All up to you…

It’s all up to you really – how you would want to cook something. I, for one, would believe in that and would not stick to the same old recipes or ways of cooking all the time.

I’ve fried mihun with canned pork or corned beef and also with clams in soy sauce – the way we would usually fry it in the family and I’ve tried it with tom yam paste as well but that does not mean that we should always stay on the well-trodden paths that we are familiar with.  Of course, sometimes, things may not turn out so well – like when I tried frying with the made-in-Singapore mee siam goreng paste which, I thought, was not all that nice but one thing’s for sure – it would be nicer if I had more ingredients like the prawns that I used in frying this the other day…

P & LB mihun 1

I did not add much to this one really, just the usual sliced shallots and garlic, fish gravy/sauce according to taste and a spoonful of my missus’ pounded/blended chili dip. I could only find some long beans in the fridge so I sliced a bit thinly and added that as well. I would say it tasted really great…

P & LB mihun 2

…and I sure would not mind cooking it this way again. Sometimes, we do need to be a bit more adventurous and venture down the road not taken, don’t you think so?

Even in buying stuff, I would like to try some new things – who knows they may be good. We wouldn’t know unless we try, right? My Pinoy blogger-friend, MEcoy, however, said that he would stick to the same biscuits all the time and I guess that is perfectly all right if they are really very nice but at times, if we keep eating the same things, we may get bored eventually. As they say, variety is the spice of life! Wink! Wink! Besides, we would not know if there are others out there that may even be a lot better.

I do stick to the same brands/products myself too, I would say, the ones that I feel are the nicest and better than the rest but I was kind of disappointed the other day though when I got hold of a few packets of our Foochow pek quek tong chiew pia, literally translated as the 8th Month Autumn Festival biscuits…

PGTC biscuits

I would buy this made-in-Sarikei one in preference over the others and this year, the price has gone up to RM5.00 a pack as opposed to only RM4 something in the previous years. Of course, they will tell you that the price of pork and everything else has gone up and these do mengandungi lemak babi (contain pork fat/lard). I do not really mind the increase in the price – some things are simply quite unavoidable but somehow, I find that the nice fragrance of the lard is not so strong this year so that special attraction that these biscuits used to have, is no longer there. Perhaps I should try some of the rest and maybe I would come across one that is as nice as those that I had had in the past. Anyone happens to know of any?

And how was your National Day celebration, those of you, fellow-Malaysians? I heard there were fireworks here but I slept through all that – not much excitement in my life these days…or at least, that was what I thought until I got a call from my friend, Yan…and look at what she brought me!

From Yan

Ooooo….pizza! And savoury puffs and chocolate cake, all made by Marcus whom I have mentioned a number of times before and whose cakes I absolutely love!!! Needless to say, they were all simply awesome…and I did have a really nice National Day lunch, after all.

Thank you so much, Yan – as they say, caring is sharing and sharing is caring and sometimes, good things do happen when we least expect them to, right?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “All up to you…”

    1. Don’t know!!! Maybe it’s to celebrate is september here instead of 31st, hahaha!!! =]

      Where’s “here”? Of course, for Sarawak, it’s September 16th – Malaysia Day. That’s why I call August 31st National Day – no independence for the rest of us on us over here on this date, 1957.

  1. It’s so strange to see you updating your blog late night :p

    You didn’t know? All my posts are scheduled for 12.05 a.m. every day…

  2. I, on the other hand is not so adventurous to try out everything. Always stick to the old way and unless there is good comment of the food you cook, only then I will try. The mi hun looks nice. Won’t go wrong with prawn.

    Don’t miss tomorrow’s post! Easy peasy and absolutely delicious.

  3. I agree variety is the spice of life but it can cause some problems. That Foochow mooncake, is that the same one you gave me? That was absolutely delicious, better than the Scottish imitations.

    That’s the one all right. There are two Sarikei brands available here – Sin Nan Leong is more widely distributed but I feel this one has a slight edge over that one – Kinsen Brand. Both selling at RM5 this year, same.

  4. Good..good… go and cook different styles… hope we can have chance to savour them one day! No need to go outside and eat.. our meals will be in Arthur’s Home Cafe! hahaha…

    You say only. When are you coming? Over a year now since you all were here. I am waiting…

  5. Yum! Your fried bee hoon make me feel like frying some next weekend. The cream puffs look very good. Have not eaten any for a long time!

    Ya, this guy is really good with his hands – such beauties…

  6. Yeap! I also believe trying everything once (ethically of course) to widen my cooking repertoire as well as educating my palate. As for buying stuff, there are always favourites but with new things, I would be going for good quality stuff first. My national day was spent at a fundraising event for animal shelter, followed by a house warming, so that was pretty eventful. 🙂

    Wow!!! Must have been a very busy day. I was home all day…except for church and a not very pleasant dinner in the evening – will blog about it soon. 😦 Yup…I would consider the prices as well and perhaps, the brand too…and also the opinions of others. Unfortunately, not all that people say is good will be good to me – to each his own.

  7. It looks good though! Your Siamese fried mee hoon looks spicy especially where the shrimp are.

    I’ll love to eat that! Haha!

    I’m like that when it comes to things too – if I find a brand or store I like, I’ll continue eating there too! 🙂

    Variety is the spice of life. The Chinese would say – eating meat everyday gets boring too… 😉

  8. Foochow pek quek tong chiew pia is not available in KL? Never tried them before 😦
    If the quality deteriorated, try giving them feedback and let them know, see they will make amends or not 🙂

    They’re from a nearby town – I have not come across any nice ones of our own so far…and nope, not in KL. Maybe Sitiawan or Yong Peng, they may have the same. It’s a special Foochow biscuit just for this festival.

  9. I am innovative and like to try new things in life be it eating or traveling. I would keep buying almost every new brand of 3-in-1 coffee in the market just hoping that better ones would be created. The same goes with bisquits. That Mecoy is still young and has rather stubborn traits. LOL

    Hahahahahaha!!! I thought young people are more adventurous? They would keep on going for something they like but I do think that most of them get bored pretty quickly and will look for something else…

  10. Nice fried bihun. I think I’ll add a bit of calamansi juice. (1 biji). Fireworks? Hmm…in my dreams, I think :-p
    Anyway…the cream puff does look good!

    No fireworks where you are? I thought the celebration over there would be a whole lot more grand than here?

    The mihun would be fine with calamansi juice, I guess – the way the Malays would serve theirs, always with the lime by the side.

  11. The puffs look awesome! So does the meehoon!!!

    BTW…which fish sauce are you using?

    The one I’ve/we’ve (my mum) been using all these years – fish gravy, they call it, made in China. Han River brand. Looks like it, tastes like it though I’m not too sure that was the exact brand we had in the past.

    1. Haven’t had much luck getting a good fish sauce 😦

      No complaints, been using this all this while even for fried rice – don’t like it all black if using dark soy sauce.

  12. Your fried mee hoon looks really yummy, just the way i like it.

    I bought once for Elaine that foochow moon cake biscuit, she said it is very nice, she like it.

    Tsk tsk tsk..i have to said again, you’re very lucky and always get your dreams come true and so nice and sweet of Phyllis to think of you and share the food with you. What a blessed Merdeka day.

    LOL!!! Come, sms me your mailing address and I’ll send those biscuits over…and you can share with Elaine also. Ya, the mihun was great, very nice.

  13. My daughter would be all over this dish (even though she’s not a big fan of prawns.) She loves her noodles though.

    How thoughtful of your friend to bring you goodies to eat. 🙂

    Yes, so sweet of her to want to share, I’m truly fortunate. Indeed, kids seem to love noodles – to them, eating rice is such a pain but when it comes to noodles, they’ll be gone in a jiffy.

  14. don’t eat too much corned beef as it is not good for our body. I read it from the internet that it can cause cancer if consumed regularly due to the salt.

    Best not to consume anything manufactured, canned or bottled frequently…with all the preservatives and whatever that go into them. Once in a longwhile should be fine. All my corned beef, SPAM, luncheon meat…given to me by friends and relatives, and some of the instant noodles too. Looks like they want to keep me “well-fed”. 😀

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