Goin’ back to the place…

If you remember, in my post the other day, I bought the drinks from here and went home thinking that I had taken the dragon fruit one but when I got home, I found that I had two red bean, one mung bean and one pumpkin, no dragon fruit.

The red bean was all right but came nowhere near the red bean shake here and I did not try the mung bean. I suppose it would be more or less like the red bean, evaporated milk not santan (coconut milk) and somewhat mild.

I finally got hold of the dragon fruit last Friday…

Red dragon fruit sago

It seemed that they may not have what you want all the time so you may have to leave empty-handed or pick something else instead.

For the uninitiated, this is what a dragon fruit looks like inside…

Dragon fruit, cut
*Archive photo*

…and that would explain the colour of the drink.

In the drink, there were bits of the fruit and those sago pearls and evaporated milk…

Fruit and pearls

In my opinion, it was quite nice, very refreshing and those who love dragon fruit would like it, I’m sure. As for me, I am not really a fruit person – I only eat bananas – so let’s just say, it did not get me jumping with delight.

I did try some of the others when I dropped by and failed to get hold of the dragon fruit – I remember there was the luo han guo and the passion fruit and one with white fungus and they were all pretty okay and I guess this one that my missus bought…

White fungus and purple sweet potato

…that we have yet to try, would be more or less the same as well.

My favourites would be the thick, rich and creamy pumpkin and also the peanut…

Peanut and pumpkin

I sure would be grabbing more of these should I happen to be passing by that way again.

JU LAI XIANG CAFE (2.310920, 111.831572) is the first shop in the block right behind the Sibu Civic Centre (Dewan Suarah), opposite the block where Aroma Bakery and this coffee shop are  located.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Goin’ back to the place…”

  1. So many choices, I like! I would like mine to be rich, creamy and rich, do they have corn drink?

    Don’t think I saw that there.

  2. I love dragon fruits so I bet I will like it. Another of my favourite drink is buah kedondong juice. So refreshing drink.

    I don’t think I saw that here but it is available at a lot of places here, very popular now…and angmoh lulian, soursop too.

  3. I would love this. I like fruit juice. I dont mind the red or white dragon fruits but my kids only like white one. Maybe they are put off by the redness. Lol. Talking about it, I still have one red dragon fruit in the fridge.

    The juice will leave a stain on your clothes or table cloth or carpet. I’m more into bananas, great source of potassium.

  4. Only…. eat…. bananas? What are you? Monkey? 😛

    You don’t? High in potassium, good for you! We get ours fresh from the farm, no chemicals. I know they spray some chemical on those packed for export…same as all those imported fruits so they will not spoil in transit. Anyway, I can’t afford those, too expensive for poor ol’ pensioners drawing a measly pension every month…unlike young yuppies with their fat graduate salaries.

  5. Seems like a lot of varieties here, I would go for the sweet potatoes.. oh yeah, I better buy some from the market now.. potato porridge for this evening…

    I know you are very into these Chinese cooling drinks and desserts, you call them tong sui, right? I’m just so so with them, don’t mind if they are rich and creamy like the pumpkin and peanut.

  6. You have red dragon fruit – I’ve only seen white ones.

    I think the red ones are more popular here. I do see the white ones too but not as much.

  7. I like the red meat dragon fruit…

    Yes, I do think the red ones have an edge over the white ones, nicer.

  8. I’d be disappointed if I got bean instead of dragonfruit. Those red ones are real beauties.

    Sigh!!! Old age! Getting to be more and more absent-minded. Just this morning, I went to buy bananas and I left the shop without the fruit. Luckily the guy called out to me to tell me I had forgotten to take the bananas with me. 😦

  9. the choices of flavours are certainly appealing … i would like to try dragonfruit … wonder if they’d consider doing a ciku or mangosteen flavour 😀

    I love ciku! Now that you mentioned it, it is so hard to get the fruit here. I don’t think I’ve seen it being sold anywhere around town. I wonder why. Mangosteen is seasonal, of course and it is not available right now.

  10. I love dragon fruit and love juicing them too. But must always remember that I have consumed dragon fruit coz it can be shocking to go to the loo and find your urine being redish in colour. Always got the scare of my life and then I recall eating or drinking dragon fruit a day earlier >_<

    Yes, it has that effect, a sign of the detoxification process, perhaps. I have that effect when I go for the lei cha here, all green!

  11. That looks really exotic

    Not really. Pretty common these Chinese cooling desserts and drinks, like Taiwan’s bubble tea – you can get that in NZ. None for me, please, thank you.

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