Many ways…

Lemang is glutinous rice with santan (coconut milk) and salt cooked in bamboo tubes lined with banana leaves. These tubes are made to stand beside an open fire to cook the contents inside. Obviously, this  is not all that easy to do as if it is overcooked, the lemang would be brownish and hard and would not be nice at all – it would have to be just right.

Once it is done, the bamboo is split open to reveal the long cylindrical rolls of lemang inside. This has been cut into lengths of around three inches for sale at RM2.00 each…


Yes, it is not all that cheap but then, glutinous rice isn’t all that cheap these days and as I have said earlier, the preparation and cooking of the lemang to perfection needs a lot of attention and can be rather tedious.

Traditionally, lemang is eaten with rendang or serunding

L & S

Well, for the uninitiated, serunding is actually floss and in this particular case, beef. This one that I bought the other day (RM7.00) was reddish in colour…


…so that would give you an idea how spicy it was. Ooooo…I loved it!!!

Rendang is some kind of dry curry but I did not have that the other day to eat with the lemang. However, it so happened that my missus was cooking some satay beef that day itself…

Satay beef

…and it went absolutely well with the lemang

Lemang & satay beef

Yum! Yum!

Well, if you do not have these to go with your lemang, it is also nice with condensed milk or kaya (coconut jam)…or even with a bit of sugar, take your pick!