Hungry like the wolf…

Last Friday, Melissa said that a colleague of hers would be giving her a lift back to Sibu but she would be going to the Farley area on the other side of town so we would have to  go and pick her up there. That would not be a problem – in fact, anything would  be better than driving all the way to Selangau to get her.

It was around 3 when she arrived and since she left the school right after lessons had ended for the day, I was pretty sure she had not had lunch yet and I was right. So we went to the branch of this Sarawak’s own franchise in the area…

Sugar Bun, Farley 1

Personally, I’m not really crazy about such fast food joints but she, typical of most young people today, was delighted when I suggested dropping by there for a bite to eat. As you can see, they do have a lot of other choices besides the usual stuff like fried chicken and hamburgers…

Sugar Bun, Farley 2

…and Melissa wanted the fish fillet with rice and a complimentary drink (RM9.80)…

FF with rice

…which she wolfed down in a jiffy.

Business was not particularly busy at that time of day…

Sugar Bun, Farley 3

…but there were a few other customers around…and also some more at their spin-off cafe, the Red Carrot, next door.

The mum was not hungry as we had lunch earlier so she just ordered their three-layer tea…

3-layer tea

I think that cost RM3 something so I would not say it, or anything else there for that matter, was particularly cheap, not at all.

Nevertheless, I could not resist ordering their fish burger for myself…

FB 1

– my all-time favourite and I would think it is better than any fish fillet burgers anywhere else.

This comes at RM8.50 each, with a free drink…

FB 2

…and inside, they have a slice of real fish – not those miserable fish cakes that you find at the other places.

Well, I enjoyed that and since I do not have it very often, I guess it is all right…and most importantly, Melissa had what she would consider a really great lunch after a week being cooped up in her school in Selangau.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “Hungry like the wolf…”

  1. My daughter loves fish sandwiches. Every few months I make them for her. She now helps to make them also. It’s lots of fun preparing the meal while bonding with her. We even make our own tarter sauce, a condiment that she uses on her fish sandwiches quite often. A few of my Uncles fish as a “leisure hobby”. Each year when the family comes together in South Carolina (about eight hours away form us.) They bring their boats, spend time together and fish. The big fish fry is always on Friday. I must from what I remember from the fish they caught, the fresh fish tasted much better than what most people can find in our typical USA grocery store.

    I love fish, never mind how it is served. The fishmongers do not fillet the fish for us here though…so unless we do our own, we would only have imported fish fillet, not too sure from where. The ones they use at this place are very nice – no fishy smell…unlike some that I’ve bought before at the supermarts…and some are even jelly-like and there are some sold in packets or boxes, already coated with bread crumbs – they’re so rubbery like (Chinese) fish cake. I wouldn’t bother buying those – would rather not eat.

    1. Sibu fishmongers don’t fillet the fish even if you ask them to? We can get them to do it in Kuching. Just tell them to “khi kut, khi poi” (off bone, off skin). It’s not too difficult to do it ourselves too, but it’s just too tedious.

      How is Mel enjoying her teaching job so far?

      I think they do…and at times, they have fresh fish fillet for sale – bay ka (mackerel) but I don’t do the marketing… Do it myself, no…thank you. LOL!!!

      Mel’s doing o.k. but when it comes to work, she’s kinda serious and gets overly worried or depressed with the students’ progress…what more, rural kids…not motivated to study, retention is near zero. Keep telling her to do the best she can, that’s all.

  2. Oh what I would do to have their Fish sammiches right this minute. It was my go to treat whenever it was my dad’s turn to pick me up from school….oh, and if I was being a good kid (which you and I know was never the case LOL). I love whatever condiments they throw on the sammich to make it oh so delicious. It’s almost lunch time here, so that does not help things 🙂

    This has been my favourite over the years…and it still is! Not into burgers, fried chicken and stuff – that’s why I don’t frequent all those fast food joints and if I must, it will be Sugar Bun for me…and their fish burger. Not cheap now though. 😦

  3. Haven’t heard about this restaurant but I would like to try some of it one day!!! =]

    I reckon you’re not from Sarawak then…

  4. Only in Sarawak. hehe. I love what Melissa had. My all time favourite. My daughter also loves the raisins rice. The only rice she would enjoy eating, plus a drumstick!

    Not sure if they still have outlets in Sabah – used to do very well there at one time. Yes, the rice is nice. I would eat that…but not outside my regular meal hours.

  5. been a while since i set my kaki into sugarbun. i guess business is good for them too. they have been going through a rebranding i supposed, new vibrant look, new menus. my fav used to be combo no 3. LOL!

    What’s Combo No. 3? I only know Mambo No. 5! Muahahahaha!!!!! Yes, it certainly has a nicer, more impressive new look…but unfortunately, the prices also. I remember the time when those fish burgers were only RM3.00 something…and the fish inside was bigger and thicker. Sigh!!!! Those were the days.

  6. The fish sandwich sure looks good. How is Melissa doing in her school? Hope that she is happy there.

    She’s doing ok, thanks. Yes, I love their fish burger…very nice, the fish! No fishy smell, nice fishy texture…much nicer than at any other fast food joints.

  7. I’m also not a fan of fast food joints. I understand their appeal in getting food fast, but the more I learn about where our food comes from and its effects on our health… I just can’t eat at those spots.

    The bottom line is they’re really not that nice…and they’re definitely not cheap. I don’t know what people see in them – the aircon comfort? The free wifi? Or they feel it’s kinda trendy to be seen at such places? I wouldn’t know…

  8. interesting, can see that they have fried fish on their menu too, wonder how much does it cost though

    I had that a couple of times before – very nice, fresh tilapia from Batang Ai. Can’t remember how much though.

  9. Yeah, I also prefer Sugar Bun to KFC. Love their broasted chichen whereby the chicken meat is so tender and not oily. You ever notice or not, where there is KFC, sure there is also Sugar Bun. Looks like they go hand in hand.

    Me too! Ya…that certainly seems to be the case here too…except for one KFC outlet, but there’s McD right across the road…no Sugar Bun there.

  10. The fish burger looks really nice and yummy! I’m guessing it is the same fish fillet that Melissa had with her rice.. no wonder she gobbled it up in a jiffy. Like father, like daughter eh.. both also like fish! hehe

    Yup, and we both like the rice too…but I had rice for lunch earlier so no more for me.

  11. fish fillet looks yummy and perfectly fine as well as your
    fish burger! it was sure is captivating, the three layer tea looks
    refreshing and yummy too

    Yes, no complaints about what we had…just a bit expensive for the likes of me, that’s all. 😦

  12. I would say Sugar Bun in Sarawak is more popular than KFC!

    I don’t think so. Not that many people, not as crowded as KFC…but their Red Carrot seems to be enjoying very good business.

  13. Sugar Bun only in Sibu or in other part of Malaysia also have?

    They used to have in places like KL and also all over Sabah, but eventually they closed down. Dunno if they still have in Sabah…but here in Sarawak, they still have quite a few outlets in the main towns.

  14. Hmmm…i think the 3 layer tea at the food court nicer la

    Dunno. My missus had that… Franchise places, even food courts…which one is nicer (and cheaper) than the good old kopitiam and stalls?

  15. If not mistaken, I also saw this restaurant at the airport.

    Ya, they probably just opened an outlet there. Saw somebody’s post on Facebook grumbling about the chicken or whatever that he had there…

    1. Yeah it’s the one that I have shares that doesn’t perform in. Haha!

      At one time, it was doing really really great. Should be very good then to sell those shares of yours. Not sure how it’s doing now…but the outlets are doing all right, not too badly, I must say.

  16. Sugar Bun!! So so so many years i never been to sugar bun. Back home, usually eat chinese food more and also coffee shop food, and mum not allow us to eat fast food very often. hahahahhaha

    Ya, too many nice things to eat, so little time…and yes, your mum’s very wise. No need to go for such things as far as possible.

  17. hmmmm… round must remember to bring my boys to go there and try the food.

    I can imagine your mum’s looks of disapproval. LOL!!! But Red Carrot’s a good place to stop by, the Sugar Bun subsidiary – I think I will have a post on it again coming up…

  18. I agree, their fish fillets are the best in all the fast food restaurants I’ve been too. It’s in the topping!

    I don’t like it with rice though, doesn’t have the same feeling to it.

    Yup…but I quite like their rice as well so I will choose…depending on the time of day.

  19. I admit the fish fillet at Sugar Bun is actually yummy…not had any fast food fellas match it so far.

    Yup, as far as fast food franchises are concerned, I love theirs the best.

  20. Yes, young adults like fast food.. old adults like us prefer those authentic coffeeshops 🙂 So how is Melissa? Has she get used to teaching yet? I think school holiday is approaching.. 27th May, right?

    25th…but 24th is Wesak Day, so school ends on the 23rd. We’ll be going for her convocation – the Malaysian one, at Putrajaya. She wants to go so she could get to meet her friends. She’s doing ok – not easy teaching rural kids – discipline not a problem but I think studying is the last thing in their minds – weak at all subjects. Will just have to do the best she can to motivate and help them.

  21. fast food fried chicken is comfort food for me when i’m feeling stressed. the crispy crunch of the skin, the hot juicy grease of the meat … it lifts my spirit, heheh 😀

    Gosh!!! Not very healthy way to lift up your spirits, eh? Ah well! I guess it’s better than getting drunk on booze… 😉 LOL!!!

  22. broasted chicken?? that sounds interesting, but would you mind enlightening me what is broasted?? cannot find sugar bun here lah, else i may try it out since i have long blacklisted that “kung fu chicken”…

    Too small in that photo for you to read, eh? Here’s another one…
    It’s definitely not as oily as your kung fu chicken…and the last time I had that, the meat was like jelly – I spat it all out and threw it all away.

  23. walao! i miss sugarbun but too bad all the branches in Labuan has been closed down 😦

    Oh? What a pity! I wonder if there is anymore in KK. They used to run the resort at Gaya even…so successful at one time.

  24. i saw this Sugar Bun at donnowhich mall! but didn’t try it 😦

    3 days were certainly not enough to eat alllllllll the food grrrrrr

    At a mall? Must be the megamall where Giant Hypermart is – one post on that one coming soon… 😉 LOL!!! Sibu – food haven! Will have to come again soon! Watch out for those zero or cheap fares…

  25. among kfc, mcD, chicago7 and sugarbun.. i love sugarbun the most wor.. love their broasted chicken. but need to see which branch i’m going to too.. not all sugarbun’s broasted chicken is nice ..

    their mushroom chicken used to be very nice too.. had that almost everyweek years ago.

    That seems to be the case. Somebody complaining that the new outlet at Sibu airport – the chicken was oily, not nice. Never tried their mushroom chicken before…but the fried tilapia, yes. Nice also.

  26. I have not had fast food for a while now… but kids love it! So occasionally, we let them have Mcdonald breakfast on weekends.

    Have not seen this Sugar Bun here in Sgp…

    Nope, never had an outlet in Singapore. I did see one in KL in the 80’s though. I’m into fast food either – may go when my girl asks for it or when it is convenient…like that day, right where my car was parked while waiting for her.

  27. Sugar Bun not available here… hope they come soon… 🙂

    ‘Broasted Chicken’??? hehehe

    They were there…but I guess they did not do well in the face of the stiff competition from the foreign franchises so they closed down and left.

  28. hehehe 🙂 i love sugarbun very much too! hi 5 melissa! i’m a big fan of the kano meal, with pedas sauce, or nasi lemak with add on 1 piece of fried chicken. yum!

    The kano is nice, eh? Must try that one of these days…

  29. a fast food outlet that serves 3 layer tea? wow not bad at all… and the fried chicken looked so nice….

    I like theirs – not oily, and tender and juicy. They have a lot more than the usual fast food stuff here.

  30. Sugar bun? Sounds very familiar but I don’t think there’s any outlet over here…
    I, too seldom go to fast food joints but once a while bring my kids to McD…. especially now they are having the purchase with purchase Hello Kitty collectible soft toys!

    Thank goodness my girl isn’t into those things anymore… I never drop by such places too unless my girl asks for it. Much cheaper eating in the good ol’ kopitiam and nicer too!

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