You took me by surprise…

My cousin and her hubby from Brisbane, Australia went on a 12-day cruise from Singapore to Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and back after which they flew to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and then to Miri to visit her brothers and their families…and from there, they took a bus to Sibu.

When they were about to arrive, I went to the bus terminal to wait for them. While I was standing there, a handsome young man walked up to me and said he was a regular reader of my blog and he said he would always refer to it to see where he could get to eat some nice things when in Sibu. I asked him his name and he said Kennedy, from Kuching. Now, that was indeed a surprise but yes, it was nice of him to come up and introduce himself. I bet there are others/many who would just pretend they do not know me.

As soon as the bus arrived and after seeing to some things they had to do around here, I sent my cousin and her hubby to the hotel and she asked me and my family to join them for dinner at 7.00 p.m. and for old times’ sake, she wanted to drop by this restaurant opposite the hotel where they were staying.

We were in luck! Normally, they would only serve their very popular Hainanese chicken rice – my cousin loves this a lot – for lunch but they did have some available so that was what we had – the very nice steamed corn-fed chicken…

Steamed corn-fed chicken

…with the rice.

While waiting for the food, after placing our orders, we were served these…


I don’t recall ever having the pickled cucumber before and I can’t say it swept me off my feet – I do prefer the braised peanuts a lot more.

My cousin wanted the chess/checker board duck…

Chess or checker-board duck

…and of course, when you’re in Sibu and you’re in this restaurant in particular, you simply must have their Sibu Foochow-style sio bee (meat dumplings)…

Sibu Foochow-style sio bee

For our vegetable dish, we had the fried midin

Fried midin

– their third time having these wild ferns since they arrived in Sarawak and they were determined to enjoy it as many times as they could before leaving the state and country to head for home.

 As for the soup, it had  to be the Sibu Foochow-style tofu soup with those canned oysters…

Tofu soup with canned oysters

…and they sure were very generous with those.

We certainly enjoyed the dinner though it was rather heavy for the five of us. We actually requested for small servings and asked them to cook for three and looking at the amount we got, we’d probably have to reduce that to two next time. But we had a great time talking about this and that and catching up with everybody’s lives and when it was time to leave, my cousin’s hubby went to the counter to settle the bill.

What a pleasant surprise we got when the cashier informed us that everything had been paid. Goodness gracious me!!! It so happened that an ex-student of mine, now a lawyer by profession, was having dinner there as well and he so very kindly and generously picked up the tab for us. Gee!!! Thank you so much, Iggy – I do appreciate the gesture very much but please don’t do it next time – my heart may not be able to take any more surprises like this. LOL!!!

And I really must thank my cousin too for these…

Aussie Tim Tams

…that they brought all the way from Australia and these sweet treats from the cruise…

Cruise chocs and sweets

…plus some stuff from Miri as well. It certainly was great to see the two of them again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “You took me by surprise…”

  1. Wow!!got fans leh….hehehe
    the foods look delicious!very interested with the Midin, totally never tried before as cannot find at here….lol
    but this vege always appear in tv especially for the sabah/sarawak food intro 🙂

    You know what I am going to say – waiting here for you to come and try. 😉

    Fans? You have more lah. Handsome young man, all girl followers. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. Celebrity status – did he ask for an autograph. 😉
    I’m guessing from your last experience, there will be no “Tim Tam Slamming” this round.

    Nope, too precious to finish one in one gulp.

    Blush! Blush! Once, one did ask for a photograph though. 😉

  3. I did that too; I brought home countless packs of Tim Tams (I’m sure whoever was scanning my check-in and hand carry luggage at KLIA must be wondering if I’m that hooked to chocolate biscuits), but it was beginning to melt the moment it landed on KL soil. 😦

    Whoa, that’s really kind of your ex-student to have picked up the tab. =)

    Yes, so very nice of him indeed. I didn’t expect that!

    We have the Australian Tim Tams here, a lot…and of course, anytime nicer than the cheap Indonesian-made ones. But we can’t get this Adriano Zumbo’s series though. I love the red velvet. Will not melt if you keep it our of the sun and the heat…and best to chill in the fridge before opening.

    1. I remembered I kept it out of the sun, so it must have been the heat that played a factor. I haven’t seen the Adriano Zumbo series in Cold Storage either; I guess it’s exclusive to the Australian market.

      I’ll remember to throw it into the freezer if I’m bringing it along during my next trip home.

      Gotta do it with chocolates too and at times, they would be all out of shape if they’re badly melted but at least, it is hard and the taste is the same.

  4. Wow, Sibu celebrity, don’t play play, ya!!! Nice dinner indeed. All the dishes look great. The chicken so succulent & perfectly done…😋😋😋. I love Tim Tam but find it too sweet though.

    Most everything from overseas is sweet, too sweet – the chocolates and all and if you go there, the cakes, desserts, everything. Tim Tams, can eat sparingly and eat nibble by nibble to enjoy – better still, share one between two persons. Cannot eat the way I usually do – just pop in the mouth and gobble everything up one go.

  5. Ehhh, I wouldn’t pretend don’t know you, if I see you, I would give you a great BIG hug !!! I super LOVE the steamed white chicken. During CNY, mil cooked this and me+hubby could finish HALF a chicken! And ooohhh, the meat dumplings, I can have 10 biji terus, no issue! The other day, I was tapau-ing noodles in a stall, and I saw meat dumplings with pau too, so I tapau-ed 9 pieces (3 plates), I walloped ALL in the car already! So you see, I can really eat, not just cakap kosong, haha 🙂

    Wowwww!!! Thank goodness you’re not shaped like me! I don’t eat so much but unfortunately, I am not as blessed as you. 😥

  6. The most famous blogger in Sibu. No worries, I wouldn’t pretend that I don’t know you, in fact, I must tell the whole world I know you 😛

    Eeeee…flatterer, you! 😀 😀 😀

  7. What a lovely dinner treat. And how many surprises could you get in one day?? Such nice gesture of kindness shown by your ex-student.

    Hmm. I wonder anyone recognise me or not. So far no one walk over and say that to me. Haha. I would not mind be the anonymous blogger as I prefer it that way.

    Yes, we sure enjoyed the dinner and yes, those were pleasant surprises indeed! Don’t mind more. Hehehehehe!!!!

    You did put your photos in your blog and those of your kids so those anonymous readers would know what you all look like. Don’t be surprised one may approach you one of these days. 😀 They know my girl too by sight and by name – she doesn’t like the publicity…so now, I try not to post her photos.

    1. Dont know if anyone from Kuching read my blog other than the few Kuching bloggers. Haha. But once in blue moon, I do get emails asking for some details pertaining to my posts.

      You’ll never know. Lots of silent readers out there – they will read but never comment…like the one I met! 😉

  8. Ah, the chequer board duck! I’m sure that’s one dish I would really like! I see your cousin was on a Princess cruise. We’ve been on a few cruise lines, but the Princess is our favourite.

    Yes, they were full of praises – they went on the Sapphire.

    You’ll have to come to Sibu for the duck. Old school dish, I hear it is hard to get that anywhere, if at all. Any plans?

    1. No, no plans for holidays this year. Just a short cruise with the grandchildren next month. The chequer board duck will have to wait!

      Nice, going on a cruise. Have fun!

  9. Maybe next, there will be fans coming up to you asking to take pictures with you, hehe…

    One, once. 😉

  10. Wow a fan approached you! Some are probably shy to say hello to you, hence they pretend not to know you 😀 All the dishes look good. I am eyeing the steamed chicken-my favorite.

    Maybe they feel intimidated by my shape and size…plus I think I do not look the friendliest of persons. Hehehehehehe!!!! Steamed chicken here is the best, can eat on its own – corn fed, so very tasty even without the chili and garlic dips.

  11. hi kennedy, if you’re reading this! 😀 a pleasant surprise indeed, ya. i haven’t had lunch today, so your food photos are making me even hungrier than usual, heh 🙂

    I wonder if he is…and also who the many anonymous readers are, those that will drop by but never comment. You didn’t have lunch? Awwwwww….poor thing! 😀

  12. I had a reader once come up to me to ask for a photo together, made me all shy LOL!

    I had one too, a reader now living in Perth…and he gave me some very nice and fresh beef from there when he came back for Chinese New Year this year. So very nice of him.

  13. wahhhh… so femes liow.. Really not bad, cos I think in Sibu, your blog is one of the top ones! hahahaha… You might not remember all your students but they certainly remember you for life… very nice gestures and gratitude your students have…

    Top or not, dunno lah…but definitely one of the few English ones. Not sure but I think there are some in Mandarin, plus those by the young ones, some very very nice with really good photos, do not last very long. Yes, I had some very nice students – not all, some don’t bother and some even say nasty things that I can’t remember, dunno true or not even. I guess it takes all kinds to make the world.

  14. lucky u! so nice of ur ex-student belanja this meal. I would be surprised (with heart attack) if i do not notice the student who was dining there & would have thought the cashier must be kidding.

    He did come over to our table to chat for a while, dunno when he went and settled the bill. Usually at coffee shops here, they would come over to tell you that somebody had already paid. They did not do that here.

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