We call these ham chim beng (5 for RM2.00)…

…but the guy at the Chinese pancake or ban chang kuih (慢煎糕) stall in the next lane from my house called it ngor hiang kuih. Well, ngor hiang means five fragrances and is a reference to the five spice powder (ngor hiang hoon) used in the swirl in the ham chim beng.

Personally, I’ve always called it Chinese cinnamon rolls because that is what they are except that they are deep fried, not baked. I’ve seen them in my friends’ blogs like this one, for instance and this one in Ipoh with the sprinkling of sesame seeds, something that I’ve not seen before.

I was very early that afternoon, Merdeka Day, at a bit past 2.00 p.m. and that guy had just arrived and was busy carting the tables and burners and everything from his van to the five-foot way where he would set up his stall. I saw the kuihs in the van and I asked for what I wanted from the lady there that day, probably his wife.

These ham chim beng were quite nice, lovely soft bread texture but I could not detect much of the fragrance of the five-spice powder. I did buy some from the shop there (Swee Hung) one morning, sold in brown paper bags of 4 or 5, I cannot remember now, and they were very good. I was waiting for the chance to come across those again so as to blog about them but I have not seen them again after that.

Whatever it is, they are a whole lot nicer than the ones we had in Sibu a long time ago – they were small, flat and hard with a very thin swirl of the five spice powder. We were never inclined to buy those and would buy from Kuching everytime – my missus enjoys them a lot.

I also bought the or koi (50 sen each)…

…to try that day. The guy said that they had hay bee/udang kering (dried prawns) in them but I can’t say I was that impressed. I think it was because of the cheap/low quality used – it was all right, quite nice, but I was not that fond of the taste and the smell. I can’t remember where right now but I am pretty sure I had some very much nicer ones elsewhere.

He did not have a lot of choices that afternoon. Perhaps some of them had not sent theirs over yet or they had taken the day off as it was a public holiday. Of course, I bought his very nice chai peah (5 for RM2.00)…

…again, all gone in no time at all the instant I got home and we sat down for afternoon tea.

Actually, I hopped over that day to buy some dabai (our local black olives) as other than some purple cabbage tossed in mayonnaise, we did not have a vegetable dish and I would not mind having some dabai to enjoy with our meals instead. I managed to buy these tiny ones, what we call dabai seluang

Seluang (minnow) is a very small fish found in abundance in the rivers around here. They are very delicious, fried till really crispy and eaten completely, bones and all but I have not bought any for a long long time as they are very small and such a chore to clean. I did ask one Iban lady selling them if she would clean them for me and she sure did not mince her words when she said, “Kalau malas, tak payah makan!” (If lazy, no need to eat!)

My late mum loved this variety a lot. They may be small but they are very lemak (rich) and the skin is not thick but despite the size, they are not cheaper than the regular ones – at this point in time, the going price is RM28.00 a kilo. Of course, I would not buy so much as this fruit is good for some two days only – they wrinkle fast and the skin becomes hard, not so nice anymore when they are like that. I would just buy around RM10.00 and eat for two or three meals and go and buy some more if/when we feel like it. After all, the shop is just round the corner and I can avoid the “peak hours” and go when there are very few customers around.

The Chinese pancake or ban chang kuih (慢煎糕) stall is located on the five-foot way in front of the TCM clinic between Kim Won Chinese Medical Store and Mini-supermarket and Swee Hung (2.316161, 111.840441) along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the right – with the Bethel Hair Salon at the extreme end.

The only thing I can do…

During my growing up years, the elders in the family and the kampung (village) gave me the nickname, “Nyangoi” in Melanau because of my protruding chin and because of the resemblance, or so they said, I was also called Bob Hope and later on, Jay Leno too.

On the other hand, there were some Chinese older folks who told me that it was very good – they claimed that I would always have things to eat, never lacking when it came to food. Well, looking at how family and friends are always giving me all kinds of things to eat, it sure looks like there is some truth in what they said, don’t you think?

Just the other day, I felt like having some steamed paos so I went to our neighbourhood shop in the next lane to buy some of their homemade ones. Unfortunately, even though it was very early, around 7 something, the meat ones were all sold out, leaving behind those with coconut, peanut and red bean paste, none of which tickled my fancy.

I went home empty-handed, resigned to my fate that I would not be having any steamed pao to enjoy when my sister dropped by my house and lo and behold! You’ll never guess what she brought for me – steamed paos!!! She loves the ones from here and it so happened that she was there that morning and she bought a few to enjoy. It sure was nice of her to think of me too. Gee!!! Isn’t it true what they said – that with the structure of my chin like this, I shall always have things to eat? LOL!!!

For one thing, when it comes to steamed meat paos here in Sibu, they give you just a teeny-weeny bit of egg only, one eighth…or they do not give you any at all. I simply cannot understand why as one egg costs around 40 sen and a quarter would be 10 sen only. Surely they can afford to add that little bit especially when they keep jacking up the prices like nobody’s business.

Well, left without any choice, the only thing I can do would be to boil my own and place it inside the pao and that was what I did that morning…

I cut the paos into halves and I boiled an egg and cut it into quarters…

After that, I took one of the wedges and push it inside the pao

…and did the same with the remaining two before putting them all into the steamer to steam till they were piping hot.

Yes!!! That certainly did the trick! I must say that with the extra egg…

…I enjoyed the pao a whole lot more that morning. I guess I shall have to do this myself everytime I buy steamed meat paos to eat and enjoy.

Huong Hiong Confectionary 芳香(詩巫)餅家 is located off Jalan Bengkel, beside Victoria Inn on one side and the circular building (the SEDC Medan Niaga Tanahmas) that houses all the Malay stalls on the other, to the right of the New Capital Restaurant.

I had my hopes up high…

My friend classified the tee peang here, our Sibu Foochow version of the oyster cake, as her favourite in town so of course, I was keen on going there to grab some and try.

The first time I was there, it was around 9 something in the morning and they were all sold out so I went some place else. The second time I went, the people making the tee peang had taken the day off and the couple running the coffee shop kept reminding me to go early, around 7 to 8.00 a.m. as they would be sold out very quickly. That was why I had my hopes up high – they must be really good if they sell so well, like hot cakes!

I was out and about early one morning so I decided to try my luck and yes, the very nice and friendly old couple were there. Obviously, they were the ones making and they sat there selling their kuihs themselves. The couple told them that I had been there so many times and finally, I managed to get what I was looking for.

I bought the tee peang, kosong (no filling), 5 for RM2.00…

…but no, I did not think they were like what we used to eat and enjoy in the good ol’ days…

One look at it and you would be able to tell right away that they were different – those way back then did not look anything like that but yes, it was all right, nice, just that it was not the same if you are looking for the original authentic taste.

I was there early, around 7.30 a.m. and there were only five left – the ones with the meat filling (RM2.00 each)…

…and I bought all of them.

These too were nice…

…but I think I prefer the former pasar malam (night market) ones or even these homemade ones

…available at our neighbourhood shop in the next lane in the morning – go early to avoid disappointment!

I must say that I was kind of disappointed because as I have said earlier, I had my hopes up high and they did not live up to my expectations. However, if it is any consolation, their chai peah (vegetable fritters)…

…also 5 for RM2.00, were really VERY good. I loved the taste and also the lovely chewy texture plus the crispy edges, crispy but not hard like some and if I were to go back again, without doubt, I certainly would buy more of the chai peah.

You can park your car at the parking area at the back and come in via the back entrance – very convenient, no need for any close encounters with other fellow human beings who may be at the coffee shop at the time.

ZHEN SAN MEI CAFE (2.312704, 111.847134) is located in the block of shops to the right of Delta Mall along Jalan Pedada, now Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, beside Dynapower, the shop selling all the electrical appliances and what not.

Tea time…

I did mention the Chinese pancake or ban chang kuih (慢煎糕) stall…

…in the next lane a number of times already but I never blogged about it.

It used to be parked right in the middle of the parking area in between the two blocks of shops along Jalan Ruby and perhaps, for the simple reason that it was so popular, its location is indicated quite prominently in Google maps, despite being just a makeshift stall, set up under a temporary canopy. I don’t know what transpired but it has moved to the five-foot way beside my regular food and fruit grocer there (and the vegetable seller by the side has moved to the front of the coffee shop in the other block at the very end).

Probably the reason why I’ve never featured it in my blog was the fact that I did not patronise it all that often. It used to open at 4 something and our tea time every day is around 3 o’ clock plus I am usually very lazy to go out in the afternoon. A long time ago, he used to close his stall come evening time and move to the pasar malam (night market) but eventually, he said he did not do that anymore – his mother would run the business at the other end. I don’t know if they still run the stall there or not but I’ve noticed that they open earlier here now, around 3.00 p.m. and I noticed that many customers would call him and place their advance orders to be collected later.

The other day, I hopped over to one of the shops there to buy a few things that we had run out of in the house but I was way too early, around 2.30 p.m. and the guy had not set up everything yet, much less started cooking/making the ban chang kuih (慢煎糕). He kept apologising even though it wasn’t his fault but I told him it was all right as I could just buy some of the other things that he had for sale.

I bought these chai peah/vegetable fritters (5 for RM2.00)…

…which we all agreed were a lot nicer than the more expensive ones that I bought that day (3 for RM2.00) even though those might be a little bigger and had a lot more chives.

As a matter of fact, my missus once told me that she met my cousin (staying at Rejang Park) who made a detour here after work (from the bus terminal area) just to buy the chai peah – she insisted they were her favourite in town even though they do have some pretty nice (and popular) ones at a stall at Rejang Park itself and there were only 3 left that day so she grabbed all of them (they were 3 for a ringgit then).

I also bought these tee peang (also 5 for RM2.00)…

I did not want to buy the ones with meat filling so I did not ask how much those were but we were of the opinion that the ones here paled in comparison to those that we have bought elsewhere so we would just give these a miss next time.

I saw these deep fried chiew chu kuih/tapioca cake (5 for RM2.00)…

…and I thought they looked very good so I bought some to try. Yes, they were indeed VERY nice, not very sweet but they were sweet nonetheless and since I am on a low-sugar diet, I should not be buying these too often – once in a while and just a piece or two should be fine. I thought the serimuka and the kao teng kuih (Chinese layer cake) looked very nice as well but I was able to resist the temptation and did not grab those too, thank goodness!

The Chinese pancake or ban chang kuih (慢煎糕) stall is located on the five-foot way in front of the TCM clinic between Kim Won Chinese Medical Store and Mini-supermarket and Swee Hung (2.316161, 111.840441) along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the right – next to a hair salon at the extreme end.

Thank you, thank you…

Last Friday, early in the morning, I went over to my favourite fish and seafood stall close by. We did not feel like eating the kilat and the prawns nor the slab of salmon that we had in the freezer and I was hoping there would be some nice sotong that I could buy for my girl.

She loves those squids a lot but unfortunately, that morning, they only had those small ones. They are such a chore to clean, I told the boy, and after cooking, they will shrink so badly that there would not be very much left. He agreed with what I said and did not insist on my buying those that they had. They are not in season yet, he replied.

In the end, I decided to buy one HUGE or chio/ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) to cook and eat that day. I did see it the other day but I did not buy any. The lady said this variety, RM25.00 a kilo, could be steamed but no, I think we would prefer it deep fried. There were those small ones but I bought so many the last time and we would fry one for lunch and another one for dinner again and again and after we had eaten all of them, I felt we had had enough of those for a while.

This was just half of the or chio

…so you can imagine how big it was, definitely more than a kilo, definitely more than enough for two meals, lunch and dinner.

In the meantime, I spotted some fairly big ikan terubok (toli shad), around 600 gms. each, going for RM25.00 a kilo too. If it had been any bigger than that, it would not fit into my Tatung pot nor my mini counter-top oven. I did not see any on my previous visit so my guess was these were new arrivals. I asked for a few and I cooked one…

…with the intention of sending it to my aunt in the kampung to enjoy but as soon as I got home from my marketing, it started pouring cats and dogs and did not stop till afternoon. Left with no other choice, I changed my mind as I did not fancy going out in the nasty weather and we ended up eating the fish ourselves. I suppose I can take another one from the freezer some other day to cook for her.

I sure hope the rain did not ruin their business for the day that day – they only open when there is fresh supplies till 1.00 p.m. and that was the time when the rain stopped that day. I really pity these people on days like this.

We had the or chio

…on Sunday instead – my missus served it sweet and sour as our girl loves fish that way and despite its size, the meat was so good, smooth and very fresh and sweet. We absolutely enjoyed it to the max and I certainly would want to buy a few more to keep in our freezer should I happen to drop by the stall again.

Back to that morning when I was there, the nice and generous lady was filleting some fish to make fish paste (for making fish balls) and she gave me all the bones to make fish stock. That would be very nice for soup, she said, very sweet. I took them home and my missus saw that actually, there was still a lot of meat stuck to the bones so she patiently used a spoon to scrape it all off and made fish balls with it and together with the stock, she cooked this awesome dish of creamy tom yum

Boy! That was so so so good!!!

No, that wasn’t all! The lady also gave me this green papaya…

…and said that I could cook soup with it. I think I did that before and yes, it was nice but I had something else in mind.

I overheard my girl asking the mum to make some som tam (Thai papaya salad) sometime ago and I did see the latter buying some of the fruit but eventually, they ripened and they peeled them and ate, no som tam. Perhaps the fruits were not green enough, already starting to ripen so they were not so suitable for the Thai salad dish.

Yes, we did have som tam

…in the end that day and that too was absolutely out of this world which prompted my girl to make a special request for the mum to make some yum woon sen or seafood glass noodles salad…

…this coming Friday. Yes, we have those big prawns in the fridge and lots of tang hoon (glass noodles) in the pantry. Hopefully, I can get some nice fresh sotong over the next few days.

In the meantime, I really must give a BIG shout out to say thank you, thank you to Madam Lau, for the freebies. With this kind of PR and customer service, of course, you will see me going back there for more, that’s for sure.

The fish stall is located to the right of CCL FRESH MINI MARKET against the wall at that end of the block to the right of the Grand Wonderful Hotel (2.309601, 111.845163) along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, if you go in via the entrance where San Len Tyres is located, just before the Petronas petrol station a short distance from Delta Mall.

Day off…

A friend of mine told me once that she bought her favourite tee peang, our Sibu Foochow version of the oyster cake, from this coffee shop here

…but all this while, I did not bother to go and check it out.

Finally, at long last, one fine Saturday morning, I decided to stop by. It was only around 9 something in the morning but I was told that they were all sold out. That was the morning when I went to this stall at another coffee shop to the left a stone’s throw away. They told me to come back on Monday and advised me to go a bit early, around 7 or 8 as they would be sold out quickly.

I did not go back on Monday but on Tuesday morning, at around 8, I went to check it out. Unfortunately, I was told that the one making was taking the day off and they asked me why I did not show up the day before. Gee! They remembered!

In the end, I decided to buy their popiah (RM1.20 each)…

…for breakfast since I was already there. I can vaguely recall buying it before to try and though it was all right, it just wasn’t anything to shout about, nowhere near the ones we make ourselves. Probably that was why I never went back for more.

True enough, it was all right…

…much nicer with my missus’ own blended chili.

There were only two steamed paos left; according to the guy, they were made by the same people making the popiah but I did not take a photograph of those before putting them away in the fridge. I’ll blog about them if they are any good, otherwise they will join the ranks of the rest of the forgettables I’ve had the displeasure of sampling before.

I also bought these huat koi/发糕 (RM1.20 each)…

…and while the texture was nicely done, I would agree with my girl that it was a bit too strong on the fermentation smell and taste. I’ve had nicer ones elsewhere.

I guess the tee peang will just to wait till another day. If anybody is heading this way soon, park your car in the parking area at the back of the shop where the “stall” is – that way, it will be much easier to go and buy without any close encounters with the customers dining in at the coffee shop. #staysafe #staywell

ZHEN SAN MEI CAFE (2.312704, 111.847134) is located in the block of shops to the right of Delta Mall along Jalan Pedada, now Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, beside Dynapower, the shop selling all the electrical appliances and what not.

What you’ve got…

The other day, Friday, our no-meat day, I felt like having nasi lemak, something that I had not had for a long time so I made my way to Bandong Walk. Unfortunately, the stall there was not open so I went over to the shop in the vicinity – I also liked their nasi lemak but it was late in the morning and they only had one packet with sambal sotong (RM6.00) left. The other two or three packets had meat in them.

I noticed a stall, two stalls away to the left of the former, that I had not seen before so I went over to have a look to see what they’d got. There was a lady, not a very young one, I think and a young guy, probably the son – one can never tell these days because everyone is wearing masks. LOL!!!

I asked them if their rice was lemak or not and the guy said it was all right. I think he wanted to take some of it for me to try so he opened the insulated rice container and I caught a whiff of the lemakness, the santan (coconut milk) and straight away, I told the guy that I wanted 3 packets (RM3.50 each)…

We had that for lunch that day and I must say they were very generous with everything, even the kacang (peanuts). My girl and the mum shared a packet and kept the remaining one for dinner that evening.

The sambal ikan bilis (dried anchovies) was not quite like the usual nasi lemak sambal but it was very nice, just a bit spicy and there was so much of it too. I sure would not mind going back there to buy from them should I feel like having nasi lemak again.

At their stall, they also sold lauk (dishes) and I liked how they were all in stainless steel trays (not plastic) with lids so they were all well covered. I bought two of the fish (RM2.00 each)…

– there were only two left. I see these small fish at my favourite fish & seafood stall sometimes but my girl and the mum are not fond of eating those so I never bought any from there. I do enjoy eating them myself and the two would be more than enough for me to buang gian (appease my craving).

I asked for a bit of the cempedak muda masak lemak (RM3.00)…

…too but to the most, I would say it was all right, not anything to get me running back for more. For one thing, I did not feel it was lemak at all for want of a lot more santan (coconut milk).

On the other hand, the pumpkin (RM3.00)…

…was simply out of this world! The addition of the very thin strips of daun kunyit (turmeric leaves) sure brought the taste of the dish to a whole new level – I dare say I had never tasted any that was nicer.

They said they started their stall in February this year. I cannot, for the dear life of me, remember the last time I dropped by this area of town, probably long before that and all throughout Ramadan. I kept my distance, avoiding all these places like a plague because there were cases in the kampungs daily for quite a while. #staysafe #staywell #stayhome

I enjoyed our small talk, the lady and the guy and I, in our Sarawak Malay dialect. They probably were wondering who this Chinese guy was, who was so fluent in their lingo, if they could make out the face behind the mask, that is and seeing how I quite liked my purchases that morning, I sure wouldn’t mind making my way back there again another day.

Spare a dime…

The authorities have granted permission to the people at the pasar malam (night market) here to resume business but of course, I was not surprised to see from the photographs shared on Facebook that the response was poor, both from the sellers and the customers.

Well, what did they expect? All this while, they have been telling people to #staysafe #staywell #stayhome so of course, generally, people would be quite reluctant to go out anywhere – who knows the coronavirus may be lurking somewhere and by some stroke of bad luck, one may end up tested positive!

I cannot remember the last time I went, long before COVID-19 and even when they allowed it to open not too long ago with strict observation of the SOP before entering, I kept my distance. They might be very firm before one went in but once inside, it would be a free-for-all. I did not see any lines or signs on the road as to where to stand or queue to maintain physical distancing at all times.

So if you ask me whether this handsome boy…

…is still there running the stall with his family selling their tee piang, I’m afraid I haven’t got the slightest clue.

For the uninitiated, the tee piang is our local Sibu Foochow version of the Fuzhou oyster cake in Singapore except that ours do not have oysters in them. I’ve never tried those, of course but those who have said that they are not as nice.

Well, like most everything else these days, I would just go to the neighbourhood shop round the corner from my house to buy…

…whenever I feel like eating those, our Sibu version, that is. I will usually buy the ones without any filling and if I remember correctly, they were 40 sen each, 6 for RM2.00 at the pasar malam way back in 2018.

The ones with meat inside…

…were RM1.20 there then but all this while, I had been paying RM1.50 each at this shop here. The other day, I bought some and was duly informed by the boss that they now cost a dime more, an increase of 10 sen!

Ah well! What hasn’t gone up in price? After all, they increased the price of pork here not too long ago. I guess we’ll just have to be thankful that the increase is only by a mere 10 sen and it is still quite affordable and they have maintained the quality. The only thing is if the prices keep going up and things become too expensive, we will just have to stop buying and learn to live without them.

Incidentally, there is a Chinese pancake (apam balik/ban chian kuih) stall in the vicinity in the afternoon, now located on the pavement right beside the aforementioned shop. The chai peah is very nice, 3 for RM1.00 and they also sell tee piang – with or without filling. I guess the prices should be more or less the same as at the shop.

SWEE HUNG (2.316161, 111.840441) is located along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the right – next to a hair salon at the extreme end and on the other end, to the left is the Kim Won Chinese Medical Store and Mini-supermarket.

Good for us…

The other day, I blogged about the  New Zealand hake fish that we bought.  We did not really enjoy it oven-baked/grilled and we decided to try some other way of cooking the other piece that we had.

No, we did not think we would like it steamed either and knowing my girl so well, I was quite sure she would love it coated with batter or bread crumbs and deep fried a la fish &chips. The mum went for the latter…

New Zealand hake

…and yes, it was very nice, enough for the three of us for two meals – it was not a very big piece for some RM26.00 or so but considering that a plate of that VERY thin slice of New Zealand hoki (plus rice and pickles) at our local Sarawak franchise is currently on promotion at RM9.90 a plate, this does not seem all that expensive after all.

Incidentally, I now patronise a seafood (fish & prawn) stall by the side of The Grand Wonderful Hotel building. The lady will only be there if there is a fresh supply of fish – she wanted to give me her contact number so I would be able to call and find out if she would be there or not but I said it was all right. I stay close by and can always hop over to check anytime.

For one thing, the lady is very friendly and when I buy those huge prawns, I would ask her to pick for me and she would choose the best ones, no need to get my fingers all smelly. That day, I bought a kilo at only RM40.00 and I got 40 of those  crustaceans altogether, only RM1.00 each. I used to buy at the shop near my house, over RM40 a pack (RM60.00 a kilo), assorted sizes and I would get over 20 only, over RM2.00 each and most were not really big! Incidentally, I also bought a kilo of the regular-sized ones, RM16.00 a kilo, I think. It went up to some RM18.00 to RM20.00 at the central market at one time.

Other than that, there are very few/no customers so there is no problem whatsoever when it comes to physical distancing. If there is somebody there, we can just wait a while – let him or her buy and leave before we approach the stall. The aforementioned shop in the next lane is getting a bit too crowded these days even when it is still so early in the morning so I do not feel all that comfortable stopping to pick up anything that I may need.

Well, it so happened that that morning, the lady had filleted some bay kar/ikan tenggiri (mackerel) and scraped off the flesh/meat for making fish balls. No, she did not season it – she only sells it like that with specific instructions to defrost and add one’s own salt and msg when one wants to cook it. I bought quite a lot – with the RM10.00 pack, we were able to come out with this big pot of fish ball soup with tang hoon (glass noodles)…

Fish ball tang hoon soup

My missus just added a bit of salt, no msg and whipped it till really very QQ and boy, it was really fresh and sweet, so very nice!!!

Actually, ever since I saw the photo that day of the gorgeous tod mun pla (Thai fish cakes) that my missus cooked sometime ago, I was wishing we could have those again but unfortunately, she thought otherwise. Maybe she did not have all the ingredients and actually, I guess one deep-fried dish would be enough for the day so she cooked soup with it instead. Well, I still have a few packs in the freezer so hopefully, we can have that Thai delight some other day.

We had some daun sup (Chinese celery) in the house so we used that to garnish the soup and saved the spring onions that I had harvested and chopped…

Spring onions

…for another day.

The fish stall is located to the right of CCL FRESH MINI MARKET against the wall at the end of the block to the right of the Grand Wonderful Hotel (2.309601, 111.845163) along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, on your left just before the Petronas petrol station a short distance from Delta Mall. You can also go in via Lorong Pipit 4, turning left into the lane at the junction where Starbucks Sibu is located and go straight ahead from there.


The other day, my girl was called back to school because there were things to be done. Yes, if you’re one of those who think that teachers are so fortunate and get to stay home, shaking legs all this time, think again! Usually, they work from home but sometimes, they have to go back to answer their call of duty.

She will call me when she’s done and I will drive over to get her and bring her home. That is not a problem as Sibu is a very very small town – it will only take around 5-10 minutes and with the on-going MCO or CMCO, traffic is not all that heavy.

However, that day, my sister was in the vicinity and my girl contacted me to let me know that she would give her a ride home. What I did not know at the time was she told the aunt that she was thinking of having some sushi and the latter thought she might want these…


…for a change from the usual here or here.

These people have been around for a very long time now. They have a stall at the mall round the corner from my house ever since the mall opened for business, if I am not mistaken. I’ve never tried anything from them though but I think my girl and the mum did and I did not hear them complain. My guess is, therefore, what they dished out wasn’t too bad.

Now, their sushi and whatever else including those things wrapped in seaweed, whatever you call them, are available at a family mart in the block of shops on the way to my sister’s house, at Lorong Delta 4 where this hotel is located and where this coffee shop was at one time. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, it was not open so the doting aunt went back there the following day to get her a pack…

Chao Da Roll

…and send it to the house.

I am not sure but I think this is their chao da (burnt) roll. While my girl was enjoying it, she did mention that the imitation crab stick was lightly burnt on the  outside. Ah well!!! Everybody is so into burnt cheesecake these days so what’s stopping them from burning more stuff to eat? LOL!!! I checked the menu on their Facebook page and I must say that at RM12.00 something for 8, they sure do not come cheap – for two of those, you can have a more filling and more satisfying plate of kampua mee.

Moving on from there, one morning, I was rummaging through the fridge and I saw a bit of the brown rice noodles that we had and a bit of some buckwheat noodles that my girl did try that day with the salad to see if it was compatible or not. The sum of the two would be enough for one plate of noodles so I took them and fried them char kway teow style…

Fried brown rice & buckwheat noodles

…with some chopped garlic in a bit of oil, two prawns, soy sauce according to taste and some of my missus’ pounded chili dip, taugeh (bean sprouts) and egg, served garnished with a sprinkling of chopped daun sup (Chinese celery).

My! My! That sure was as good as it looked and I enjoyed it very much! I wouldn’t mind frying noodles this same way again, you can take my word for it.