It’s almost tomorrow…

I guess everyone knows what day it is tomorrow and perhaps, like me, all of you have been getting cards and gifts from family and friends here, there and everywhere.

Thank you so much to smallkucing and family for sending me and my family these…

From smallkucing and family

…and to Yan in Taiping, Perak for the lovely Christmas card…

Christmas card from Yan

…and of course, not forgetting lsun3 (小影) for her very lovely homemade greeting card

From lsun3 1

…My girl particularly loved the very nice Christmas charm that she sent…

From lsun3 2

She can’t wait for Christmas to be over so she could take those bells and add them to her charm bracelet!

In the meantime, she has ventured into the kitchen again and the other day, she tried out this dish…

Mel's Tropical Snow

…that I called Tropical Snow by virtue of the fact that she used snowfish with honeydew melon plus the rambutans…


…from our garden. It was so very nice, anytime better than anything we had had at the cafés and restaurants anywhere…and I’m not saying this just because it was my girl who dished that out! We finished the whole lot in one sitting and we had to go out for dinner that night, and no prize for guessing what dish we would be having on the menu for our Christmas dinner tomorrow.

Yes, the rambutans are turning red and ripening now. There are not so many this time around but it’s o.k. as we are not really into the fruit. Most of the time, we would be plucking the fruits and giving them away to everybody instead of eating them ourselves…and yes, I’m slowly getting used to my new camera and feeling a bit more pleased with the snapshots…

New camera

…that I’ve taken with it.

My sister-in-law was back in town to visit her mum and she brought us a whole lot of sio paos and the giant steamed paos from Kuching and while she was here, she made these pork burgers…

Pork burgers from SIL

…and gave some to us. They were very nice, I must say and to reciprocate, I whipped up my dabai fried rice…

Dabai fried rice with air budu

…using the dabai paste that I got from Peter, the boss at Payung Cafe and the air budu from my friends in Trengganu. In the kampung (village), we used to eat dabai using the air budu aur as the dip so I reckoned the combination would turn out well. My sister-in-law said she had never tried it before and she liked it.

Talking about my own cooking, I bought a packet of Penang laksa rice noodles that I saw at a supermarket here the other day and fried it the same way I would with bihun – with canned clams in soy sauce

Friend Penang laksa noodles

…but no, we did not think it was all that great. It was extra-springy…to the extent of being over-firm and rubbery though it was perfect for frying as it would not break as easily as bihun, never mind thin or big but all things considered, I would prefer our hung ngang (big bihun) or even the regular thin Thailand-made ones.

Ok, enough of my chattering! You gotta get back to your preparations if you have not managed to finish all of them yet. Happy Christmas in advance, everybody!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “It’s almost tomorrow…”

  1. What a nice gesture, and beautiful gifts from Small Kucing. Your photos are lovely. Merry Christmas to you, dear friend. 🙂

    Thank you. And a Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones as well. Cheers!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and family, woohoo 😀
    Mel is such a good cook, just like you.. Using rambutan and honey dew with fish, very creative, very ‘exotic’ too..
    I’m thinking of that frozen rum fruitcake in your freezer..

    I may be saving it for Chinese New Year. Not having a big crowd/group round for dinner so I think I’d just save it…

    Blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones too. Cheers!

  3. I do like a little fruit with main meals – rambutans seem as though they would go nicely with fish.

    It was perfect! I think I’ve seen in restaurants or on tv shows, people using longans or lychees. Rambutans are perfect substitutes!

  4. All I can say that you have a blessed family and you are truly blessed…good friends are all around… Enjoy this festive season… And be merry…. Giving Thanks to our Good Lord always!!

    Indeed, I am…abundantly blessed, praise the Lord! You too, wishing you and your family all the best this Christmas and throughout the coming year!

  5. Oh no, I am not so blessed like you to receive cards and gifts from here there and everywhere 😦 But I am looking forward to the day off! Oh..Melissa’s fish creation looks pretty good. A fruity fish dish and I can imagine that it was delicious because fried fish goes well with these fruits though I have yet to try it. Are all the photos taken with your new camera? I particularly like the shot of the flower. You will notice that shots outside the house with natural light are the most stunning.

    Anyway, wishing you and all at home a Merry, Merry Christmas!

    Greetings to you and your loved ones. Yes, the photos turned out very well…and the fish was absolutely awesome! No gifts? Nahhhhh…..appreciate the gifts of love and good wishes and share the joy and love of the season.

  6. Nice gifts from friends and family. And your photos are nice too. Like the flower and rambutan shots.

    I am going to be busy later in the kitchen. I am sure you would too.

    Merry Christmas to you and family, Arthur!!

    Same to you and yours. Will be busy tomorrow – not having dinner tonight. Will be going to church for the Christmas service – dinner tomorrow.

  7. Melissa’s dish looks amazing! 🙂

    It’s something I would love to eat too – the combination really intrigues me, honeydew and rambutans from your own garden! Great work. Haha! I love the name you gave it too, Tropical Snow, nice wordplay.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Arthur! May the season bring you lots of love, joy, hope and peace.

    Yes, it was indeed really very nice – we loved it so much. And the same to you and your loved ones!

  8. Merry Christmas to you & family. Very nice gifts from friends. Love what Melissa dish out. Looks great.

    Thank you, and the same to you and yours. Ya, tasted so good we finished it all at one go!

  9. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    The output of the new camera is getting better. Keep it up!

    Thanks. Season’s Greetings to you, have fun! Yes, the photos are coming out a lot better now.

  10. Merry Christmas to you and family…What’s cooking now? Hahaha

    Same to you and your loved ones. Nothing, we’re having dinner tomorrow. Tonight, go to church. 😉

  11. Merry Christmas to you, Melissa and Lucy!!

    Lovely dish that cook by Melissa, look very atas!

    Thank you. And a Blessed Christmas to you, Cougar, Fearles, Cruz and all in the family in KL and of course, not forgetting your mum and all your loved ones here in Sibu. Cheers to all!

  12. lovely christmas card that you received … it’s been years since i received or sent a physical christmas card, but it’s heart-warming to see one. will wish you a merry christmas tomorrow, but for today, happy christmas eve! 😀

    Come, PM me your mailing address – I will send you one for Chinese New Year. 😀 Thanks, Sean – you too, have a great Christmas and an awesome year ahead. Cheers!

  13. I’ve never had rambutan but want to I have been hoping for a sale online for the dried kind but I’ve seen the dried for 20$ for less than a pound eeeeek

    Oh? You have the canned longans there? They’re more or less the same.

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