Still there for me…

We were early that day, still too early for lunch so we went to one of the malls in town to loiter around. That was when I got a message from my friend, Annie, from KL who was home for a few days, asking me if I was home. I told her where I was and she said she was on the way to pass me these…

From Annie

– more of the lovely own-made wine-infused Chinese sausages and all the goodies from Marks and Spencer.

The All Butter Viennese in the yellowish orange packs have always been my favourite but somehow or other, for reasons unknown, they have dropped the word Viennese but I guess these would be the same as those that I have had in the past – I have yet to open them though. I did try that box of Viennese Kisses as the expiry date was closer, around the end of the month and yes, they were very nice – exactly the same with the wonderful buttery fragrance but they were very small, each around the size of our 20 sen coin, the old ones – not one of those rather confusing new ones.

Thank you so much, Annie. You really shouldn’t trouble yourself to bring me all the nice things everytime you come home – your mum gets you everything so I really don’t know what to give you in return to reciprocate. Sighhhh!!!!

Back to the mall, we stopped by there as we wanted to go for the nice popiah (spring rolls) here…

Jiali Cafe

…among the shops in the area behind it. I wonder what the name means in Mandarin. If I am not wrong, jia in Foochow means by yourself and li means come so if we put that together, it means come by yourself or come on your own…or it can also mean do it yourself or help yourself (like when one is inviting, at a dinner, someone to eat the food laid out), depending on the context.

The last time I was here was in May last year so I was not sure if the lady was still there and I sure was delighted when I got there and I spotted the stall and I did not hesitate to order a few to share (RM2.50 each)…

Jiali Cafe

However, the lady was not around and the young man, probably the son, did not seem all that generous with the mangkuang/sengkuang (turnip)…

Jiali Cafe popiah, cross-section

…and gave a lot more of the green vegetables instead but it was still very good and I sure would not mind coming back again for more.

I saw a girl eating mee sua and it looked very nice, served in a really big bowl and I thought I would like to have that as well. Β However, upon reaching the stall, I noticed that they also had claypot noodles (RM5.50)…

Jiali claypot noodles 1

…and I decided to order that instead to try. It did not look all that great and there were not a lot ingredients in it other than some fish balls and those imitation crab sticks, that I left all behind, and a bit of the curly vegetables. Other than that, I didn’t think they used the regular yee mee – it sure looked like those dried egg noodles…

Jiali claypot noodles 2

…available in packs at the shops and supermarkets here and they lacked that special fragrance and taste and the texture was not there either. It tasted all right though but with all the choices at this particular place, I probably would not be ordering that again.

My missus had the Foochow-style noodles, soup (RM4.00)…

Jiali Cafe Foochow-style noodles, soup

…and it looked and tasted really great just that we would love to have some green vegetables in it.

I saw someone at the next table eating what looked like those Singapore fried Hokkien prawn noodles (RM8.00) from this same stall selling all the fried noodles and stuff and it did smell good! No prize for guessing what I would be having the next time I drop by here! Hehehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Still there for me…”

  1. ooo, i have mixed feelings about the look of the popiah … on one hand, i like how it looks plump and packed with ingredients … on the other hand, the skin looks like it could be on the too-thick side for me … hmmm ….

    The skin was ok, not thick but yes, we do not get good popiah skin here. In fact, we do not get any at all – just one place and we would have to order in advance. Last I asked, this lady got hers from that same source, freeze and steam for use, not really fresh. Not really good, the skin and expensive some more. 😦

  2. Both type of noodles looks good except the Foochow style lack of greens. Popiah???…ermm, I still prefer the ones from Payung in term of the fillings & generous amount of crushed peanuts.

    That one is in a class of its own – completely different, not the regular popiah kind of thing…and RM8.00 VS RM2.50. πŸ˜‰

  3. so much peanuts on the popiah! KL ppl should learn to be this generous! haha. But I agree with Sean. Skin’s too thick;)

    Luckily it was not tough and rubbery. Good enough, beggars can’t be choosers – we do not get good popiah skin here…but at least, these are better than the frozen ones sold at the supermarts. All in all, I do think this one is nicer than any I had had in KL…despite the skin.

  4. I’ve tried a few M&S biscuits and found most of them too sweet to my liking, not all of course.

    There are rather bland ones too and those are not to my liking. I only like the (plain) ones with the very nice buttery fragrance.

  5. I like to eat popiah, but lazy to make, as a lot of work, usually, will order outside to eat…

    Not the ones here, not worth even a try…all not nice, except this one. Thankfully we have one that is good or else no choice, will have to make our own.

  6. Oh, this time, the Foochow noodles got more soup, now it looks like lor-mee.. I still prefer the normal Foochow noodles with gravy, served in a plate πŸ˜›

    This is the soup version – they fry first and then add bone stock to make the soup…so of course, it is soupy. Lor mee, the gravy is thick and gooey with the addition of cornflour, a little sweet and it has the five spice fragrance, totally different thing.

    1. I thought like the same too, at first thought it like lor mee, but no kidding, I took quite a long time to learn how’s hokkian mee looks like =.=r

      Which one exactly do you mean? You mean KL Hokkien mee – the black thick noodles that look like big fat worms? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Singapore Hokkien mee looks very different, white…small yellow noodles, with a bit of bihun added. And Penang Hokkien mee is different as well.

  7. Your mention of the expiry date reminded me that last weekend we had a family BBQ at my house. My 9 year old granddaughter asked for tomato ketchup, something we hardly ever use. We did have a bottle however, and when she got it, she said “It’s past the expiry date!”

    I’m glad she at least checks before she eats!

    Yes, I would check before buying…and also when I take out anything from the pantry or the fridge. Not too long expired, looks and smells ok, I would still go ahead. Wahhhhhh!!!! Only 9 years old, already so wise to the ways of the world.

  8. Claypot noodle. I think the best people said is still from Thompson Corner Kuching. I used to eat it but that was long time ago. Hardly go there now.

    Popiah. Yummy and healthy. I wouldnt mind having it for a change.

    Kuching, Handsome Court – Wednesday only, once a week, near Thomson Corner but I hear the old couple already moved to another place also somewhere there. Maybe you can ask around there…and go for the claypot noodles at the same time.

  9. Butter biscuits must be dipped in tea or coffee. πŸ˜‰

    Yes, coffee for me. Harder cookies, I would dip and eat but these, no need. So good on their own. Very nice, very fragrant.

  10. You are never short of gifts, eh? So blessed with kind and generous friends. I would love to have the popiah. Not so keen on the claypot noodles especially with the crabsticks.

    Yes, more in tomorrow’s post. Hehehehehe!!!!

    Yup, that claypot noodles, not really worth it. Usually, there would be one or two small bits of the imitation crab sticks…and there would be minced meat, fish slices, prawns…and an egg! Where’s the egg? Fail lor like this. 😦

  11. This post is making me think like I should have some popiah

    I’m thinking of making my own too…but no good skin here, plus I am so lazy. Can’t just go out for popiah here, all no good except this one and it opens only on weekends. 😦

  12. So nice of Annie, I have yet to meet her and I hope I will one day! The Sibu popiah looks very appealing.. with their special toppings… Really so different from Ipoh here..

    Oh? You’ve never met her. Very nice lady. So when are you coming to try this popiah? πŸ˜‰

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