Got it…

We did not get to try the Penang char kway teow the last time as the guy was already closing up his stall for the day but I was early that morning, around 7 something, and yes, it was open…

101 Food Court Penang fried kueh tiaw stall

…so of course, I placed my order right away and went and took my seat to wait to be served.

The coffee was good…

101 Food Court kopi-o-peng

…RM1.50 only, cheaper than some places around here where they charge around RM1.60 to RM1.80.

I noted with interest the menu at the stall next to this one…

101 Food Court grilled lamb skewers

It was not open – my guess is it only opens at night – but I was thinking that grilled lamb skewers sure is a more impressive, classier name for lamb satay…but “per string“? Normally, I would just say per stick and RM2.00 each does seem a lot more expensive than the ones I usually get from the Malay stalls and shops – maybe they’re bigger, double the size and length, I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, my fried kway teow (RM5.00)…

101 Food Court Penang char kway teow 1

…came soon enough and I started to dig in. It was a Friday so I did not want the lap cheong (Chinese sausage) and all I got were some prawns and egg, taugeh (bean sprouts) and kuchai (chives). It was nice…but a bit on the sweet side with a hint of lime, more like mee mamak, I thought and it was quite spicy. I did ask for it to be extra pedas (spicy/hot) so maybe the guy added a lot of his own-made chili dip…

Chili dip

I think if I ever drop by here again, I would order it…

101 Food Court Penang char kway teow 2

…without chili and add my own.

There is this stall…

101 Food Court/Jia Li Cafe kueh stall

…at this same location too. My missus was telling me about it before, more than once, about how the fried stuff looked very good and obviously, they sold like hot cakes as everytime she was there, there wasn’t much of anything left.

I heard a customer speaking to the (young) lady in Iban and she was able to converse in the language very fluently so I asked where they were from and she said they came from Kanowit, the town proper. I told her that I was teaching there in 1978 and she replied that that was the year she was born…and the older lady, probably her mum, came from Song and married a Kanowit guy and she did not seem to know me either.

I did buy some of the kuehs (all 50 sen a piece)…

101 Food Court/Jia Li Cafe kuehs

…to try.

The serimuka was quite good, better than most around here but far from being the best that I’ve had and if you have only one choice, I would suggest that you go for the kao-teng-kueh (9-layer cake) instead – that was very much nicer but I liked the chiew-chu-koi (steamed tapioca cake) best. The kim-kua-kueh (steamed pumpkin cake) was good as well, savoury and not sweet like the rest but I would prefer it lightly fried for a slightly crusty outside.

101 FOOD COURT (2.291330, 111.841751) is located in the vicinity of the shops around Medan Mall, Jalan Wong King Huo, back to back with Jiali Cafe along Lorong Tong Sang 4, two or three doors to the left of Wan Li Sheng Rou Mee.

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13 thoughts on “Got it…”

  1. I rarely get to eat out. Thank you so much for sharing.

    It’s not so affordable to eat out there, everything is so expensive, even without conversion into our currency. Bet you can’t get a plate of noodles or pasta for $5. A lot cheaper to cook one’s own and eat at home.

  2. Char kway teow looks good though a bit oily or is it because of the lighting. For me, thick kway teow for fried version & thin & fine for soupy one. I love the kao teng kueh & ondeh ondeh.

    Didn’t think it was oily, but of course, it is not like when I fry noodles – so little oil. Some people will say that is why mine is not as nice. Did not try the onde-onde – the ones at the Malay stalls here are getting from bad to worse, the gula Melaka does not squirt at all so I never bother to buy.

  3. Lots of good food where you are. Making me hungry reading this.

    I wonder where your location is – nothing good there?

  4. Now you make me thinking of having Penang kway teow for dinner later. Lol. But need to refrain from prawns for time being. Few more days then I am free! Lol.

    I like it slightly spicy. Not sweet, of course. Not lap cheong as not a big fan of that.

    Serimuka. Must be fragrant then I would like it. ^^

    The old lady at the Green Road shops has the best – I bet you know her since your father’s workshop is around there. All her kuihs are nice, her nyonya chang, the best!

    Yes, no prawns, no cockles for you! I don’t mind lap cheong but it was a Friday, no meat for me.

  5. I like to eat kuehs, hehe…

    Only the really good ones for me – the ones here are good enough. All the rest in town especially from the Chinese stalls are not worth the calories. I would never bother buying.

  6. The fried kuey teow, I would prefer to eat with cut chili & soy sauce.
    These days, very difficult to get a nice kao-teng-kueh (9-layer cake). I spotted some kompiah with minced pork! 🙂

    Yes, they have that too, with minced meat inside, but no, I did not buy any to try. Can’t say that is my favourite, would go for other things instead.

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