Mary in the morning…

Mary‘s back in Sibu again with her hubby all the way from the UK…to exercise their democratic rights. I first met the nice couple in January last year (2012) but with their busy schedule, the time differences and their jet lag, we were not able to get to meet one another till a number of days later.

They were not keen on restaurant food and all that and would rather go some place for some hawker delights. Initially, I thought this place would be good but we were there at around 9.45. and it would not be open for business till 10. Not wanting to wait, we adjourned some place else and ended up here.

I decided to try the Singapore fried mihun


…which tasted like fried mihun with curry powder added. I reckoned it was all right – nice but nothing to shout about and furthermore, I think some of my varieties of fried mihun are very much nicer. That, of course, would come as no surprise as when you cook your own at home, you would add a whole lot of ingredients so naturally, it would be a whole lot tastier than what you can get outside.

My missus had their Dayak fried noodles…


…also known as lakia mee…or Iban mee. Usually, it would be fried noodles with a lot of chilies added and maybe a bit of belacan as well…but this one came across like mee mamak. It tasted good but it was not spicy at all, unfortunately…and my missus was kind of disappointed as she would prefer it to be a lot hotter than that.

The Sarawak laksa that Mary and her hubby shared…


…was also o.k. as far as the taste went but it did not really taste like Sarawak laksa and besides, it was a little bit too salty.

Their deep-fried kompia stuffed with minced meat…


…tasted great, similar to the ones here, just a tad too oily.

The only saving grace, I would say, was their popiah

HN - PP1

I asked them for extra kacang tumbuk (crushed groundnuts), both inside and outside, and they willingly obliged. That was why they were served all buried in it like that.

I really love it very much…

HN - PP2

…and I would say that it is the best that I’ve had in town and elsewhere as well.

Unfortunately, they told me that they would be closing shop in a  few days’ time but they would set up a stall some place, concentrating only on popiah and kompia – and skip the fried stuff and what not that they presently have on their menu. They gave me their business card…


…so I would be able to call them if I wanted to place orders for their popiah…and also to find out their new location once they have moved.

All in all, it was a pleasant enough brunch but above all, we enjoyed the company and we sat there chatting away till almost noon. There were so many things to catch up and to talk about…and I must not forget to extend a big thank you to Mary for the goodies that she gave me…

From Mary

– all the way from the UK. Thank you so very much – it certainly was my pleasure to meet the two of you again.