In the good old days…

I saw this (RM2.00)…

Nasi aduk ikan long

…at my regular Malay kuih stall at Bandong here and I wasted no time at all in grabbing that to try.

According to the lady, this is something they grew up eating in the kampung way back in the good old days, what they call nasi aruk (meaning fried without oil in Sarawak Malay) ikan long, not to be confused with nasi uduk, the Indonesian version of our Malaysian nasi lemak.

Ikan long is the type of salted fish that is not hard and dry like the usual ones – in Hokkien, we call it long kiam hu and this is ikan kembong variety, just a little bit of it…

Ikan kembong masin long

I don’t know how they cooked it but it was very nice with a hint of the salted fish in the rice, something like salted fish fried rice but this was not fried. I did enjoy it though I was wishing they would give a bigger piece of the salted fish and a bit more of the pounded chili – I wouldn’t mind if they charge a little bit more.

Of course, that would not be a complete meal by itself so for our dinner, we had two packets of the rice and I added a century egg…

Nasi aduk ikan long with century egg

…with strips of ginger and a sprinkling of soy sauce and we had that together with this fish that I cooked, masak kunyit we call it

Ikan masak kunyit

…and the acar timun I made the other day for something more balanced.

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