Roll up…

I remember sometime ago, we used to buy these made-in-Taiwan instant mihun, Tung-i Brand. We thought it was very nice and we would usually have a few packets of those in the house. Somehow or other, for whatever reason I wouldn’t know, they seem to have disappeared. You do not get to see them in the shops or supermarkets anymore…but I did hear that there is one in town that still sells it but I’ve never got round to checking it out.

Anyway, my daughter went out with her mum sometime ago and she bought two packets of these…


I don’t know if it is produced by the same company or not – the brand name is slightly different with an e instead of an i. It does not say anywhere on the packet where it is manufactured, just that it is imported by this company in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah…

Imported by

…and instead of an i, the name of the company has a number instead – 1.

This is not mihun though – it’s kueh chap…or as they spell it kua chap. Kueh would refer to those broad white noodle pieces in the dish…

Kueh chap

…whereas chap means mixed or a mixture, a reference to the slices of meat and all the innards that go into it. You name it, they have it.

Unfortunately, all you get in the packet is the kueh


…and not the chap.

My daughter cooked a packet to eat soon after she had bought it and when I asked her how it was, she said that it was a bit too peppery. I guess it was not too her liking as she had not touched the second packet since.

Well, the other day, I took it and cooked it and somehow or other, the pieces of kueh would all roll up like this…

Tung-e kua chap

…whilst being boiled. I guess it did not matter much as despite that, I quite like the texture of the kueh.

I used half of the packet of seasoning in the packet so that it would not be as peppery as what my daughter said…and that would of course reduce the amount of msg in it as well. There was some leftover boiled meat in the fridge (that we had with sambal belacan the day before) so I threw that in and I ate it all up with the sambal ikan bilis that Annie-Q gave me sometime ago.

I would say that I enjoyed it even without all the chap…but as for whether I would buy it again, I think I would have to check out the price first, there being none stated or stuck on the packet. If it is more pricey, I think I would just stick to the regular instant noodles.