Full swing…

Well, obviously they were not back in full swing yet after the fasting month of Ramadan and the Hari Raya Festival celebration as they did not have their nasi campur

MIA CAFE & RESTAURANT no nasi campur

…that day when we dropped by here for lunch and we were not the only ones – so many came and asked and they left when they found out that they were not serving that just yet. Others did what we did – we sat down and ordered some things from the regular menu.

I had their nasi ayam penyet goreng (RM7.50)…

MIA CAFE & RESTAURANT nasi ayam penyet goreng

…which had some kind of sauce that had a slight hint of rojak sauce on the chicken…

MIA CAFE & RESTAURANT ayam penyet goreng

…and all in all, I would say, it was all right. There are others elsewhere that would have an edge over this one here.

My missus had their nasi paprik seafood (RM7.50)…

MIA CAFE & RESTAURANT nasi paprik seafood

…which was quite nice – I could not place my finger on the taste, something like masak merah perhaps.

They gave one big prawn…

MIA CAFE & RESTAURANT paprik seafood

…and a whole lot of sotong (squid), no fish.

According to the boys, the chef had gone home to Indonesia for Hari Raya and would be back in action starting the very next day. Well, we would drop by some other day for the nasi campur but I can’t say right now when exactly that would be.

MIA CAFE & RESTAURANT (2.308507, 111.820287) is located among the shops at Jalan Bunga Normah 4, around Simpang Tiga, Sibu, facing inwards overlooking the houses along Jalan Kuda, off Jalan Kampung Nangka.