Coming over…

There seems to be quite a number of West Malaysians coming over and setting up their businesses here like this yong tau foo place, for instance, and a number of stalls here and there which makes me wonder – is it better here? More money to make…or perhaps, there is less competition so there is no need to fight tooth and claw and struggle to survive?

This chee cheong fan stall here

Jiali chee cheong fan stall

…is another one of them. The guy had a few immigrant workers running the whole show for him – I did not see him doing anything. In fact, I did not even notice he was there, sitting at a table by the side till one of the guys pointed him out to me. I wouldn’t mind that myself – just sit and watch everybody else so busy and see all the money rolling in. Hehehehehe!!!!

I ordered No. 3, the one with char siew (RM6.00)…

Jiali chee cheong fan

…and yes, the chee cheong fan itself was very nice, really fine and smooth, not chewy – I thought it was just perfect. I would prefer it if they had served the sauce separately though, for me to dip as and when I felt like it, and not drown everything in the plate like that…and the sambal was just so-so, didn’t get me all excited, I’m afraid. On the whole, however, I thought it was good enough and something I wouldn’t mind ordering and having should I happen to drop by this place again.

My missus went and ordered from this stall on the left…

Jiali sambal kway teow stall

– the one with the WELCOME sign, their sambal fried kway teow (RM5.00)…

Jiali sambal fried kway teow

…and yes, she thought it was good and enjoyed her pick. If I heard what my missus was saying correctly, you can add a ringgit more and have some prawns in it.

I also had something from this Muslim food stall…

Jiali Muslim food stall

…that seemed mighty popular – a lot of people were having things from that stall and the fried mee and the fried noodles that I saw them serving looked very good. Maybe I would try those another day.

I went for their nasi lemak special (RM6.00)…

Jiali nasi lemak special

…and for once, I could detect the nice santan richness in the rice. No, it was not as rich as I would have loved it to be but it was there, the taste and the fragrance and I quite liked that.

For the special, you have a choice between fried chicken or masak hitam beef…

Jiali masak hitam beef

…and I chose the latter…and I thought they were quite generous with it.

It wasn’t on a Saturday so the popiah stall was not open. In fact, I am not even sure if they are still around on Saturdays and Sundays. They have some new people at the fried noodle stall at the back, the one that we used to order from and my girl enjoyed their sambal bihun that looked like tang hoon or glass noodles to us…but never mind that they are no longer there, there are lots one can choose from the other stalls so needless to say, we would be back again should we happen to be in the vicinity.

Well, for the uninitiated, these stalls are located at Jiali Cafe (2.291776, 111.841426)…

Jiali Cafe
*Archive photo*

…among the shops behind Medan Mall along Jalan Wong King Huo.

Author: suituapui

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18 thoughts on “Coming over…”

  1. That red sign certainly draws one’s attention. Hopefully they do well and their food is good.

    They certainly seemed to be – we do not get this around here other than at the two dim sum/yam cha restaurants.

  2. Interesting observation about the west Malaysians! But I assume that with a lot of east Malaysians also coming to work in the peninsular, the net effect might be more people heading west than east … or am I wrong? 😉 I think it’s a good thing though, to expand our horizons and see whether we can find a niche in a different place…

    Yes, not just to the west but north, south and east too. They grumble that they have to work twice as hard here to earn just as much or even less perhaps – elsewhere they can earn a lot more due to the higher prices that they charge. That is why I wonder why there are people coming over here – for one thing, the volume of business will be a lot less, this being a very small town. Maybe they like the slow and easy stress-free way of life here?

  3. I prefer nasi lemak special with masak hitam beef to fried chicken. All in all, everything looks good.

    Yes, not bad this place, quite a lot of nice stuff.

  4. Erm, the Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun is typically eaten with the sauce doused over it, not separated (unlike the local CCF).

    They do that at the dim sum place here too, just drizzle a bit right before serving. I do not mind it like that. This one, it was like the CCF was drowned in the soy sauce and it goes into the CCF soon enough, not quite something that I like. I know the Penang ones, they serve with rojak sauce – nice!

  5. In Penang, most of the stalls used to be manned by foreign workers too. But I think now they have a rule saying canot hire foreign workers.

    Not very common here but there are very good ones like at one of my favourite kampua stalls…until they went home and the new ones were quite hopeless. I never went back again but now the owners have got rid of them and are doing it themselves so I’ve gone back there a few times since.

  6. I prefer prawn, hehe…

    If fresh prawns, ok. I’d enjoy it too. Not fond of those frozen tiny ones, sold cheap at the supermarkets. Not sweet, so tasteless.

  7. The sambal fried koay teow looks pretty good. Now that I know how delicious masak hitam beef is (thanks to you), that would be my choice hee..hee..

    Haven’t cooked it again? I can always send you some more of the instant paste, just let me know. 😉

  8. You made me miss nasi lemak, my go to snack when I used to live there

    I’m still looking for one where the fragrance of the coconut milk will sweep me off my feet. None so far. 😦

  9. I think it’s more on the cost of ingredients and maintaining the business. Rent in WM can be terribly exorbitant – depending if it is in the suburb, business district, or the city itself.

    The plate of CKT looks awesome! I wonder if it tasted as good as it looks.

    Whatever the reason, they are most welcomed – at least, we get to enjoy thing sthat we do not usually get around here. The ckt was good – I am quite sure she will want to have that again the next time we drop by.

  10. The chee cheong fun looks like the ones sold here in Ipoh… it is called Hongkong CCF…. melts in the mouth..

    Didn’t get to speak to the guy, maybe he’s from Ipoh?

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