Nothing to shout about…

I was out with Melissa one evening when she was home for the holidays and we went browsing around the supermarket in the basement of the shopping mall near my house. They have one whole section selling products from Singapore including these…


…that I bought at over RM4.00 each. My friend bought some, over SIN$1.00 only in the island republic, and fried some mihun for her family at home and they were all praising it to the skies so I thought I’d like to give it a try.

Unfortunately, unlike her, I did not have any prawns and all I had to add to mine were some sliced tau kua (bean curd cake) and taugeh (bean sprouts) and egg,..and in my attempt to mix the paste thoroughly with everything, the mihun ended up all “broken” into tiny bits like this…


I did not think it tasted all that great – in fact, my own tom yam mihun would be a whole lot nicer but then again, I had prawns, sotong (squids) and a whole lot of other ingredients in the one that I cooked so it wouldn’t be all that fair to make a comparison. There can be no dispute, however, over the fact that it would be cheaper to use our own local products for this same purpose…or we can always cook the mihun in some other ways such as this…or this and it can be just as nice or perhaps even nicer.

Anyway, getting back to that supermarket, they have another whole section selling all the imported stuff such as SPAM and that is a lot cheaper there – only RM10.90 a can, any variety, as compared to over RM15.00 each at that other place in town. That is even cheaper than in New Zealand – I converted the prices there and found that they worked out to around RM13-14.00, definitely not as cheap as the ones at this place. My friend in Auckland said that is why they would wait till a sale and they would stock up with as much as they can grab – such things would be a whole lot cheaper then.

I was just looking around and did not intend to buy anything until I saw these…


Some of you may recall that I absolutely love those Marks & Spencer’s All Butter Viennese cookies and at RM8.99 a box, I thought that wasn’t as expensive as the Scottish shortbread from that same company…


…so I just had to grab one to give it a try.

Good grief!!! There were only SIX inside…


…and that would work out to over RM1.00 each! OUCHHHHHH!!!!!

And to add insult to injury, they did not taste anything like those Marks & Spencer’s ones…and one would be a whole lot better off buying their Scottish shortbread instead. These tasted like any ordinary cookies and if they had any extra butter fragrance, it was all drowned out by the strong orange essence. Ok, they’re quite all right, edible like all other biscuits imported or otherwise…but at that price, each bite would be something like a needle pricking into your heart! Real sakit hati lah! LOL!!!

Ah well! I guess we would not know unless we try, right? So now I know…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Nothing to shout about…”

  1. Should google the recipe of this biscuits…. who knows. taste better than this. hehehe

    Ya…some people may just like it – especially those into orange-flavoured cages and cookies.

  2. something like butter cookies? that’s quite expensive lol and not worth the calories :p

    Butter cookies? You don’t know Walkers, meh?

  3. Definitely there will be a great difference in taste as to that fried with prawns & sotong compare to tau kua & taugeh but honestly I like lots of taugeh in my fried kway teow/mee/bihun. I have fried bihun once with canned stew pork after reading your post on it and well, well, it taste absolutely great. Are those cookies imitation ones?

    I don’t think so – got imitations? They were good quality ones obviously…just that the taste was not to my liking and they were not cheap either – just 6 pieces inside. 😦

    Ya…no doubt the more ingredients we add, the better anything would taste…but this one, the paste is the problem…not sour, spicy nor tasty enough – already added two packets, around RM9 and still not enough. Better buy the local tom yam paste – cheaper and nicer…or fry in other ways.

  4. It’s been a while po, miss ko na ang blog mu. 🙂

    Mahilig din ako sa mga ganyang pagkain, yung galing sa iba’t ibang bansa, masaya siya, hahahahahahaha. 🙂

    Tsak biscuits, mukang masarap din yung parang noodle. hahaha

    Oops!!! Tagalog! Let’s see what Google translate says. Ummm…ya, haven’t seen you around for a while – welcome back! I do love to try food from other countries too – especially ASEAN countries.

  5. I love to shop in Marks & Spencer’s outlet in KLCC. Like its butter cookies too but very expensive.

    There was one at Gardens but I did not manage to drop by when I was there – too many things, excess baggage so I couldn’t possibly buy anything anymore. 😦

  6. ooo i think i’ve purchased these walkers biscuits before at my neighborhood carrefour. can’t quite remember whether i really liked them, but i’m a sucker for any kind of buttery biscuits, usually 😀

    Their Scottish shortbread is very nice, among the best around…but they do not come cheap, unfortunately. I would go for the cheaper ones which may be as nice or perhaps even nicer at times…like McVities.

  7. well it’s good to try such product once in a while, but in may case im the type of guy
    who sticks with one haha
    anyway the biscuit looks nice however 6 pieces seems too few haha

    Yup…so expensive. Aiyor…sticking to the same thing, so boring. Variety is the spice of life. 😉

  8. I bought a few of Walkers shortbread from Aberdeen the other time I went… mine is the rectangular type, Andy loves it and he wallops them all… I am not into such buttery cookies but when it comes to cakes, the more butter, the tastier! 🙂

    Ahhhh!!!! That Andy has got good taste – he knows what is good. LOL!!! 😀

  9. I would like to try that paste (if it’s available here la :p), must be yummy!

    Don’t bother – very mild, not strong enough…one packet of mihum, you’ll need at least four packets and still the taste would not be quite enough…plus it is so expensive. Just use tom yam paste, the bottled one – Nona Brand… That will be a whole lot nicer, take my word for it!

  10. Talking about shortbread, I’ve been enjoying the Foochow mooncakes you gave me. Very yummy, and it occurred to me that they’re like shortbread, only with pork lard instead of butter. Haven’t had them in years. Many thanks Arthur.

    Foochow shortbread! Nicer and a whole lot cheaper! You took them all the way back to the US? Gee!!! Should have given you more then.

    1. That’s what I was thinking too, Foochow shortbread. Somewhere in the distant past, some Scottish guy must have been visiting Foochow during mooncake festival time.

      LOL!!! Like Marco Polo…and noodles! 😉

  11. Too bad the cookies were a disappointment, an expensive one too! I don’t have too much faith in ready made spice paste. I have tried some other brands before and I did not really think much about it. Making it at home taste a lot better.

    Too much trouble. Recipes with a long list of ingredients like those I see in many blogs, forget it. Anything’s all right for me as long as it is simple, fast and easy…and tastes pretty good – otherwise, it will become a chore and that’s something most people do not enjoy.

  12. Food prices have really gone up over the years everywhere! I remember when I was a kid, a plate of chicken rice or a bowl of noodle would cost me S$1 – S$1.50. Now, I have to pay on average $3 for the same food in hawker centers and more in food courts.

    Same here…but in RM. Thank goodness we do not have to pay your prices in our currency. LOL!!! 😀

  13. Since the day I started reading your blogs, I have been very attentive to the pastes sold in supermarket shelves. So I will definitely avoid this one since you found it so-so. See, you are so influential to me now! Muahahahaha

    I am like you who loves to eat cookies from overseas too. Once I also calculated one box of 12 and it cost me RM2.50 to bite one. Thanks to the rich friend who presented me. I will never buy them no matter how delicious – with such high price tags!

    Me neither – nothing over RM10 and thankfully, I have generous friends who will always buy some to give me, especially those from overseas… Hint! Hint! 😀

  14. Meehoon too wet?

    I love shortbread cookies…with a nice cup of tea to go with it…and a good book.

    Don’t think so. These Thailand ones a bit more delicate than the China ones. I ❤ Scottish shortbread too…but they're not that affordable, unfortunately. 😦

  15. oo, I also bought the mee siam paste… havent had the time to cook this yet… guess I shld not have too high expectation… 🙂

    Maybe if you follow the instructions closely…and add prawns and other ingredients, it would come out a lot nicer?

  16. Sorry..this time didn’t get you any M&S butter cookies. 😛

    Oh no! Oh no! Please don’t buy anymore… Cannot have you buying and sending things all the time. 😦

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