, heh!
    For my one cent, the food looks good and so is the presentation.

    The ang koo kuih appears to be a bit expensive. I, too prefers the mung bean filling. This ang koo kuih does not appear to be as good as the one you had some weeks ago (it had very thin skin). I cannot remember if I ever had one with peanut (It was a long time ago).

    What was in the mee sua with traditional red wine chicken soup? Is this a Sibu speciality? I can recalled a chicken dish with a reddish tint and tasty, too. No, it was not soya sauce.

    What was in the tom yam hung ngang?

    I remember you saying something like you’re from Kuching? How old were you when you left? As a kid? When did you leave? No family back there, never came back? You’ll be amazed by how it has changed since say, the 70’s when I was in college there.

    Lots and lots and lots of Foochows there now and you see Foochow things like this mee sua or hung ngang and even kampua, kompia, dianpianngu being sold everywhere (some even nicer than the ones in Sibu)- quite unlike the 70’s when it was just Kuching kolo mee, Kuching laksa, kueh chap, those kinds of things.

    Hung ngang is actually the big bihun – maybe a little bigger than spaghetti. As for what’s in the mee sua, you can look at this post here:

    Yes, the ang koo kueh is more expensive by 10 sen each – maybe the coffee shop people are reaping the profit, just RM1.00 each at the stalls…and yes, the yellow ones with the pumpkin skin I had not too long ago were a whole lot nicer and just RM1 each – the thinner skin, the very generous mung bean filling, everything.

    1. Yes, I left Kuching as a kid many moons ago. I have not been back as I do not have any ties.

      Why prompt the Foochows to settle in Kuching?

      Where there is money to make, lots of it, they will all flock there… 😉

  2. Me and my daughter loves ang koo kuih. However, what I found on Malay stalls here quite disappointing. It even hard to chew, tasteless… 😢

    Yes, very small and hardly any filling inside. Hard to find good ones here, even at the Chinese stalls – this one can be considered quite good already but I am not a fan of peanut filling.

  3. I like nasi lemak, but often it’s hard to find a good one.

    Same here. I’ve yet to come across one that I will give my stamp of approval to, been so long since the last one we had around here.

  4. All of the nice name one can think of, why this cafe name it as One Cent. Maybe the Chinese name has a meaning. We have a kopitiam name 168 and the Chinese characters means – yi lu fatt ( literally means prosperous all the way). We have a shop here named Dua Puluh Sen but it has close down already.

    We had those Dua Puluh Sen shops here too, cheap things, no quality…all closed down already and nothing could be bought with dua puluh sen, not at all. Dunno why they call this shop One Cent and looking at the crowd every day, I am very sure they are making lots and lots of one cents all this time.

  5. I opposite with you, i prefer peanut filling to mung bean filling…

    Finally, somebody who prefers peanuts. Good, then we will not fight over the same. 😀

  6. I miss those small nasi lemak packets , used to have it regularly some years ago. Yeah, the rice can be hard for some, maybe it’s been left in the open for a while. If it’s fresh , I guess it’s not that bad.

    I’m pretty sure it’s the cooking – some are pretty hard and rather dry, not nice at all.

  7. Ok, time to re-visit this place again.
    “heng yi lu” – Almond syrup, i remember!! hahahha..always force by my grandmother to drink it when i am sick. And you know what, when my boys were young, in fact i want to find this thing and give it to my boys, when they are having cough.

    Hahahahaha!!! Want to torture them like how you were tortured? I think they do sell this at the Chinese medical stores.

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