Old school…

I grew up eating this – mihun fried with canned clams in soy sauce…

FM with CC 1

…but of course, the clams were a whole lot bigger in those days. My mother would fry for us to eat and I would say that I loved it very much. Somehow, kids do seem to prefer noodles, no matter in what form, to rice or maybe, bread as well. They do sell it at some places here too…and they add cangkuk manisΒ to it. I would have added that to to give it a try but there wasn’t any in the house.

That day, I used this Thailand mihun…

Thai mihun

– I seem to like the Thai ones more than the China-made ones which have a certain smell which puts me off. I would have to rinse and rinse it to get rid of that smell. Somebody told me that the A1 is nice – I did not quite like theirΒ kway teow but I’ve yet to give their mihun a try so I don’t really know how good that is.

Anyway, to cook this dish, you will need the usual suspects…


– sliced shallots and chili (of course, my mum never had chili in hers) and chopped garlic and also an egg.

Then, of course, you MUST have this – the most essential ingredient…

AMOY clams in soy sauce

…and this particular brand no less…even though the clams are so minute these days that they are hardly visible to the naked eye. There are some West Malaysian brands but I don’t think they come anywhere close as far as the taste and fragrance go. The local ones have bigger clams so sometimes we do add those as well, or the clams only, so that we will have some big ones in the dish.

I don’t think many others would do this but I would add the clams and the sauce to the mihun first and toss it really well…


…so that they would be evenly mixed with the mihun. You can add a bit of soy sauce to give it some colour as it would look kind of pale but just a bit as the clams and its own sauce are already somewhat salty enough.

Heat up a bit of oil in the wok and fry the shallots and garlic till golden brown. Add the sliced chili and mihun and fry thoroughly. It is a bit wet/watery because of the sauce from the can so you would have to fry a bit longer till it gets kind of dry. Break the egg into the wok and mix it with everything else and when you feel that it is sufficiently well-fried, dish everything out and serve…

FM with CC 2

Β I only used half a packet of the mihun (4 pieces) only with that one can and there was really quite a lot to go round…

FM with CC 3

There you have it – our old school way of cooking fried mihun. You may notice that I did not add any seasoning – no salt, no msg…and despite the absence of these, it was already very flavourful enough and very tasty indeed. I would have added some chopped spring onions or Chinese celery (daun sup) for additional fragrance and also to add some colour to it but there wasn’t any in the fridge.

I’ve fried something similar before but with canned stewed pork so if you think you would prefer that, you can click this link here and hop over to that post and have a look.

I just received these favourite Marks & Spencer’s All Butter Viennese cookies of mine from my dear friend, Annie-Q, in KL yesterday…

From Annie

Her mum just came back to Sibu after her trip to Taiwan and I thought the pineapple tarts came from there. It seems to be the in-thing for people visiting that republic to come home with boxes and boxes of those to give to family and friends. I’ve tried them before but I wasn’t too thrilled by them really. I’ve had nicer ones from Bintulu and these are from Selangor, available at Mid Valley. Hmmm…if they’re good, I can grab some more when I go over…soon.

Thank you so much, Annie and to your mum too for taking the trouble to send them over to my house…and at the same time, pass me these gifts from my friend, Yoong, all the way from Perth, Australia…

From Yoong

Thank you for the lovely Australian key holder and for those very pretty and colourful magnets and also for the macadamia cookies. I’ve yet to try them but I can say for sure that they would be so very nice – since they came from you! Thank you, thank you, Yoong. It is so sweet of you to remember me in your list of who-to-give-what on your recent trip to KL. Too bad I was not able to go over to meet you then…but no worries, I will hop over to Perth one of these days.

And thanks to you too, Huai Bin, for your “gift of gold” over the weekend…and last but definitely not the least, to you, Clare, as well for the Toblerone and for kindly helping me pass some stuff to my cousin in Kuching. Thank you all…!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

48 thoughts on “Old school…”

  1. bring me along to Perth ok… bee hoon looks hancur but good, would love to use the keropok as the sudu to spoon up the beehoon… yummy…

    Come, come…fix a date, ask everybody to join in. Would be fun going in a group like that time when you all came to Sibu. Nice!!!

    I had to fry it a long time…to get it to dry up – not nice if wet with all that sauce…and also to get it browned a bit, more wangi…and by then, all hancur. Better, no need to use chopsticks…just use spoon.

  2. i like a lot of clams on my noodlessssss! πŸ˜€

    Fresh ones? Hmmm…all the horror stories about eating clams, better don;t eat too much of those and not too often. These canned ones are very salty as well.

  3. I love extra clams please!
    Hehehe the macadamia shortbread cookies are very yummy!

    We have the Butterfingers brand here – very nice, very expensive. Never tried this brand but I bet it’s gonna be good too! Yum! Yum! Hmmmm….go slow on the clams – and they’re salty too!

  4. Old school way of cooking is always my favourite!!! =]

    All almost forgotten, making way for all the pastas and what not. I think many young people would prefer those to this.

  5. Clam on noodles, clam on rice…. they are very delicious in all way. πŸ™‚

    Nice with fried rice too? Never tried…but I guess mihun and rice, one and the same thing.

  6. That is our old school way of frying mihun.I always use the swallow brand mihun.Next time will try this type. Prefer stew pork to clams.

    Yup. Used to use those too – made in China. Now I’ve switched to these Thailand ones as somehow, I like them better.

  7. never really seen those clams in soy sauce before… are they good in mihun? i don’t really like to use canned seafood (except abalone :D) as i often find them “fishy” 😑

    It’s the fragrance that is the main draw. Otherwise, would not have used it – same with stewed pork – the smell and the taste are the attractions. If you are put off by those, then better fry with something else. We also fry mihun with corned beef. Some people do not like, I know…but ok with us. Grew up eating them and have loved them since.

  8. you seem to likey this clam can!

    i should buy it and try…maybe add them into my Sarawak Laksa πŸ˜€

    Aiyor…for laksa, use fresh clams lor…like the curry mee at your side. πŸ˜‰

  9. it seems interesting, i never thought clams can be canned
    though i dont really like clam i think this dish would be an exemption
    anyway yummy gifts you had huh

    None of that smell that you get with fresh clams anymore. It has its own taste and fragrance…and they’re so small you do not even notice they’re there.

  10. the special clam soy sauce looks pretty interesting. I don’t think I have seen it before or actually they do have in the supermarket.

    Easily available here, dunno at your side.

  11. ooooo gaul first ah….hehehe didnt know that thought when frying the bihun then baru put in. Learn something new today

    Like that, when frying, no need to stir setengah mati to get everything to mix together thoroughly…and no need to worry about it getting stuck or burnt.

  12. beehoon is always my favourite compared to kueh teow or mee.. and i just had kolo beehoon with wanton this morning.. hahaha.. and i wanna try your version of beehoon without msg.. when do we have the chance hor? hahahaha.. !!

    the keychain is so cute >.<

    You come to Sibu lah…I fry for you. Hehehehehe!!!! No need for msg, no problem – nice enough.

  13. oh fried meehoon!! i just love that.. and with baby clams in it is nice i would say..
    wow, how happy like a kid huh?? you’ve got so many presents!! i thought you are cutting down on sweet stuffs?? so can consider have a giveaway for your readers lah, hehehe~~ πŸ˜€

    Dream on. Last time, one packet one go…now one piece, nibble…nibble…eat in half an hour. That’s cutting down already mah! Hehehehehehehe!!!!!

  14. I love this type fried mihun. I will buy some if i go back to Miri for holiday. I nvr seen this in West Malaysia.

    The made-in-Thailand mihun? So near yet so far! Lots here now, getting more and more…different brands. Last time, we only had the China ones.

    You’re new here, I see. Welcome, welcome…I love company so do come again!

    1. i mean i love clam fried mihun. whether in thailand or china mihun…hahahah πŸ™‚
      i hardly see clam in can sold in west malaysia here.

      Oh? I think you’re the second one saying that. Dunno…maybe because of the bigger Chinese population in the main towns here? The local made ones aren’t so nice, not fragrant…even though they have bigger clams, a whole lot bigger.

  15. The fried bihun looks yummy! Actually to me, anything goes well with fried bihun!

    Nice. Ya, other recipes also nice…so up to one to decide how to cook, according to one’s selera at the time.

  16. Hi Arthur! Thanks for sharing your favourite bee hoon! I grew up eating bee hoon fried with canned pork trotters cooked by grandma! Like you, I still love the old-styled way! Will be cooking the bee hoon this weekend!

    LOL!!! Wish I could try that! Maybe I’ll fry with corned beef this weekend for my daughter. She loves corned beef… πŸ˜‰

  17. ooo, actually i’ve NEVER had bee hoon with clams before! it sounds tempting though. bee hoon was a saturday lunch home-made treat for me as a kid, but my aunt used to fry it with veggies and some sliced chicken and sometime shrimp πŸ˜€

    Maybe it’s Foochow…or Hinghua, a local Sibu Chinese favourite, I’m not too sure…but we ate this all the time, while growing up…and it seems that it is hitting the stalls now and is quite popular among the locals.

  18. You like chili a lot hor? I see almost all ur recipes also got chili hahaha XD

    No chili, no kick…but these days, the chilies not hot – add mainly for the colour. Sometimes, will throw in some cili padi…but I prefer fresh chilies.

  19. There was one last can left in KP and made omelette ….thought I put clams kau kau and it ended up too salty…like really really salty and tim hakak.
    you really need to pre mix the fresh bee hun if you cook for a lot of people. cheat by adding all those pre mix rempah sold in 4″X4″ packagings….now I prefer to soak the dry mee hun overnight and all is ready without boiling the next morning and nice texture.

    Yes, it is salty! The rempah – never tried for mihun but I’ve tried for fried rice. Not nice. My own fried rice nicer. Yes, can soak overnight…but then sometimes, wake up late…no mood to cook already, how? LOL!!!!

  20. My problem is if I cook…i don’t seem to enjoy the food as much as if someone else had cooked….even though not as nice. Do you feel that?

    No problem with me. Nice is nice…but if cooking a lot, too hot and tired…there will be a loss of appetite. Then, later on, when eating the leftovers, I would be pleasantly surprised – the things seem=ed to taste so much nicer.

  21. I never tasted the clams in tin before…I think they would taste good in mihun… yes, thai mihun are very fine, sure hancur one if goreng too much..

    It’s ok. Hancur, eat with spoon, no need for chopsticks. Hmmm…it certainly seems like you people over that side cannot get these clams in soy sauce. I’m sure there are the Malaysian made ones – those should be available…but it is not as nice – lacks the special fragrance that gives the fried mihun that special taste.

  22. Like what other comment, i think we cannot find clams in tin over here. I also wonder is this foochow dish, my grandma also like to cook noodle with clams in tin, but i didn’t know got soya sauce type. And i am confuse again, ‘teng ann” and clams different or same family? I only remember teng ann. πŸ™‚ Your fried mee hoon looks very good, my favourite.

    Don’t mention about the cookies and tarts, something very little for you this time. πŸ˜›

    “Tek khang” would be the bamboo clams, nice for soups…very sweet – I think people use to cook mihun soup, not sure but they’re different…and then there are the canned oysters that we use to cook Foochow tofu soup… These are “ham” (not the prok one). Aiyor…shy lah!!! I know the cookies very expensive one…. Don’t send things anymore lah – nothing to give you in return. Maybe I can send you a few cans of these clams in soy sauce. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  23. Annie’s mum came from Perth? Wooooow! That’s one of the only two cities that I visited in Australia. It is not a visit, actually. It is more of a transit because I just passed through it when I went to Fremantle.

    We have your bihon here in my country. πŸ™‚ I bet the Chinese brought the bihon here.

    Used to be made in China, now we have the Thailand ones – I like these better.

    Nope, Annie’s mum lives in Sibu – same town as me. Annie was from Sibu, married now and living in Kuala Lumpur. Yoong’s the one from Perth but she went to Kuala Lumpur recently – too bad I could not go over to meet here then…so she left the gifts there with Annie.

    Annie’s mum went to Taiwan recently and she stopped in Kuala Lumpur on the way back. That was why Annie could ask her to bring back the gifts from Yoong and the stuff from Annie as well to Sibu…to pass to me. Very complicated hor? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  24. oo… love the clam beehoon… and nothing like making it yourself! lots of clams there compared to those outsides when you need a microscope to see the clams… lol

    Haven’t seen this clam brand before le here… and yes, I also use Thai beehoon, they are better! πŸ™‚

    Ya, that makes two of us – I like the Thai ones a lot more than the China ones. Hmmm…can’t get these clams there – that’s interesting!

  25. Simple for me is bihun fried with ikan pusu and no clams. And chili and soy sauce and onions. Serve with home brewed hot kopi o… OOMPH! … But urs is nice too. πŸ™‚

    I’ve fried in many different ways but never tried with pusu, only fried rice. All nice… πŸ˜‰

  26. Happy to know that you like my pressies. Do take a closer look at the magnet with the koala picture on it….looks a bit like you, no??, especially after all your eating sessions, you sit like this, wahahaa!!!

    Wah!!! You’ve been observing me? But after eating, I do not sit leh…. all horizontal, zzzzzzzz!!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  27. When it comes to fried noodles, I want mihun! And I like it fried until quite dry. My auntie tells me that it is nice to fry mihun with canned pork. Very tasty it seems but I have yet to try. I love the mihun fried with clams in Klang. Haven’t been there for a while. Oh, I am so hungry right now πŸ™‚

    Klang? Fresh clams, I’m sure…like in Penang char kway teow. Yes, it is nice with canned pork too. Ya, I like it dry too…but the excessive frying would cause the mihun to break up into small bits and pieces. I don’t mind though – as long as it tastes good.

  28. I love fried mihun more than noodle. and I also enjoy fried mihun with clam. But prefer those fresh clams more. hehehe! Now mostly hawkers used canned clams.

    That’s the original recipe. Fresh clams…with kway teow…like Penang char kway teow.

  29. I can eat a whole wok-full. I also like it cooked in belacan and paku, that I can finish a wok-full in the one seating!! There was a lady who used to cook belacan bihun in her stall just under where Ngiu Kee is, not sure if she is still there. Friend of mom, your vintage.

    Don’t see anybody that old. Ya…was thinking of frying belacan mihun, yet to get down to it – not that keen on pounding at 5 in the morning. LOL!!!

  30. arthur, should you consider writing a cookbook some day do let me know, i will be the first in line to buy your book! πŸ™‚

    No lah, all my simple recipes…no need for cookbook, can cook one… πŸ˜‰

  31. I love fried mihun with clams too. Isn’t the mihun a little too broken? Or do you like them this way?

    It’s fine with me, no problem with that. No need to take out the chopsticks and use…and wash. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  32. It looks delicious. My daughter loves these type of noodles. If she sees this picture she’ll be sure to ask me to make her a similar dish. Good thing she’s at school! πŸ˜‰ Not sure what I’ll prepare for her today. I guess I’ll let her choose what she wants. Does your mother still prepare this dish?

    No, my mum is bedridden. She doesn’t cook anymore…but I’ve her to thank for all the cooking that I can do today. I had to help her in the kitchen when I was young – perhaps her culinary skills had somehow rubbed off on me so I am now able to cook most of the things that she cooked before. But she’s my biggest critic – what is not right, what is missing…everytime I cooked something for her to eat.

  33. The fried bihun looks like mee siam, yummy! I have never seen that brand of canned clams before… the best, is it?

    Yeah, Taiwan seems to be famous for their pineapple tarts as souvenirs. But I prefer our own nyonya open face pineapple tarts πŸ™‚

    Yup! Only this brand is fragrant enough to be used this way – our local ones pale in comparison. I’m ok with pineapple tarts – not too crazy over them…would go for serimuka and the rest of the yummy nyonya kuihs.

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