In some small way…

Last Sunday, after the church service in the morning, we stopped by here

Kong Ma Ma

…for brunch, the very popular, often very crowded coffee shop to your right as you go into the Delta Housing Estate here at the extreme end of that sole block of shophouses, a stone’s throw away from the public swimming pool.

My girl had the fried pek koiΒ (white rice cakes)…

Kong Ma Ma fried pek koi

…as she had it once before and she liked how they do it here compared to that other place that we went to not too long agoΒ but this time around, she was disappointed as they did not add a bit of those tiny clams in soy sauce that would make a world of difference in the taste. Still, she said it was good but when I tried a bit, I thought it could do with a little bit less msg.

The mum had the zhao chai hung ngang but it was all soup and whatever was inside was not visible so I did not bother to take a photograph of it. Well, she did say that it was not all that great, just all right but they were mighty generous with the zhao chai (preserved vegetables).

I had the beef noodles (RM5.00)…

Kong Ma Ma beef noodles 1

…from one of the stalls at that shop and I would say that it was quite good but in comparison, I still prefer the one here as the broth is thicker and richer but that one is a bit more expensive, RM6.00 a bowl and the portion is not exactly big, I must say, while I would say this one…

Kong Ma Ma beef noodles 2

…is good enough and I would not mind having it again especially considering that they gave this bowl…

Kong Ma Ma pickled cabbage

…of very nice pickled cabbage with the noodles – we get that sometimes as an appetiser at wedding banquets or that kind of grand dinners and I did enjoy it very much.

So give or take a little, this may be good in some small ways if we compare it to the other place…and should we drop by here again, I would not mind having the same.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “In some small way…”

  1. I understand that many Chinese places use MSG but I think you can order a dish asking them to not use MSG. Nice presentations.

    Yes, but the thing about these Chinese noodle dishes, there really isn’t that much ingredient to give it taste so they rely on msg. A little bit is fine by me, cut it down by half, at least.

  2. beef noodles for me … looks like a good combo with thick slices of meat and crunchy bean sprouts πŸ˜€

    This one’s good but I like the other place better. People say there’s another one – I tried but it did not sweep me off my feet and the place was so crowded and hot. I hear that now, one would need to take a number. 😦

  3. My sister just returned Miri from Sibu and she told me Beef noodles in Sibu were superb.

    I wonder which one she had – this dark broth ones or the clear soup ones. I did know of a few good places in town.

  4. When I was a kid I used to get so excited about our snacks after church. πŸ™‚
    The food looks delish in the photos.

    Yes, me too. And we had to behave well in church…or it would be straight home after the service, no special treat that week. 😦

  5. Pek koi looks good.. I’ve seen the wet ones with eggy gravy soup but I know the dried black ones fried with egg like this one is nicer.. Beef noodles look so so good too, soup looks very thick and flavourful.. I might order another bowl of ‘liew’ only, hehe..

    I love the tendons, can’t seem to get those here…with this type of beef noodles. May get a bit in those clear soup ones. They are very expensive, that I know.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen fried pek koi before, not even in Singapore. Maybe I’ve not been to the right place.

    I don’t think I’ve seen it outside of Sibu. It’s a Foochow thing – you can get those dried ones from China in plastic bags – probably you can get them at the Asian shops there but you will have to soak them the day before to soften, very hard. I hear they have more “instant ones” now but I’ve never tried – generally, I would very much prefer kway teow.

  7. I bet the pickled cabbage makes a lovely addition to the soup – although I’m rather fond of cabbage so would probably be just as happy eating it on its own. πŸ™‚

    It’s very nice…but sour, it’s a pickle – great as an appetiser or a side dish. I wouldn’t eat it on its own but then again, that’s just me – not into sour things.

  8. Both pek koi & beef noodles looks good. I have seen dried pek koi in plastic packets on the shelves but never buy & try. The pickled cabbage, a good appetiser after all the oily food.

    Oh? It’s good for that? Gotta eat more then. Hehehehehe!!!! My girl loves it! I prefer kway teow…kind of thick and chewy, pek koi.

  9. If too much msg, my throat will feel like in a burning pot. Dry and got to drink a lot of fluid to flush them down.

    Not very easy to find fried pek koi in Kuching. We can find those packet in old Chinese mini marts and sometimes in those local supermarkets but I don’t think I seen anyone sell and fry it in hawker or food stalls.

    Maybe it is because I do not use msg in my cooking now…and not much salt either so I have grown extra sensitive to both. Ya, I have not seen any fried pek koi in Kuching. Even in Sibu, they are not all over the place – only at some places.

  10. You know what…I’m really like the first picture, the cooking lady, if I go there, I must draw it down on the spot, hehe!!

    You do? Looks anime-ish… πŸ˜‰

  11. Beef noodles look good, can’t complain with that price though

    Yup, plus the nice pickled cabbage with it as well. Nice!

  12. Mel so small eater leh. Portion small only.

    The hung ngan does look more watery than the one i had last time

    Hung ngang? Where? But yes, the one my missus had – all soup…so little stuff inside. 😦

  13. I wonder if you can request for less msg. I know some hawker stalls in KL, if you ask them to use less msg for your specific order, they will insist that they don’t use msg and that their dishes are all natural flavors. Of course, what they said are bollocks as you can taste and feel very strong msg in the food afterwards.

    Yes, and they do here. One, I know, they will use a red pen to write in the order chit so “the cooks in the kitchen will not forget”.

  14. eeee.. i like pickled cabbage too… can request for more or not if not enough? hehehehehe !!

    Dunno, didn’t ask. They gave a lot – luckily, my girl loved it and helped me with it or I would not be able to finish.

  15. The first image looks motherly… and I like the pek koi the one your girl ordered. Something like the Korean dish called nian koe? Flat noodles but on the springy side when eaten…

    Yes, I wonder if it is the one and the same thing. Never tried the Korean one.

  16. I would go for the beef noodles anytime. I don’t think I have ever had pickled cabbage before. Except for the German sauerkraut which I don’t like 😦

    Tried that, didn’t like it either…and I don’t like kim chi as well. This, I love!!!! Yummmm!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  17. during chinese new year i went back and my father brought me to some eateries that i had not been before, the food was saturated with MSG and knocked me out to the extent that i had to stay at home several days to recover from the MSG and sodium shock. and oh, i also noticed that dishes in sibu were very much lacking of meat / seafood, as though we are entering soviet era right here in sibu!

    Yes, I dunno why they use so much and that thing does not come cheap. I hear there are cheap ones, imitations…that are very strong on those side effects. I will always remember to tell them to cut down on it…or I would never go back again. Exactly, it is the lack of ingredients, meat or seafood that results in the need to use msg in their cooking – otherwise, no taste. Payung’s the best – no msg in their cooking!

  18. Kong mama?? I have yet to try this place. My mum always headache when first thing in the morning i would ask where to eat? hahahahhaha.

    My mum told me the mee mamak at this place is good? But the malay guy always don’t open stall?

    Ya, I went that morning also not open. The mee mamak is ok. I know it is quite popular.

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