Miss you like crazy…

Unfortunately, it isn’t me that she misses but the super-yummy food here in Sarawak…

Annant in Sibu

I first met her in 2009this young and pretty girl-blogger who was studying at the university in Bintulu at the time. When she came over one weekend then, we managed to get together for dinner. Now, she is doing her post-graduate studies in Penang and it so happened that she came over last Thursday for a few days. She was staying with her uni-mate here but the friend was working and would not be able to get off work till much later. So, there I was – the knight in shining armour…coming to her rescue.

I picked her up at the Sibu Airport – of course, she was impressed by it as the last time she saw it, it was not air-conditioned and was like a bus terminal. Well, first things first, and I took her here for what else, but our celebrated Sibu kampua noodles. This was what she had (RM2.50)…

RS kampua

…while I had the mee pok with pian sip (RM2.50)…

RS mee pok & pian sip

I also ordered a bowl of pian sip (RM2.50)…

RS pian sip

…for the two of us to share and with our drinks, the total came up to only RM10.50. When I was about to settle that, we were duly informed by the waiter that somebody had already paid for us – it was an ex-student of mine from many years ago (from the school before the last one that I was attached to before I retired) sitting at another table inside. It certainly was so very sweet of him to pick up the tab for the two of us.

After that, we went to one of the shopping malls in town and she picked up a few things that she wanted to take home – some dried kampua noodles and mee sua and also a packet of sambal laksa.

Then we stopped here as she was craving for our very own Sarawak laksa

TC Sarawak laksa

She said that there are places selling this in Penang but they are simply not the same and are quite disappointing. I must say that she was absolutely ecstatic as she thought the laksa here was really so very good and went ooooo and ahhhhh with each spoonful that she generously dabbed with the sambal belacan provided. It was quite obvious that she missed that a lot and was enjoying it tremendously.

I was already very full from the kampua brunch so I just had their ang tao peng

TC ang tao peng

…to make up for the miserable one that I had a couple of days earlier. Indeed, the one here is way better…and you can see from the brown colour that they add gula melaka which certainly makes it a head above the rest compared to the others that I’ve tried here.

After that, I took her to my regular Malay food stall at Bandong to tapao for her some daging masak hitam and umai, both our own Sarawak specialties..and I saw some acar limau, so I got that for her too to take back to her friend’s house to enjoy with her and her family.

These were what she brought me all the way from Penang, the sweet girl…

From Annant

– thank you so much and if anyone of you is interested in her post on our brief outing (and more on her first day in Sibu), you can click the link here and read all about it.

It certainly was nice to see you again, my friend. I do hope you had a delightful stay in Sibu…