Same old place…

We went around town just about every morning last week for brunch but generally, we just dropped by the same old places for whatever my girl would fancy, things she had eaten before and enjoyed very much like the mee mamak (RM4.00)…

Friends Kopitian mee mamak


I had my usual kopi-o-peng

Friends Kopitian kopi-o-peng

…which looked really good, froth and all but I thought it was just ok, I’ve had better at a few other places around town.

I did not like the ang tao cendol with sian chao (grass jelly) the last time and this time around, I decided to give it another try – just the ang tao (red bean) with a special request for extra santan (coconut milk)…

Friends Kopitian ang tao peng 1

…and yes, it was very good, cukup lemak (rich enough) and the green pandan juice…

Friends Kopitian ang tao peng 2

…sure helped enhance the taste a lot more. However, it fell short on one thing – the sugar syrup. I would have given it full marks if they had used gula Melaka (palm sugar) instead and that too would bring the taste to a whole new level, of that I am very sure.

Going back to the kopi-o-peng, this is one place that I feel has pretty good ones and yes, we did go back there again that day so my girl could get to enjoy the prawn noodles…

Bus Terminal Food Court Penang prawn noodles

mee and bihun mixed, the way they do it over in the peninsula.

Of course, like on the previous occasions, I asked for the fried wanton to be served separately…

Bus Terminal Food Court fried wantons

…not immersed in the soup, and I did ask for extra to go with my kway teow th’ng

Bus Terminal Food Court kway teow th'ng

…that I had that day and enjoyed very much.

This was another place that we went to but no, we did not go for the popiah (spring rolls) as it was not on a Saturday or Sunday – she only opens on weekends. My girl enjoyed the sambal bihun

Jiali sambal bihun 1

…there and wanted to have that again and yes, I still think it was tang hoon (glass noodles)…

Jiali sambal bihun 2

…and not bihun (rice vermicelli) and yes, it was very nice.

My missus wanted to try some black vinegar noodles or whatever and got this…

Jiali lakia mee

…eventually. She asked the boy what that was and he replied, “Lakia mee (Dayak noodles)!”, our local version of the mee memak which is fried noodles, dry, with chili…and at some places, they have belacan (dried prawn paste) in it as well. I don’t know what got lost in translation but it was all right – the lakia mee was pretty good too.

I did not feel like having noodles that day so I had this (RM7.50)…

Jiali rice and braised meat & egg

– (chicken) rice with braised duck and pork and egg. It was all right, not bad, but I felt it was kind of watered down…

Jiali Briased meat and egg platter

I would prefer it darker and stronger and the duck was a little bit tough so let’s just say that it wasn’t anything I would be dying to have again.

The week-long Hari Raya holidays for all schools here ended on Sunday and we had to send my girl back to hers in the jungle before classes resumed on Monday. It’s no matter though – time flies and it’s Friday again! She’ll be home again today, this afternoon. Yipeeee!!!

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13 thoughts on “Same old place…”

  1. It looks transparent, definitely tang hoon & not bihun. I love the kway teow th’ng & fried sambal tang hoon. Weekend is here again, so fast.

    Yes, and my girl’s coming home today. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. …and so is my boy. Always looking forward for Friday to come. Sunday will be a moody day as he will be going back, hahaha!!!!!…are we not the same????

      Yes, yes…same same…and Sunday is long face day. He goes back every weekend? Why not you go over one Friday and you two can come to Sibu instead? Would be a nice refreshing change, I’m sure. I wouldn’t mind doing that, go to Mukah or Bintulu or even Miri, since already halfway, for a change but no choice – my girl has to come home every weekend to fill the bottles and bottles of water for the week. No pipe water there, rain water from the storage tanks, murky, yellow in colour…not safe for consumption and electricity from generators – even though there are power lines all along the road.

  2. Usually over here it is either ang tau cendol or ang tau cincau. No cincau in the ang tau cendol. Haha.

    Ooh. Fried glass noodle. I love this.

    Next time you are here I bring you to a place that has nice Hakka rice; with braised duck, kacangma and steamed chicken. In Padungan area (a stone throw away from Ambank).

    Yes, I am sure the Hakka version would be a lot nicer than the rather watered-down Foochow version that we get here. In the past, the Foochows were never known for their food – quantity not quality and very simple and mild. At least, it isn’t so bad these days. There are some Foochow delights.

    If you go Thomson Corner here, they have all kinds of combinations – even ang tao cendol plus bubur cacar served in a coconut!

  3. Now, the weather is so hot, the dessert will be nice…

    Rained here yesterday afternoon, a bit of a storm but not so bad, not as bad as in KL, flooding and jam everywhere that day.

  4. It has been pretty hot and humid here in Montreal over the last couple of days and I find that I tend to lose my appetite for food…sometimes, when it gets like this. Today was one of those days, so I ate light today. Your food does look good and nice to know you enjoyed some of it, even if not all! 🙂

    Yes, when the weather is too hot, I also do not feel like eating. Will end up drinking lots of water.

  5. The mamak mee goreng does look tempting.
    The ice kopi looks like a glass of ‘Guinness Stout’. You sure is kopi ping right? hehehe….
    ang tao cendol would b an ideal dessrt during the hot afternoon. I also like my cendol to have nice gula melaka. Sometimes I will ask to ‘tambah’. hahaha

    Yes, the ang tao peng a few doors away has gula melaka – that is why I prefer the one there but there, non-negotiable. Cannot ask the workers to tambah – they will tell you the lady boss will marah. They even have to weigh the noodles that go into each bowl. So strict. 😦

    Yes, the mee mamak is good here and yes, that’s coffee…not stout. 😀

  6. That sambal bihun is definitely tanghoon. It’s transparent. I prefer tanghoon, I just love it 🙂

    Yes. Dunno why they call it bihun. My girl actually prefers tang hoon.

  7. I like char tang hoon too… but not easy to find a good one. Always drenched in oil… I like Thai styled char tang hoon too

    Here, they make seafood salad with tang hoon. Very much healthier, I must say and very nice too!

  8. By the time you read this, I guess your daughter will be home … So it’s time to look forward to another weekend of eating & enjoying time with the family! 😀

    Yes, certainly looking forward to that!

  9. Like you, I’d prefer my fried wanton separately, not in soup. Would be too soggy for me. The tang hoon noodle dish looks very nice.

    My girl enjoys it, asked to go back there again for it. Yes, fried wantons should not go into the soup, the boiled ones ok.

  10. Food as usual looks very tempting here… All good! So your girl comes back every weekend? That is indeed happy homecoming especially for the parents.. how I wish my kids could come back weekly! As for me, I have to go to them… the other way round… 🙂

    Of course your boys can’t come home every week – they are so far away…and I guess your girl in Tronoh does not have a car of her own, would not be able to come back and you will have to go and get her. But you’re ok on your own – lots of friends, always going out and going here, there and everywhere, so nice!

  11. I agree that duck does not look good at all, quite dry.

    Not dry, it was stewed – just too diluted, would need a lot more ingredients plus it needed a lot more simmering, a little tough. Not anything I would want to go back for, that’s for sure.

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