So big…

That night, after Uriah See‘s live performance here in Sibu, on the way back to the car, I spotted these beauties (RM9.90)…

Deep fried squid

…each of them on a stick, displayed standing upright at one of the stalls at the mall…and boy, they were so big! Knowing how my girl loves sotong (squid), I asked her to buy one to try and enjoy for supper. She was reluctant at first probably because it was getting late and she did not want to hold me up and make me wait but I kept persuading her and in the end, she relented.

She just bought one that night and I did try a little and yes, I would say it was very nice and at that price, I think it is not expensive at all. If you order a plate of fried sotong at some Chinese restaurant here, for sure, it would not cost anything less than RM10.00 and if you put all those little pieces together, I am pretty certain you will not get one sotong this big.

When I went to fetch her from her school last Monday, she mentioned that she would like to have that again but we had already driven past and I did not want to turn back amidst the heavy traffic. That was why, when I went to get her again on Friday, I made it a point to stop by and let her go and buy all that she wanted.

To give you an idea how big it was, it was actually around twice the size of my girl’s hand…

L size

…just imagine that! And this was the L size – I wonder how big the XXL (RM13.90) would be.

This used to be a Japanese place selling those boat takoyaki and stuff like that but it looks like they are now going into some franchised Taiwanese street food as well…

Bobo Ikayaki

Frankly, I am not a fan but I have to admit that I did enjoy this very much!

If you spend more than RM30.00…

Over RM30

…you would get this big pack of orange juice…

Free drink

…enough for two, at least, on the house.

I wonder what the PLU in the receipt stands for but that last one, RM4.50, was probably the inoki (mushrooms) that my girl finished off in the car on the way home so I did not get the chance to snap a photograph of those.

The one at the top would be these (RM11.90)…

Squid with rice & cheese 1

…deep-fried squid stuffed with rice and cheese and/or whatever (tasted like curry) with a squiggle of honey mustard on top…

Squid with rice & cheese 2

I thought this one, in comparison, is a little expensive especially when you do not get one whole squid – I wonder what they do with the tentacles…and besides, it was not really to our taste so we did not enjoy it as much.

If you’re a local or you happen to be in town, perhaps you would want to drop by this megamall here to check this out at a stall there.

Author: suituapui

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15 thoughts on “So big…”

  1. This time round you bought 2 XL deep fried squid, fall in love with it, eh? Looks really too good to resist. Is this good to eat on its own or need chilli sauce dippings? Droolinggggg!!!!!!

    No, my girl and the mum went to buy, I waited in the car. They bought one each…and my girl bought the one stuffed with rice and cheese for me to try – not so nice. 😦 We ate it as it was…but my missus , of course lah!!! Nothing is nice to her unless eaten with lots of super hot chili.

  2. I prefer that deep fried squid more. Delicious and sinful!!

    Yes, and the squid seemed to taste much nicer than the bland ones I get from the wet market – maybe the bigger ones taste better or was it all in the mind?

  3. I had the similar sotong like you did, the large deep fried one. Mine was horrible, so greasy and dry and it’s Rm 13… served with Nasi Lemak

    With nasi lemak? Guess that wasn’t some Taiwanese street food joint then.

  4. such a big sotong, go buy the XXL next round! hehe. Not a big fan of squids, but i like those deep fried ones. Crunchy and delicious, fattening too. 😀

    Fattening? The batter? The oil? Well, high cholesterol, that’s for sure! All seafood, guilty as charged.

  5. ooo, battered sotong on a stick! the price does seem fair, like you said … two people can happily share it for a snack. and we don’t see a lot of fried whole sotong around at restaurants ….

    Yes, enough for two or three to share. First time seeing this myself – probably very popular in Taiwan, the street food haven.

  6. OMG ! The deep fried sotong looks so good! I want to eat with mayonaise and cili sauce..But I still like the one with cheesy sauce and stuffed rice, but the rice looks a bit mushy..

    My girl and I just enjoyed it like that, very nice. The mum had to dip it in chili sauce, that’s her style, when eating anything and everything.

  7. Wow that is one giant squid! Dont think I’ve ever had something like this before.

    Re zmum2’s comment, they had it at Berjaya Times Square in 2014, dunno if it is still there – probably is, some people are so into this Taiwanese street food thing. Different franchise – that one there, same things.

  8. wah! That was really a big sotong! I don’t mind having some…really.. I love sotong though I don’t dare to eat too much due to cholesterol. YUmmy!!

    Didn’t I read something just the other day about cholesterol? For me, as long as it is once in a while, not all the time, it’s fine. Moderation is the key.

  9. This is what comfort food means to me, look at the size of those 🙂
    I love squid like your girl and I even love takoyaki more

    She had the takoyaki once – I did not blog about it. I liked how when she opened the box and I saw some things fluttering like little butterflies. Interesting.

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