Last Sunday…

Last Sunday, my missus and I had to go some place so we made our way there at around 11 something in the morning but it was very crowded and the cars were parked so very far away. Seeing that, we decided to go for an early lunch and come back a bit later. We dropped by this place that we had gone to many times before…


…and promptly placed our orders.

My missus had the fried noodles (RM5.95)…

RC fried noodles

They used to call it Thai fried noodles but I commented in this post that it came across pretty much like mee mamak to me and there was nothing quite Thai about it…or to me, at least. Perhaps somebody read my remark…so if you drop by the place today, you would see that they have deleted the word Thai in the order form.

Well, I had that the first time around and enjoyed it a lot…and my missus was certainly very pleased with it. For one thing, the serving was huge, probably enough for two…with a whole lot of ingredients in it, sotong (squid), prawns and all. I can’t say for sure but it appears that if you dine here, make sure that not everybody is ordering the same thing as the portions would somehow seem a lot less.

I had one of their set lunches – what my missus had before – their kapitan chicken curry with rice (RM6.50)…

RC set

…that we thought was really very good. However, I remember that we got a complimentary drink with the set the last time around…but not anymore. They even charged us RM1.00 each for a tumbler of iced water. Tsk! Tsk!

Tastewise, it was as great as when we had it before but unfortunately, there were no vegetables by the side. I wish they had given a bit of the acar timun (pickled cucumber) or some potatoes in the curry. They have side orders on the menu, of course…at a price – RM3.00 to be exact.

This is new on the menu – their smoked BBQ lamb chops, currently selling at the promotional price of RM16.00 a plate…

RC lamb

Melissa had this and she loved it a lot. The gravy was superb – thank goodness it wasn’t black pepper which I do not like…and it wasn’t mushroom either, probably their own recipe…and we thought it was really good. The wedges were nice too – the batter that they used was very tasty, anytime better than those at the Colonel’s place, I must say. Other than that, they were so generous – you can see that  there were three thick slabs of lamb (with half a slice of cheddar cheese on top) unlike those miserable thin ones at most other places at a much higher price…and the meat was perfectly done – not quite tender enough, but it was done exactly how we would like it, not rare and not overdone.

All in all, it was a delightful lunch, I would say…and rest assured we would certainly be  back there again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Last Sunday…”

  1. i can do some fried noodle now… had big dinner but still hungry leh… if only downstairs ada sio bee… *wink wink*

    Wahhhh!!!! Tambah besar lor like that! Never mind, when I go over I buy you some… Tahan, ya!!! LOL!!! 😀

    1. besar bagai johannnn… kecik macam setannn… hahaha… those old days milo ads…

      Yes, yes…and you are big enough so stop sing: Cepatlah besar, anakku sayang…minumlah susu cap gantung! LOL!!!! 😀

  2. Looks like some sort of brown sauce for the lamb.

    maybe the free drink came along previously as part of their promotion? Though I find it quite hard to stomach that eateries actually charge at least RM1 for plain water.

    Yup! The worst here is RM2.00. So put off by that. 😦 Some places 50 sen. I think they also charge for it at coffee shops… Really, those people…$$!!!!

  3. they deleted the Thai word thanks to ur blog post? that must be you very famous lor! 😛

    Yup! I know the guy in charge of all the outlets read my blog…so perhaps, he still does. Sibu is a small place – everybody knows everybody. 😛

  4. I have been craving for noodles for a few days already. Contemplating frying some. That crowded “some place” is it the voting centre? 🙂

    Ummmm….ummmmm…. LOL!!! 😀 Cheaper to fry own noodles and if you add extra ingredients, lots of prawns…sure it will be extra nice – a lot nicer than any place in the shops and stalls.

  5. Woah… look at the gravy.. looks tasty. But I’m allergic to lamb. My stomach cannot accept anything with lamb. huhu.

    Oh dear! Then you can’t have this then… Lots of other things though, not a problem at this place.

  6. RM1 for water? Wow.. that’s expensive! I’ve not ordered water for quite some time now I don’t even know what’s the rate anymore but I remembered it used to be RM0.50 max last time?

    These business people have all kinds of tactics to earn your money – they probably want to discourage people from just ordering water and go for their drinks instead…but the problem is I only drink water…unless they have good kopi-o-peng which they don’t! 😦

  7. at first i was really droolling over that scrumptious looking noodle dish but then
    weh i can to see the third plate! i almost die hahaha i mean it made me hungry

    Hehehehehe!!!! We do have pretty good food at reasonable prices here even though we are a very small and simple town.

  8. Exactly, that plate of noodles look like mee mamak sytle. Why the price of the noodles costs RM5.95, alang alang. Oppss!!…RM1.00 each for a tumbler of iced water, that is too pricey. Anyway, all looks nice.

    Seems to be the case everywhere – everything 95 sen these days…and at Pizza Hut, not too long ago, they just conveniently forgot about my 5 sen change. Tsk! Tsk!

  9. Now everything is charged … That includes warm water too … 40sen over here in coffeeshops.. No more free stuff … Sooner or later they will charge us for chillie sauce 🙂

  10. Hmm I think noodles are quite common at your area?

    Aren’t they common everywhere in the country? All kinds of noodles…we have cooked in so many different ways.

  11. the name of the restaurant is 紅蘿卜 (red carrot) as what i see from the first photo?? ooh, i like that dish Melissa ordered, but then i don’t fancy lamb, perhaps oink-oink would be great for me, hehe~~ 😀

    Sorry, this place is dijamin halal so you will not get that here.

  12. is it a chinese cafe? But they serve western food too? Sorry for the long spell of silence as I have been busy holidaying… hehe

    It’s a subsidiary of Sugar Bun, our Sarawak’s own fast food franchise… Ya, you’re certainly having a great time. Waiting for your invitation card! 😉

  13. It does look more like Mee Goreng Mamak rather then Thai Mee Goreng.
    But that person is so efficient! To remove the ‘Thai’ word.

    I guess he only has to ask the workers to delete the word using pencil. They also mark X for items in the order form that are no longer available.

  14. RM 5.95 is an usual price for Sibu – that additional 5 cents. Haha!

    Yeah, I noticed more places are charging for iced water nowadays, like Noodle House!

    Yup! RM1 too. Payung would waive the charge for me as I’m a regular. It’s free at Secret Garden but the yummy burgers are no longer on the menu…so I guess I will not be going there anymore.

  15. Now is 3.15pm tea break time. I must remember not to come here when I only have crackers and oat in my drawer. Food looks good, including these in your previous posts.

    Sorry for not visiting so often, very tied up with work.

    No problem. Just drop by when you can. But these aren’t tea time delights leh…lunch or dinner. Don’t tell me you skipped lunch. Cannot lah like that!!! Don’t work too hard and skip your meals – sure lots of problems later on.

  16. Red carrot, i think my mum was there not too long ago, she said she is having curry chicken or something like that. Haven’t been to this place, if i remember, you blog about this place about their sardine fish or something? OH..didn’t know it’s a subsidiary of Sugar Bun.

    Yes, the grilled sardine was very good. Have not had that for a long long time…before Melissa went to NZ. Dunno if it is still on the menu and if it is, dunno still nice or not. Will check it out the next time I go there.

  17. I only had lamb chop one and only time, don’t quite like the taste…

    Some people don;t like the smell…but the ones these days are good – no smell at all. My missus would not touch lamb before but these days, she does not mind eating. They say it’s the fat – just trim it all off, the meat is fine.

  18. kapitan chicken curry! that’s malaccan, right? oops, or is it penang? gosh, i’m losing my memory, hahah! 😀

    Dunno. If it’s nyonya, it has to be either Malacca or Penang…or maybe Singapore. Is this the one where they say the word was derived from the word “Captain” during those colonel days?

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