Any other way…

I bought a pack of instant noodles the other day but I did not feel like having anything soupy that morning so I decided to fry the remaining 3 packets of the noodles instead.

They do serve Maggi goreng (fried instant noodles) at some of the Malay stalls and shops like this one here

Maggi goreng
*Archive photo*

…for instance. As a matter of fact, I did try cooking my own before but no, I did not think it was something I would be dying to have again.

Well, this time around, I had some prawns and New Zealand mussels left over from our Chap Goh Meh steamboat dinner so I fried some chopped garlic in a bit of oil and then I threw in the crustaceans….

Prawns, mussels and garlic

…shells removed including those of the mussels, leaving just the tails of the prawns. I had boiled the noodles and drained and I tossed it with 1 and a 1⁄2 sachets of the curry soup base…

Noodles plus soup base

…saving the rest for some other day. I did not use all of it as I was sure it would be really salty. Oh dear!!! I forgot to rinse the noodles in cold running water so I was quite worried that it would all stick together in a  clump.

I was thinking that I could have it “wrapped” in egg, no, not like how they do it with Pattaya fried rice, but the way they do it when cooking our Sibu-style Ah Tor kway teow

Ah Tor kway teow
*Archive photo*

…so I pushed the noodles aside and broke two eggs into the pan…

Eggs added

…breaking the yolks and spreading everything all around before moving the noodles on top.

Once cooked, I dished everything out and served…


Well, I would say the noodles tasted great even though I did burn the garlic a little without my realising it. That must have happened because I was trying to cook and take photographs simultaneously – I am really hopeless when it comes to multi-tasking, that I will have to admit.

The prawns were so very nice – still very fresh, firm and succulent and I absolutely loved the mussels. In the past, I had had some that were rather strong in that mussel smell but not these, only very very lightly and I enjoyed eating them. I bought a box (in half shell) that day and I still have at least half in the freezer – probably I will whip up some creamy baked mussels with garlic and cheese for my girl when she comes home tomorrow for the weekend.

I did think, however, that it could do with a little bit more oil as it was a bit on the dry side and next time, I would not bother about the eggs…

Noodles and egg

– I did not think it made any difference to the taste but all in all, I thought it was pretty good and perhaps, I should go out and buy those dried egg noodles and fry this same way again with what was left of the curry soup base…and adding a little bit of green vegetables or taugeh (bean sprouts) to it would be nice, don’t you think?