Heads or tails…

Good Friday is a day of fasting and abstinence for us…but not for me. Being over 60 years old, I am exempted but yes, I do abstain from meat though not just on this day but every Friday throughout the year…as far as I can.

I read somewhere that fasting does not mean one has to go without food completely, just two snacks and one small meal in the day but anyway, we usually have a bite of something light in the morning, a cracker or a toast or an egg perhaps and nothing for the rest of the day, no lunch, no 10 o’ clock or 4 o’ clock tea and in the evening, we would have dinner as usual.

That was what we did this year too and at sundown, we went here for dinner

Nice House

…After the somewhat prolonged service that afternoon, the ladies were in a rush to go to the washroom and so they did, leaving me to grab a table and place the orders.

The rule in the past was not to eat meat on Fridays but we could eat fish instead. Maybe that was because fish came easy then and meat was more of a luxury – some of us would recall those times when we only had meat once a year, Chinese New Year! Times sure have changed and these days, some fish may be worth its weight in gold…so it would not be much of a sacrifice to go for fish and seafood instead of meat, actually.

They had lajong and as my girl did not get to enjoy that the last time I took her to go and have some, I decided to order that without a second thought. I was asked to choose whether I wanted the head or the tail. Hmmmm…I would have loved the head but when it comes to fish, my girl prefers the tail so that was what we had in the end…

Nice House steamed lajong, tail 1

I was wondering why I was given the choice. Usually, it would be one slab of it, big enough to go round and I was thinking that perhaps, they had run out of all that was in between and all they had left was the head part and the tail part. When it was served, it looked like it was a very small one cut into two – hence, the head or the tail but it was no matter, as despite the size, there was a lot of it to eat (RM21.00)…

Nice House steamed lajong, tail 2

…and it was very fresh – so smooth, so soft and so sweet – and we sure enjoyed it to the max. My girl was never a fan of steamed fish before this so that was why we never ordered it whenever we ate out – she did not mind those served at banquets that she got to attend but no, she would never ask for it. She must have enjoyed it so much that night that it prompted her to remark that now, she could understand why there were people who would go out of their way in search of places that served very nice steamed fish.

For the vegetable dish, I asked for the midin (wild jungle fern), ching chao (RM8.00)…

Nice House midin, ching chao

…which was nice but I spotted some very very thin strips of ginger in it. Normally, I would use ginger when I fry the ferns with our traditional Foochow red wine but for ching chao, it would just be finely-chopped garlic. I guess there is no steadfast rule as to what goes where and when – to each his own.

Knowing how my girl loves sotong (squids), I ordered this big plate of salad sotong (RM10.00)…

Nice House salad sotong

…for her to enjoy and indeed, she did! In fact, she said that she liked that more than the very nice honey pepper prawns (RM12.00)…

Nice House honey pepper prawn balls

…that we also had.

That was supposed to be the “small meal” for the day and when I was ordering, I kept emphasising to the lady that I wanted everything very small, just enough for two…and she kept saying yes. I would say the servings would be enough for 4 or 5, at least. I wonder if one can order servings enough for one or not – otherwise, the next time around, I would have to drag along one or two other persons…and order enough for two. Anybody keen on tagging along? LOL!!!