Meet me there…

I had breakfast already that morning when I received word from Annie inviting me to meet her and her family here but I went anyway. I reckoned I could just sit around to chat and catch up since I had not seen them for quite a while now.

Annie had this…

Opps hung ngang

…but she opted for hung ngang (big bihun) instead of the regular mee sua (thread/string noodles). She did let me try a bit and I thought it was all right but could do with a little bit more ginger and ang chiew (red wine). Talking about the wine, they certainly had a lot in this liver soup…

Opps liver soup

…that Annie also had. Nice, very nice!

The mum was grumbling about the kids getting up so late and said that she was so very hungry already. Ahhhhh!!!! That is something I am very familiar with. Kids these days love to sleep in…and wake up mid-morning or some, even later than that! She had this rice set…

Opps beef rendang rice

…that was supposed to come with beef rendang but no, that wasn’t rendang. It was our Sarawak own daging masak hitam (meat, black-cooked). I tried a bit and I would say it was very nice – they do it quite well here, it seems.

Annie’s brother ordered these ham and egg sandwiches…

Opps ham and egg sandwich

I saw a friend sharing a photograph of these on Facebook and I had been wanting to drop by to try. I love sandwiches! Somehow or other, I never did but that morning, I did have one and yes, it was good. They were definitely nicer than this egg and mayo toast…

Opps egg and mayo toast

…that Annie’s mum ordered but somehow or other, she did not eat any. I had to eat most of that and it was all right – I would prefer it with just egg, minus the mayo.

Annie’s nephew had this…

Opps American breakfast

…and also this…

Opps Pattaya fried rice

…and I really envied him because he was so tall and so thin!!! I wonder where all that food went to – if you look at me, you would know right away where all of mine ends up, right in the middle. Tsk! Tsk!

If I remember correctly, one of Annie’s twins also had the American breakfast set but I can’t recall what the other one had. Maybe like me, he just had a bit of this and that including the toasted kompia with minced meat filling…

Opps kompia

I did not try that but Annie said it was rather salty.

The kids had these floats though…

Coke floatStrawberry float

…and kids being kids, they sure seemed to enjoy those very much.

It certainly was great getting to see everyone again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Meet me there…”

  1. I prefer mee sua to that thick bihun.. But I guess it’s still alright, as long as the soup is good.. Oooo those ham looks like corned beef..

    Me too, mee sua for me also! I think they used the canned so-called ham, something like luncheon meat. I prefer ham.

  2. Yummy breakfast! Now I am hungry after woke up before 6 and could not sleep anymore, so mopped the whole house. ^^

    I would go for the ham and egg sandwiches. Hahaha.

    How I wish my kids who sleep in late esp on school holidays. But my kids sleep pretty early even on school holiday, before 10pm and they woke up around 7. Right now, Jan and Jay had woken up and going for the tv as usual. Lol.

    Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wise. Hehehehehe!!!! I love sandwiches but these did not come cheap – RM6.90, I think. I would have second thoughts and order something else. So what did you have for breakfast?

    1. Haha. I hope so. Probably I trained them well. Sleep around 9pm during school nights. Both will automatically go to beds around that time. Lol.

      We had Roti telur for breakfast. Ordered roti kahwin too but it did not come in the end.

      Oh? i wonder why.

      1. We have our breakfast for about 20 minutes and no sight of the roti kahwin. Before I left, I checked with the stall see if it is in progress so I can just tapau but apparently still not my turn yet. Sigh! Just a roti kahwin. Kaya and butter. I did not order its ham & egg sandwich or other fancy breakfast set. Never mind. Another time to try it out.

        Maybe they forgot your order…or business is so very good. If that long, I would just leave also, just roti kahwin, wait for so long.

  3. Oh, the broth of the liver soup looks thick and full of kick. Would go for that. Looks like they serve the float using bottles instead of glasses or bowls. Guess both Annie’s twin are big boys now.

    I think they have these glasses for drinks these days – they look like jars. Seen different shapes here and there. Yes, they’re growing taller and taller…and more and more handsome by the day. In primary school now.

  4. i’m making a smart move now.. eating mama’s fried rice while reading your post.. hahaha..

    i’ve never tried thick beehoon with the chicken soup.. maybe… one day, i should request for that.. hehehe…

    the egg and ham sandwiches remind me of Ik Ho’s !! luckily not craving for this now >.<

    Once bitten, twice shy? 😀 Ya…I had fried rice too this morning, dabai fried rice but mine is dark, tint of purple…from the preserved dabai – did not look like what you had.

  5. Same with Princess Ribbon, i will prefer mee sua…

    All the foods there looks extremely tempting….

    Everything here in Sibu is tempting! Yup, I would prefer mee sua too.

  6. I have never seen hot dogs served here in Montreal for breakfast, but I have seen sausages, ham or bacon, and sometimes even smoked meat. Lovely presentations here. 🙂

    They call this American breakfast here – just sausage(s), egg and toast. Worse is continental breakfast, just toast and coffee or tea. You may get a choice of the two at some hotels…or some may have more attractive buffet breakfast to offer.

  7. Oh yeah, I envy those skinny people who can eat and eat and never put on weight. All I need to do is just smell the food and kaboom! 😀

    Me too!!! We are so unfortunate! No need to eat, just smell…and already put on weight. 😥

  8. Good to catch up with you again Arthur, although just a very quick one and sorry didn’t have chance to have a good makan with you.

    I don’t know why this round i like my “hung ngan” more than my mee suah. Maybe i still have mee suah at home, which i can cook, but hard to find hun ngan here.

    If anyone want to drop by this cafe, try the liver soup, it is very good, a lot better than in coffee shop, the liver very very tender and the soup strong with wine!

    Cruz was having that sandwiches, he love ham and cheese sandwiches.

    Ah yes! I remember now. Yalor…so fast, holiday over and you all going back liao!

  9. daging masak hitam looks delicious. but probably too well so the meat does not taste good. or it should be braised more so that the meat gets more tender.

    It tastes great! Very nicely done and the meat was very tender…just that it was on the menu as rendang…and it was not rendang – two different recipes, taste different, one from the other.

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