From far away…

When I first blogged about the chee cheong fun here, my friend, Claire said: “The chee cheong fun looks like the ones sold here in Ipoh… it is called Hongkong CCF…. melts in the mouth,” but I did not get to speak to the guy that first time around.

Well, we were in the vicinity again that day as I wanted to take my daughter to the shop opposite, selling all the organic products…and to her delight, there are many gluten-free stuff available – flour, pasta, biscuits, everything! They do not come cheap though but never mind, at least we know where we can get our supplies should and when the need arises.

That was around lunchtime already that day so we just came over to have something to eat. I managed to speak to the guy…

Jiali chee cheong fun guy

…and he said he came from Ipoh and he still has a chee cheong fun shop there – he told me the name but I did not catch what he said. He was very busy so I did not want to disturb him – for some reason, I did not see any of his migrant workers and he had to do everything himself, pouring the batter thinly onto those broad flat trays and adding the ingredients depending on the order and pushing it in on one side of that huge conveyor belt-steamer…

Going in

When it came out the other side, this young guy, probably his son – not in school on Saturdays (Oh!!! I forgot! It’s the school holidays right now!), would take it…

Upon coming out

…and roll it…


…and cut and garnish and serve…

Chee cheong fun - prawns 1

This is the one with prawns…

Chee cheong fun - prawns 2

…and as you can see, I have asked the guy to leave out the soy sauce but he did insist on giving me the sauce separately.

I thought the one with chives and dry shrimps…

Chee cheong fun - chives & dry shrimps 1

…was very much nicer, so much so that I could enjoy it on its own. As for the one with prawns, for want of a bit of taste, I had to resort to dipping it in the soy sauce. Without the soy sauce (that contains wheat/gluten), my girl was able to enjoy this as well and yes, she thought the latter…

Chee cheong fun - chives & dry shrimps 2

…was nicer too.

It being a Saturday, I was hoping I could get to enjoy the popiah, available only on Saturdays and Sundays, but they were sold out. In the end, I ordered the century egg meat porridge…

Jiali century egg meat porridge 1

…from them and there was an egg…

Jiali century egg meat porridge 2

…in it too. It was all right, not bad though I would not say it was the best I had had in town.

My missus had the nasi lemak special…

Jiali nasi lemak special

…that I had the last time we were here but somehow, it did not look as nice this time around.

My girl had the hung ngang or the big bihun in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup…

Jiali red wine chicken soup hung ngang

– no more mee sua for her anymore, that’s wheat! Thankfully, there are so many alternatives that she can eat so it does not mean she would have to starve herself the whole time – she just has to be more aware of what she can or cannot eat and avoid what she should not be eating, thank God for small mercies.

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10 thoughts on “From far away…”

  1. Red wine chicken soup sounds good!

    Our local Foochow delight, nice! Must be the traditional red wine though, not the ones that you are more familiar with.

  2. I love the chee cheong fun especially the one with prawn…

    Lots of nice ones there, I’m sure.

  3. I like everything you order. CCF looks extremely tempting.

    Very good, the CCF. Not quite my favourite thing to eat but I would go for it once in a while.

  4. I never seen CCF with chives. It is my kind for sure. It looks very delicious with big prawns inside.

    Rather bland without the sauce, I prefer the one with chives and udang kering, stronger taste, more tasty even without the sauce.

  5. West Malaysians working in East Malaysia are bound to leave and re-enter again after 3 months right?

    Where did you hear that? All I know is you need your MyKad to come into the state, never mind how long you are staying. I know teachers, those in government service, specialist doctors and others staying here like forever. I did hear something like that for foreigners, if I am not wrong – curi-curi work for three months’ on a tourist visa…but you can stay longer if you apply for a work permit…legally.

  6. CCF with prawns for me. No chives please. ^^

    It is good that Melissa has something to eat. Poor girl. Sound like her gluten allergy is serious.

    Come back tomorrow – I will mention some of the symptoms in the post. She is ok now…so we have to work on getting her to put back all the weight she lost, almost only skin and bone left.

    I hear chives have lots of health benefits – but the ones these days, not the same anymore – none of that special smell/fragrance.

  7. Very nice toppings on the chee cheong fun. I haven’t seen anything like that here.

    I know they would have the ones with char siew or prawns at the dim sum places, I guess they call those yam cha there.

  8. The CCF looks nicely packed with ingredients! It must be difficult eating out at stalls for customers with gluten intolerance … since a lot of food contains gluten …

    It is not too bad – one would just need to know what one should not eat and go for something else but the hardest part is when one has no choice but to avoid ALL that one likes a lot – like my girl, she loves pastas and pizzas and breads…so bye bye to all those!

  9. I love CCF but have not had any for some time. The one you had sure looks good. I’m glad that you found a place to buy gluten-free products for Melissa.

    The only one in town, other than two dim sum places that we have here and thankfully, it is very nice.

    Yes, we are glad too – just found one more today and it stocks on that Tamari sauce you mentioned. Thank you so much, Melissa is so very happy to find it being sold here!

  10. for me, with soy sauce baru sedap. And the sambal too. Yum

    I like to dip in soy sauce – the one with prawns, not much taste – I do not like them to pour the soy sauce all over it, soaks into the CCF, too overpowering so not so nice…but when you are gluten sensitive or intolerant like Melissa, bland or not bland, got taste or no taste, you either eat it or leave it. Not much of a choice.

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