Never like this before…

When I was growing up, I was quite familiar with canned stuff from a company named Amoy Canning including the clams in soy sauce for frying mihun and the pickled lettuce that we would usually eat with porridge. But if I’m not mistaken, they were made in China at the time but this one’s from Singapore…


Other than that, when it came to luncheon meat, I would automatically assume that it would be pork but sometime ago, my blogger-friend in Singapore published a post on fischeon  or fish luncheon meat. Then I saw this at the supermarket round the corner from where I stay – chicken luncheon meat…


– made in Singapore. I simply had to grab a can to try, of course, to see if it was any good.

I intended to cook it the same way that I would usually cook (pork) luncheon meat so I got the ingredients ready…


– one Bombay onion and two chilies, sliced, some curry leaves and two eggs.

I cut the luncheon meat into bite-size pieces and pan-fried them…

Fry meat

…till they were nice and slightly crusty on the outside.

Those health-conscious people would be glad to know that there wasn’t any oil in the pan unlike in the case of pork. Usually, I would just use that oil to fry the rest of the ingredients to go with the luncheon meat but obviously, that would not be possible this time around.

So, I took the meat out and greased the pan a bit to fry the onions…

Fry onions

…before adding the chili and the curry leaves…

Add chili & curry leaves

Then I put the meat back in…

Add meat

…and finally the eggs…

Add eggs

I mixed everything together and once the eggs were cooked, the dish was ready to be served…


So how was it? Many of you would be dying to know what it was like, I’m sure…


Well, my missus said it was nice…and I quite liked the taste. However, it was too soft for my liking so much so that it did not really feel like I was eating meat. I thought it was more like one of those tofu-based vegetarian meat, perhaps.

Actually, I did buy their satay and rendang (ranging around RM8.00-10.00) as well that day…but I gave them to my daughter to take to her school in Selangau so in case she runs out of things to eat, she could just open up a can and have that. To date, she has not done that so I cannot say whether they are good or otherwise.

As for this can of chicken luncheon meat, I cannot remember the price now but I think it was not exactly cheap, probably somewhere around RM8.00 as well…and considering that it was not particularly to my liking, I don’t think I would go and buy it again…


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Never like this before…”

  1. I like the way how you cook the meat, because the way I cook the meat is just the simplest way, now I have new way to cook it, hehehe!!! =]

    When it comes to luncheon meat, I love the red colour and the thin crusty coating outside.

    1. So is it that you like spicy food???

      My missus, yes…but me, not really. I think I’d go for the special fragrance in the ingredients – would not want to drown it all out with chili…especially chili sauce. My missus would pour a whole lot into everything she eats. Eyewwwww!!!!!

  2. mmm, i actually do prefer my luncheon meat to be soft. as opposed to the other extreme, being dry and hard, heheh 😀 i’ve not heard of fish luncheon meat, but i remember when i was a schoolkid, people used to warn that luncheon meat sometimes contained dog meat mixed in it 😀

    Dry and hard? You mean those at the chap fan places – they must have over-fried…or the oil too hot or the slices too thin. All the fat has melted rendering the meat too hard. Or maybe those are leftovers and they keep in fridge and refry every day. SPAM is harder than luncheon meat – I do prefer it slightly softer…but not too soft like tofu or worse, like jelly. I think those would be all fat, no meat.

    Ya, no worries. My missus insists those made-in-China ones would be human meat. Country over-populated so ample supply… 😀

  3. Fish luncheon meat, something very new to me. Chicken luncheon meat, yes I know it and have tasted it but I still prefer pork luncheon meat. I like your simple way of cooking it and I did it that way too. Simple and yet delicious. Thumbs Up!!!…

    Same here, can’t compare with the pork version – no fight…

  4. Oh, so the chicken version is not as good, eh? Just what I thought when I spotted the canned chicken luncheon meat at Aeon. I was hesitating whether to buy or not. So now I will stick to the pork 🙂

    Not to me, so soft like tofu – probably lots of skin and unwanted parts…a bit geli-geli to eat. Tasted different too – not the same as luncheon meat as we know it.

  5. Well I guess any meat can be made into a luncheon meat nowadays. It like in the case of hotdogs. Before there’s only pork hotdogs. Now there’s chicken hotdog. Maybe in the future their will be a dog hotdog. 😛

    Yup, the sausages… There’s pork, beef and chicken sold at the supermarkets here. Eyewww!!!!!! Dog? No, thank you…

  6. hmmmm, chicken luncheon meat!! interesting, i have not tried this before.. but then i guess we cannot expect chunky meat in all these processed food, they are trying all they can to reduce the cost to earn a maximum profit.. 🙂

    Unless they’re those with bite-size pieces. Those would be visibly meat, I guess.

  7. i would prefer pork over chicken luncheon meat. Tried the chicken once and not as tasty as those pork ones.

    Hmm….stir fried with some curry leaves sure make it more fragrance.

    Yes, I have a big tree in my garden so I would always add – brings the taste to a whole new level. Would add when cooking omelette too. Never tried chicken before, so I had to…and since I found that it was not that great, I would not bother to buy anymore in future.

  8. interesting product, never seen one before in Penang, would love to try luncheon chicken though, ain’t a fan of pork 😛

    Don’t bother with this brand. Others may be better, I wouldn’t know…

  9. Here we used to slice the luncheon meat into long and thin slice, but yours looks very special, thick and smaller chunks!

    Oh? I cook it the way my mum did – in bite-size chunks…fried with Bombay onions & egg different from what I see at the chap fan places where they will just slice thinly and fry – some may coat the slices in egg.

  10. I like eating luncheon meat! Is the chicken luncheon meat tasted better than pork ones?

    Nope, different and not as nice…and the texture is kind of wobbly – not to my liking.

  11. I only take SPAM nowadays! That day my mom cut it into bits and fried them with eggs… so sedap! Can go with bread anytime too… But now I see yours, next time I will add in some big onions and chilies! Looks good la!

    Give it a try! I’m sure you’ll love it. Actually, I also have a few cans of SPAM and luncheon meat and corned beef in the pantry – people keep giving so I never run out. Couldn’t resist buying this one as it was chicken – simply had to give it a try but unfortunately, it was not all that good.

  12. It amazes me how you can take simple ingredients and turn them into a delicious dish. 🙂

    I wouldn’t want to drown out the original taste of the ingredients with all kinds of stuff added unless something is tasteless or is not that fresh. Frozen fish fillet, for instance, is often bland and would need stronger ingredients to make it more palatable. Otherwise, simplicity is best.

  13. I hear Amoy and it tells me that it is Xiamen in China. I didn’t see any Amoy Canned Food here so far. It must be our market demand is lesser. I am very surprised to know there is Fish Luncheon Meat. I am very curious to try this!! I love fish very much!

    You will have to ask somewhereinsingapore about that – she blogged about it. Never heard of it either, much less seen it. Here, we still have those clams in soy sauce, not too sure what else there is from Amoy Canning in China…but this one is from Singapore. Maybe they’ve bought over the brand name and produce their own in Singapore, I wouldn’t know.

  14. Thanks for the review on this. I think pork luncheon meat is still my preference though I stopped consuming one time when rumours were rife about human meat or some questionable meat. Not sure whether it was psychological or what, somehow at that time, the usual brand of luncheon meet tasted weird. LOL

    Fish luncheon meat would be like otak-otak, I suppose? I’d stick to the latter anytime, of course.

    The China one that I grew up eating is really horrible now but I think it is because of the excessive fat content – mushy and has an unpleasant smell. I never bother to buy anymore even though people insist those are imitations – but to me, they all look the same. Can’t tell one from the other. I wouldn’t know what fishcheon is like – none here…

    1. Here’s a tip for you on buying China branded canned foods. Take the popular Maling brand as an example. Ever wondered why some Maling you bought tasted better than the other Maling? The reason is because they are imported by different importers. So next time, make decision based on who’s the importer, not just the brand.

      So which importer should I look out for? I think Ma Ling itself once circulated something about imitations – some we can see very clearly just by looking at the quality of the labels and the colours…but one can never be sure. I would just go for the other “safer” brands, never mind if they’re not as good…as long as they’re good enough.

  15. Luncheon meat with egg and bawang besar… my favorite!! always bring back childhood memories. Sigh…

    Do they still produce the satay ayam? used to take that with bread last time… so yummy!

    This brand? I gave it to my daughter together with the can of rendang, same brand- dunno if she has opened to eat or not. You know lah! Young people, staying on their own – not really bothered to have regular meals… 😦 Maybe I will go and buy and try it myself one of these days.

  16. if there’s one chef that i want to learn to cook from, it’s from you !! of cos if you’re willing to teach la.. hahaha !!!

    i have never tried *other meat* luncheat meat and i don’t think i will try unless it’s really really recommended.. so for now i’ll stick to pork luncheon meat still. haha.

    Is that so? No leh…I see a lot of other bloggers who share all kinds of recipes (usually very complicated and quite a hassle – see the long list of ingredients, I would give up already) – maybe not many will show in pictures, step by step but I know at least one or two.

  17. AFAIK, the only China branded Luncheon meat that’s worth eating is “Gulong”. Instead of minced beef, my wife would cut the luncheon meat into tiny cubes and made spaghetti bolognese. Very nice.

    I like Gulong – not just the luncheon meat but their stewed pork ribs too. Not cheap though. I guess it’s something like ham or sausage, anyway.

  18. Deep Purple sings, ‘Never never before’ Amoy in my younger days. Nice yummy meal created.

    Amoy, the canned food or amoy…meaning char boh! We used to say: amoy cantik, kawin apek!

  19. the way cooked looks like Kueh Krak of Penang but that one is made of flour la. Have not seen Chicken Luncheon yet.

    Not as nice so don’t bother… Singapore-made, expensive some more!

  20. never thought of cooking such product on
    that way, and i must say it was very very clever
    and it looks very yummy too! i gotta try that one of these

    You can do like Claire – use SPAM. It’s very expensive here though but her son gets it from Singapore – cheap there. I wonder if it is cheap in the Philippines too, made in the USA. You can use sausages too, sliced – we’ve cheap ones here…or ham – but ham costs a bomb here, can’t afford to cook that much at one go – have to nibble slowly bit by bit.

    1. I didn’t login through Twitter to comment. The previous comments were logged-in using Twitter account.

      They told me that they could not see what I posted on Facebook when they used their ipads…so nobody voted for my photo. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  21. I also wanna try this luncheon meat! Gonna spot it in supermarket the next time I go…
    My family avoid China product cos too many news on fake food

    Don’t bother – it’s not nice and not cheap. There are imported ones from the US or wherever at a supermarket here too but those would be too expensive, not quite affordable…and I don’t even know if they’re any good. Not going to try…

  22. Chicken luncheon meat in a can? Well I’ve heard it all now, I’m guessing they have that here in the USA, I imagine I haven’t noticed it since I haven’t actively looked for that item.

    The dish does look colorful, too bad that the meat texture didn’t agree with you.

    Ya, I didn’t think it was all that great – I’d rather stick to SPAM…and they’ve turkey. Over RM15 here though so that would be around US$5 – I wonder how much a can costs over in the states. Not quite affordable for us here, I’m afraid… 😦

  23. I thought you want to cook fried rice. Hahahah.

    Luncheon meat, my all time favourite. I don’t like soft luncheon meat too. I remember I brought once pork luncheon meat, singapore brand, end up too soft to my liking. But chicken luncheon meat, first time seeing lei.

    LOL!!! Fried anything all my recipe more or less the same one…maybe just a little bit different here and there. Don’t buy this one either – even softer, wobbly like jelly… Not nice.

  24. I once bought a chicken luncheon meat by accident.. same can but didnt see the chick! hehehe

    I didnt like it either… too soft and mushy.. taste a bit bland… I ll stick to my pork ones… hehe… would love to find a fish one here…

    Yup, same here…and yes, I’d like to try the fish one as well. We wouldn’t know unless we try it ourselves, right? 😉

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