Lucky day…

It certainly was one lucky day that day, I must say.

My friend was home from KL and she brought me these…

Lap cheong from Annie

– her hubby’s family’s very nice own-made wine-infused lap cheong (Chinese sausages). I am pretty sure you can jolly well guess who that was…and no, that wasn’t all that she brought me. I also got these lovely owl tea cups…

Owl tea cups from Annie

…from her. Ooooo…I have a soft spot for blue & whites…and she also gave me these Marks & Spencer’s all butter biscuits…

M & S all butter biscuits

…my favourite!

Talking about biscuits, my girl bought these…

Biscuits from Indonesia 1

…from a supermarket here for me to try, made in Indonesia…

Biscuits from Indonesia 2

When my cousins were here a week ago, the one from Bintulu was praising them to the skies and telling us how as soon as new stocks arrived, they would be sold out almost instantly.

There are 10 pieces inside a pack…

Biscuits from Indonesia 3

…and they look like cream crackers, sugar coated…

Biscuits from Indonesia 4

…on one side and the other side…

Biscuits from Indonesia 5

…is covered by this very nice cream cheese spread. Yes, I would say they are pretty good and since they are inexpensive, I sure would not mind buying them time and time again to enjoy.

And talking about cousins, two more came that day, a brother from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and a sister from Kuching and the former brought me some oxtail stew but at this point in time, I have yet to eat it so that will come in a later post, I guess. The sister brought me this…

Salad cream

…and incidentally, their sister, one of the two who were here a week earlier – the one from Kuching, gave me this…

Rojak paste

…when she was in town and I’ve yet to try it as well.

Then, on that very same day in question, Stephanie‘s father dropped by to give me these gorgeous looking ang koo kueh

Ang koo kueh 1

…with mung bean filling. His missus made them…

Ang koo kueh 2

…and yes, they were very very nice. It certainly was so very sweet of them to spare me a few to enjoy.

Yes, I am indeed truly blessed with all these thoughtful and generous family members and friends here, there and everywhere. Thank you so much, all, for everything!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Lucky day…”

  1. You are certainly blessed in abundance. To receive own-made wine-infused lap cheong is really rare and to be on a roll of great snacks here, there and everywhere. I love angkoo kuih. That is the one thing I look forward to eating when my in-laws pray on the 9th day of CNY.

    You can buy nice ang koo kuih very easily in KL, I’m sure, Lulu, the nyonya kuih stall here, there and everywhere at the main shopping malls, have nice ones…but small and expensive – I think only two in a pack, RM3.50 the last time I bought some. I am so glad that here, we can go out and buy now – big ones, lots of filling…only RM1.00 each. Not too long ago, the ones here, you bite…and you spit it out. So lousy…and we had to go to Kuching to buy and enjoy nice ones.

    Yes, I am indeed so blessed in so many ways, praise the Lord!

  2. Hoo hoo those owl cups looks pretty. The cream crackers remind me of something I used to enjoy as a kid. I don’t recall the name but remember the contrast between sweet and salty as very enticing.

    Yes, love those cups. I had sugar-coated cream crackers before, smaller squares, bigger holes – not really my favourite. I used to prefer just plain cream crackers, eat with lots of peanut butter. These have cream cheese on the other side, not bad, nice enough for me to want to buy again sometimes.

  3. The owl cup makes me think of Nick as he likes owl, hehe…

    Yes, I am sure he would love to have those. 😉

  4. That rojak paste looks interesting. Must look for it and see if I can get it here.

    My cousin said she did buy other brands, all not nice…only this one.

  5. I have seen my friend posted in FB about the Indonesian made biscuits praising high to the sky but I have yet to try. I like the rojak paste & ang koo kuih with lots of fillings & thin soft skin. You are indeed truly blessed.

    So very blessed indeed.

    You’ve tried the rojak sauce before? Nice? I have never seen it before this – one time, I saw a very long queue at a stall at Gurney Drive, people buying the rojak sauce. A Kuching cousin bought to take home, she was not impressed, not at all.

    1. No, I never try this Ban Heang rojak paste before but I have try kuah rojak Pak Ali from Penang too.

      Ok, will take note of the brands, not that I would be going over soon, now that my girl is no longer in SP.

  6. lap cheong! my favourite! 😛 .. good to go with almost any dish.

    I usually use to fry rice…or fry lap cheong and onion omelette. Any other ways to cook them?

  7. I love the home made ang koo kuih and wine infused lap cheong. I thought the latter was from a shop due to the packaging.

    They have a big place selling pork and stuff made from the meat. I guess they do have the equipment to pack and seal and make it look impressive. Like our instant kampua mee here, looks like any major factory-made instant noodles, maybe even nicer.

  8. You are again showered with abundance! 😀 Those biscuits with cheese, they are OK kept at room temperature?

    It did get a little sticky, like chocolate or Tim Tams at room temperature. 😦

  9. I never tried those Marks and Spencer cookies, now that you said its your favourite I guess I need to give it a shot

    I only like this one – not a fan of all the rest. In the 80’s, they had very nice Scottish shortbread but I do not see them anymore, no more in production, I guess.

  10. Love all your gifts from your thoughtful friends…. The angku-s are really tempting to my eyes… Those sold putside normally are thick skinned with less fillings…

    Finally we have very good ones here now, RM1.00 each only so no need to get from Kuching anymore. May have to book though, often sold out.

  11. Oh ya, what is the heap about that Indonesia biscuit? My sister in law was telling me how hit the biscuit.was. I have not try yet but I can see my some at my mum house. I am not a biscuit person. haha

    Hope you like the same small little things. And thank you for the pandan leaves!

    Most welcome, anytime. I’ve a problem getting rid of them – will add a few to my rice, so very fragrant.

    The Indon biscuits are all right, nice…and cheap, not like the imported ones, so very expensive. Cannot afford. 😦

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