This is it…

Sungai Merah here in Sibu has a predominantly large Hing Hua (one of the many Chinese dialects) population…or at least, it used to and I guess this is still more or less the case. They have their own cuisine but I do not exactly know what it is like.

If I remember correctly, a cousin of mine who married a Hing Hua husband told me that their mee sua (string noodles) is quite different from the way the Foochows cook the dish. That was why when Annie-Q‘s mum told me that there is a stall at Rejang Park in this coffee shop selling Hing Hua fried mihun (rice vermicelli), I just had to go and try it…

HingHua fried mihun 1

It turned out to be something like how we would fry mihun ourselves at home – using the Amoy Canning’s canned clams in soy sauce…

Amoy clams in soy sauce

…which, I’m afraid, has become quite miserable these days as the clams are so very minute that you would probably need a magnifying glass to see them…

Hing Hua fried mihun 2

The only difference is that they add cangkuk manis

HingHua fried mihun 3

…which is something that we do not do.

All in all, it was not bad really and it is only RM3.00 per dish but to me, it was a disappointment. For one thing, they probably used less of the clams and maybe, there was not enough of the soy sauce which would give the mihun that special fragrance which you would only get if you use these canned clams…and this particular brand. You may get bigger clams from other brands like the Malaysian-made ones but the taste will definitely pale in comparison – it is simply not the same.

Other than frying our mihun with these clams, we also fry it with canned stewed pork (belly), Ma Ling Brand no less – the one with the green label. This, of course, has a taste of its own and is equally nice. Perhaps I should cook this sometime and post on it and perhaps some of you may want to give it a try…

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47 thoughts on “This is it…”

  1. Looks interesting but that’s about it. Don’t think I’ll be in a hurry to try this. Can’t imagine mee sua in anything but chicken soup.

    Mihun lah…but fried mee sua isn’t too bad. Did you have that when you were home? Another way is to toss it like kampua…but replace the chio-cheng (lightsoy sauce) with Bovril. Nice, very nice… I think I had a post on that a long time ago.

    1. OK, mee hun, not mee sua. Makes more sense with meehun. Not sure why I thought it was mee sua.

      Hahahaha….what’s on your mind? What time is it there? Sleepy already? 😉

      1. 11.25 PM. Planning to stay up all nite. Long weekend coming up so free as a bird.

        Oh gosh! Every day at that time, my slow boat would have reached China. LOL!!! 😀

  2. Now Bananaz going on reverse with your ‘tang hoon soup’ for mee sua would go with soup. Maybe can try it fried for a change but have not heard of fried mee sua in Lian Punk yet.Know you gonna say, three little words again ‘come to Sibu’ muahahaha.

    Tang hoon? Mee sua? What are you talking about? I thought this post is on mihun? Are you sober? Or is it still too early in the morning?

    1. You started off with mee sua mah and got us confused even Philip also said mee sua….hahaha. Aiya Bananaz sees mee hun or mee sua they are all the same like Carslberg, Iceberg or Steven Spielberg all the ‘berg’ that sank Titanic muahaha. Now sober already or not? hehe.

      Hah!!! Making excuses for your poor reading skills. Spank! Spank! Now must come to attend my remedial class… LOL!!! 😀

      1. You no spank spank me I tell you. Bananaz no friend you shall drop the ‘r’ to fiend you lolz

        Oh? If Mango spanks, sure you will want more…more… Oops! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😉

  3. Yes, i tried before.. one shop in Batu Caves used the canned pork to fry mihun.. but for me, i rather use fresh stuff… no cans please.. just cabbage and some dried prawns can make some tasty fried mihoon.. 🙂

    It is very nice…but I guess it depends on whether you like that canned pork taste and who’s cooking and how it is cooked. You can check out this one:
    Just looking at the photos would be enough to get you drooling but of course, it is best not to eat canned stuff too often…

  4. Here in Kuching people used to fry mihun this way, with cangkuk manis, clams and eggs. I am one of them too but I don’t know this is the Hing Hua style of frying. When I first have it at a shop at Bormill Commercial Centre, I felt that it is very nice so from them on I used to fry this way. The cangkuk manis have to tear into pieces like what we do when we fried with egg. Wee’s brand clams are very tiny, so I much prefer to use lap cheong.

    The local brands do not have that special fragrance and taste that Amoy’s has. Would not be as nice. Using lap chiang should be nice but then it wouldn’t be HingHua fired anymore, I guess…

  5. i wouldnt mind giving it a try

    There has to be a way to cook these mihun without having it soaked with oil, because that’s what i get when i go order at those food stalls, all clumped together and soaked with OIL.

    Don’t use so much oil and strain the mihun – don’t throw it in soaking wet. That should do it. This was one a bit dry and the mihun not soft enough – certain brands do not soften very well when soaked in water… 😦

  6. wow nvr knew about this dialect group! *quickly went wiki afterwards* hehehe

    the beehoon looks ust like our homefried beehoon ya? and those clams… hmm.. reminds me of the clams that r bred in chemical-contaminated waters… yikes..

    Eyewwwww…..don’t remind me. That is why I’ve stopped eating clams- those in Penang char kway teow. 😀 So what did you find in wiki? If I’m not mistaken, traditionally, this group were mainly fishermen.

  7. That looks like a generous serving of noodles. :)) I love mee sua with chicken soup. One of my dad’s friend fries cangkuk manis with “ba hui” noodles. Cangkuk manis with mi hun is something new to me.

    It’s new to me too. So far, I’ve only seen cangkuk manis in pan mee.

  8. I have never seen that canned clams before…didn’t even know that they existed! The bee hoon looked not bad but I would not order it for the fact that i can cook at home myself…hehehe…never mind the taste. As for the stewed Ma Ling pork fried with bee hoon, I often cooked them that way with taugeh or cabbage but not recently…have you seen the price of those canned stewed pork recently? They are so expensive nowadays and there was a time where you couldn’t get them in the market…some rumours say they have been banned etc..not true as they are still around now!!!I am very curious of the taste of canned clams now…thanks to you,*$@*&^!!!…lol!

    LOL!!! I think you might as well stay at my house when you come so I can cook all these for you to eat. This is the only place with the mihun and the clams and I do not think they are really great. We have the stewed pork in abundance here but we do not eat them so much – too fat, imitations…and my missus has this thing about canned meat from China. She thinks it’s human meat. LOL!!! And they’re not cheap either – easily around RM8.00 a can. 😦

      1. Ya… believe her la. Grandma cakap semua no lies wan ma. =.= *faint* Us kids last time very easy kena tipu wan la. My parents, grandparents tipu-ed me alot when I was a kid… I all oso I percaya! The one rice will cry and haunt u if u dun finish the rice in your bowl kind of lies, I oso percaya! So many things wan la. Very easy kena tipu.

        Children those days were so gullible…and so easy to jaga.

  9. No wonder. I was looking at the sayur. It didnt look like sawi. But when i read further baru tau its cakur manis. I think I will like it. Can try masak this on my own. Noted about the clams. Hope can get it.

    Good look. We grew up eating mihun fried with these clams…and we do crave for it time and again still. 😉

  10. I dun even kno clams in can exists. Usually if i fry beehoon, i’ll just use chicken…or shrimp. Hmm… interesting.

    Hah! Now you know. Since you do not eat pork, you can try frying with canned corned beef. We do that sometimes. With sliced Bombay onions and chilies. Very nice also…

    1. My dad will eat that… but I once saw my neighbour fed his dog with something that looks suspiciously like corned beef… I stopped eating that thing. Nvm la… that thing oso very mahal la…not cheap like last time anymore.

      No lah… It’s dog food. Looks the same, tastes the same…I’m sure it’s very delicious…and a lot more expensive than corned beef. These days, “It’s a dog’s life” has a whole new meaning altogether.

  11. wow, this is nice!! i am a great fans of fried beehoon, and any kind of style will do for me.. with lost of ingredients or just simple with beansprouts.. i have no problem having that servings after servings as if i have not eaten for days before~~ 😀

    Actually, I prefer mee…or kway teow. 🙂

  12. Frying beehoon with the Ma Ling stewed pork is so my mother’s style! She used to cook that for us quite frequently until the quality of China made food products became a little questionable.
    But it was really yummy and I do miss eating it that way.

    I hear Ma Ling has lots of imitations…so these days, I buy other brands such as Gulong. Too expensive though, can’t afford…so I hardly ever eat those canned stewed pork anymore.

  13. Maling stewed pork was may favorite. But now, you only get fat meat. So I stopped buying altogether! I used to have it for frying all kind of food, and of course mihoon.

    I switched to Gulong…but I’ve stopped buying too…not because of the aft. It’s over RM8 a can. I might as well buy something else. 😦

  14. Cikgu, you can try at a coffee shop same block with Etiqa’s Insurance Sibu. I found out the kampua and heng hua mee hun is not bad.
    By the way… I am at Sibu this week.

    Where’s this insurance place? I’m afraid I don’t know. Maybe I can try and google… 😦

  15. Cikgu, do you know RHB Bank Jalan Tunku Osman? The coffee shop I mentioned is not far from RHB Bank… just a block gap.

    Ok. I think I know which shop now. I’ve heard some things about that place but I’ve not gone to check it out. Parking is such a pain in that area…

    1. Ya.. with the problem of parking. Seldom people will go there purposely just for eating.

      That’s why I seldom go to the town centre – not keen on going round and round to search for a place to park. 😦

      1. Perhaps I will try to show up some photo in my blog later. I was there this morning. Now I must wait until my laptop come out from the “hospital”, then I can upload photos etc.

        In your blog? I clicked the link but I could not go in – entry by permission only and I do not seem to have that permission. 😦

      2. Haven’t update anything yet. Busy with some personal thing and my laptop still not yet back. The photos are inside the laptop… 😦

        Buy a new one. They’re not expensive these days. LOL!!! 😉

      3. Ordered… but till today stock not come yet.

        Aiyor…I wonder which shop you went to. I never had this kind of problem – always fast and efficient.

      4. My friend’s shop. I always send to his shop for servicing and he always provides quality and efficient service. Only this time, he also does not understand why like this. Ended up listen to his advice, took a unit from other shop.

        Ok. All’s well that ends well…

  16. Photos normally can cheat ppl hor.. or probably I’m hungry..

    this mee sua with cangkuk manis looks delicious to me though O.o

    but I had a good laugh when i see this:
    ” .. clams are so very minute that you would probably need a magnifying glass to see them…”

    LOL!!! The Chinese would say, “…kana gua phi khang sai anay tua” (as big as my “nose shit”). 😀

  17. Canned Clams??? it’s my first time to see such canned food… so does it include the shells or just the meats??

    Just the flesh, no shell…thankfully! LOL!!! 😀 We do have other cans as well – topshell clams, razor clams, oysters…, mostly from China.

  18. I think we cannot find that clams in cans in KL, have not seen it in any supermarket. This is the one that they add in taufu soup right, like that dinner at capital “tau hu dear ” soup?

    Ah, you went and try the hin hua mee hoon? I had a spoon, hmmmm..taste so so, i don’t really like. My mum after trying few times, now telling me, actually not so nice, so so only . LOL! But it is quite interesting , frying mee hoon with cangkuk manis.

    It should be much nicer – I think they scrimp on the ingredients so not as tasty as when we fry our own at home. Nope, not the same… The tauhu dear one would be canned oysters – the label is red in colour. The other one, good for frying mihun also, is canned razor clams. All easily available here…

  19. this is the 1st time i see a plate of fried mihun with cangkuk manis. This is special. Hope to try it one day.

    You’ve got free tickets for two… When are you coming? Huai Bin will be in town this weekend – you’re with him?

  20. Been to Sibu twice and everytime I must go to Sungai Merah for its mani chai bi hun. Looking at your picture, you make me want to go to Sibu and eat. hahaha! But it is easy to prepare and cook at home.

    Yalor…not a problem to fry our own. Where in Sg Merah can you get nice mani chai mihun? So far, I only know this one in Rejang Park and another one at Kpg Datu’s Twin Corner. The one at Choon Seng in Sg Merah, no mani chai – the specialty is it is fried-wrapped in egg…and people mistake it for pattaya char kway teow. Definitely, not that!!!

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