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I saw Claire’s post on the kway teow th’ng (flat rice noodle soup) that she had in Penang and that triggered a craving in me for that. I have not been to Penang for quite some time and I have not had that for quite a while…and she had me drooling over all the other things that she had as well in her later post. Sigh!!! I wonder when I will get to go over to the island again… Sobssss!!!!!

Well, in the meantime, I headed back to this coffee shop as I remembered I had seen a photograph of mee daging or meat/pork noodles at a stall there and it looked like something in clear soup…like kway teow th’ng and this was what I had (RM4.50)…

TotoCafe pork noodles 1

I never liked those frozen pork balls…

TotoCafe pork noodles 2

…and I still don’t. I did see them in the photograph and I should have told the lady not to include those but it just slipped my mind. Next time, I would do just that and asked for a bit more minced meat instead. My daughter loves those though and I think she would enjoy eating these noodles.

However, it turned out that they used mihun (rice vermicelli) instead of yellow noodles or the like…

TotoCafe pork noodles 3

…and they did not seem to sell kway teow in any form so I didn’t think I could ask them to substitute the mihun with that instead.

Nevertheless, it tasted great and I did enjoy it a lot especially with the sourish chili dip that they gave to eat it with. I did wish they had a piece or two of liver in it though. They could have that instead of the frozen meat balls and I certainly would not mind paying a bit more for that. Yum! Yum!

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23 thoughts on “Like it…”

  1. i like this.. and i also love those pork balls, haha, but you can taste they are frozen ones?? hmmm, you don’t like pork balls at all, or you just don’t like frozen ones??

    The frozen ones? Those factory made ones that have the texture of fish balls – have a peculiar smell and taste. I don’t mind those rolled and cooked on the spot using mninced meat. In fact, I love those! 😉

  2. what’s the white thing floating on the soup? i don’t mind the pork balls either 🙂 but sometimes certain kind of meat/fish goes well with some dishes and not with others 🙂 i’d prefer the yellow noodles 🙂

    The fat and whatever… Some people pour the water away and use clean water, some may sieve away whatever’s floating at the top so the soup will not look so murky. I never bother…just eat!

    Takes away the taste…and the worse is then they add lots of salt and msg to the clean-looking soup and people say it tastes great. I know at some places, they use ikan bilis (dried anchovies) for the stock – all the meat and what not are simply add-ons, not cooked in the soup. I guess some people prefer it nice and clean like that.

    Ya…they have the fish version too. Will try that one day.

  3. Eee…no frozen meatballs. It’s hard and taste bad! In fact is tasteless.

    Not tasteless – a very peculiar taste that I do not like at all. Give me fishballs anytime… 😦

  4. wah the pork noodles looked really good and rM4.50 seemed to be a reasonable price. I like porkballs and my aunt’s stall in USJ makes really nice and fresh porkballs. hehehe

    USJ? The only place I’ve been to would be the hawker centre beside Summit – opposite the Giant hypermart there. I did enjoy some of the things sold there…but I can’t remember what now. Been a long time since I stayed at the hotel there…

    1. That place no more already lar,Arthur…long gone!Even Giant no longer there 😦

      Yakah? Just about shows how long I’ve not been to that area. Stayed at the hotel twice on my working trips…sometime around 2000-2005. How come you know the place so well – you’re all the way in NZ? All your exclusive rented-out private property in that area kah? LOL!!! 😉

  5. My girl loves those pork balls but of course, not frozen ones! We can buy them fresh over here at the Leong Sin Nam shop that sells mainly pork only. I think each state has their own special koay teow th’ng.. over here in Ipoh, we call it Hor Hee… flat noodles with fish balls, fish cakes, vegetable and some put minced pork.. 🙂

    Yes, that’s why I went for that. If they had kway teow and they use that instead of the mihun, it can pass off as kway teow th’ng…at least for the time being till I get to go to Penang and eat that again. Slurpsssss!!!!!

  6. Frozen or not I don’t like meatballs. Gimme fish balls! But don’t give me noodle soup lah. I prefer savoury stuffs ie assam laksa, curry noodles.. 😀

    Then you can have the tom yum version – I have not tried the one here but I know of a place nearby that is pretty good. 😉

  7. I like mihun th’ng in clear soup. Your soup looks so murky and oily. I would prefer minced meat and pig liver instead of frozen fishball or porkballs I noticed there are tomatoes in it.

    Yup, I guess it gives it a little sourish taste…and I’m quite positive I could taste a hint of salted veg in the soup too. Very nice! 🙂

  8. i love Penang keuh teow thng. and i can actually go gaga and have them for 3 square meals each time i return to penang (much to my hubby’s annoyance and my late grandma’s amusement). nothing in kl comes close to those in penang especially the one in anson road market. the best if at all i have to recommend would be the centre coffee shop in Lucky Garden Bangsar operated by a Penangnite.

    I would have that for breakfast. In KL, there’s a stall in Jalan Alor run by a Foochow from Sitiawan (one of the very few stalls there these days that have anything worth eating) – his is quite nice but not when he leaves it to his Indon maid to prepare. Dunno of any elsewhere as I only hang around that area mostly.

  9. Ahhh, something light. Good for lunch. Love this soupy noodles with lots of crispy fried lard….he he he

    Typical Penang guy eh? Here, we’re not so much into those pork fat crusts in our food. Had this for breakfast. I wouldn’t mind having this for lunch and dinner too…

  10. Pork noodles is one of my fav…
    D one in your pics looks good…
    I normally will add an egg to it…

    There was an egg in it, poached…and very nicely done too! Yummmm!!!!

  11. I don’t like fish ball, pork ball, beef ball or any kind of balls..except, …of!
    When it comes to clear soup noodles, I only like kueh tiau / rice noodle and must have taugeh also.I don’t mind if they give some kind of minced meat but I rather like mine kosong and eat with lots of sliced red chillies dunked in soy sauce.Hmm…I think that would be good for dinner tomorrow!

    Ummmm…what balls you like then? Glutinous rice balls, chicken rice balls…what balls? Muahahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Shereen!! hahahaaaaa!! If there is a prize for guessing correctly what balls…I will play the game 😉

      I used (not any more) to buy the Hakka brand of “beef balls with tendon”. Tak like any more.

      I don’t mind beef balls…but of course, the freshly-made ones are the best. These pork balls have a peculiar smell and taste that put me off.

  12. kway teow th’ng ? Oh, lately i had something similar for breakfast almost everyday, beside than my usual kolok mee. Since now i send my boys to school early, i got spare time to have some quiet breakfast before go to work.

    Mine one will be kway teow with clear soup and shred chicken and prawn and taugeh. Simple, clear and nice. 🙂

    How come your soup got tomatoes?? How the taste like? Sour sour? Look very good and a lot ingredient too. Nice.

    It was very nice. I would not mind having that again – just don;t want the frozen meatballs, thank you. Tomatoes, ok…

  13. KTT not ma favorite but ma daughter loves them. Coming to Penang in mid-August? Bananaz getting datukship haha.

    What? You become DYMM Akong kah? When did your daughter get married? Didn’t hear anything? Wah….quiet-quiet, didn’t belanja big makan one kah? August…let me check when the school holidays will be. If Melissa does not want to come back, maybe I’ve an excuse to go over… 😉

    1. No lah on the way nia that’s the wedding only. Long time more to be datuk haha.

      Phewwww!!!! Ok…will keep you posted and see how things go… 😉

  14. the homemade pork balls are indeed bouncier and i can taste its freshness 🙂 coincidentally i’ve just blogged bout penang, here’s my entry:

    Latest: Penang Food Festival

    I only like minced meat rolled into balls…not the fishball like ones, never mind made at home or in a factory and sold in the supermarts. The springy ones, I reserve for the fish balls only…

  15. looks very oily and the soup “muddy”. I like thouse clear soup ones

    It’s clear… I do get messy soups like this also sometimes – maybe not boiling hot enough before putting the minced meat in…so everything will go “swimming”.

  16. Try the one on Raminway – Lot 10 coffee shop . The stall selling “char siew” / roast duck. They serve clear soup kway teow / bee hoon in mixed pork meat…etc.
    Also serve “sui chaw” in clear soup!

    Yup…I’ve had the kampua with real char siew and their sui jiao soup. Nice but parking there can be such a pain. Blogged about it long ago.

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