Did it before…

I did blog about this once last year but I had tuak, our traditional ethnic Dayak rice wine, then and unfortunately, I have run out of that so this time around, I would have to do without it.

This is so very simple really. To start off, place some daun kesum (Vietnamese mint or cilantro) and serai (lemon grass), bruised, in a container…

Daun kesum & serai

Marinate your chicken with some cincaluk (fermented shrimps). I just used a spoonful that day as my girl was home and I was afraid that she might not like it too strong.

Place the chicken in the container with the daun kesum and serai

Chicken & cincaluk

I did cut a few slits in the drumsticks to make sure that it would cook better inside.

Add some sliced ginger and Thai basil leaves…

Ginger & Thai basil leaves

…and I did add a bit of thinly sliced chili…


…as well for a bit of colour. It would be nice if the chili had been spicy but unfortunately, the ones I had in the fridge were not, not even a bit.

Steam that for around an hour or so…


The longer you steam, the nicer the taste would be.

There is no need to add any water as in the process of steaming, the juices and the oils would come out of the chicken and there would also be the moisture from the steaming. Combined, the two would make a really delicious broth with the sweetness and taste of the chicken plus all the ingredients added, the leaves and all the rest, that is. Of course, you are free to add more of those if you would like a very much stronger taste.

This is definitely one healthy dish as there is no oil used in the cooking, no salt – the saltiness of the cincaluk would suffice and of course, there is no msg too. Perhaps you would like to give it a try?