Time to go…

All too soon, it was time for my Trengganu friends to pack up and go back home but not before we dropped by here to see them making  kompia and of course, they bought some to take back with them. After that, I drove them here for the kampua noodles, the white and also the black version…

RTM Cafe kampua, black & white

They thought they were good but they still liked the red kampua in Kanowit better.

I had the Sibu Foochow-style fried noodles…

RTM Cafe Sibu Foochow fried noodles

…and after that, we dropped by my regular Malay kuih stall here at Bandong so they could buy some of the kek lapis (layer cake) home – everybody’s favourite, the sisik ikan, but unfortunately, they had run out of the hati parek which is also very nice. In the end, I persuaded them to buy the Horlicks Honey cake too – it is, in fact, kek batek but instead of chocolate, they use Horlicks and honey to hold the biscuits together. I quite like that one and I hope they would too.

My friends wanted to stop by here to buy some of the out-of-this-world kompia that they had the day they arrived for their daughter-in-law but before that, I took them here

Sibu Islamic Centre

…to ask for a copy of the book

The book

…for the daughter-in-law and another one to replace the one that I gave to them from the few copies that I was given myself.

Perhaps some of you may still recall that sometime ago, I went out all over town with some friends of mine…


…to eateateateateateateateateat…and eat…but I was not at liberty at the time to reveal what it was all about. Actually, one of them was given this project by the Resident’s Office here to work on a book on the food in Sibu and he would be taking the photographs…


…and he roped me in and also another friend to write brief descriptions…


…of whatever he had shortlisted for the publication.

There are also some maps in the book…


…and a glossary at the back…


Finally, the book has been published and officially launched and is now made available to visitors/tourists…but one would have to go to the Sibu Resident’s Office on the 5th Floor of the newly-completed Islamic Centre, Jalan Awang Ramli Amit to ask for a copy. I hear they are not very strict with the distribution so anyone dropping by will be asked to write his or her name and where he or she is from and leave with a copy in hand…

I got one!

…though I wonder why any local would want to have one when they can just go out and look at the real thing…and enjoy eating it!

After having got what we wanted, we went on our way to get the kompia…and upon my friends’ insisting, I sent them to the airport and dropped them off there, a good four hours or so before their flight. I did suggest that they went to the Sugar Bun outlet there to try our very own Sarawak franchise and I strongly recommended the fish burger/sandwich that is anytime better than those available at the other better-known franchises. The missus had that and she loved it but the hubby went and had their cheeseburger and he said it was just so so. Cheeseburger??? I didn’t say anything about cheeseburgers! Tsk! Tsk! Their flight was on schedule and I guess they would have arrived before 5.00 p.m. but later, I gathered that they were waiting for the son to pick them up at KL Sentral and they only got back to their place by around 9.00 p.m. Gosh!!! That certainly was a very very long day.

Anyway, thanks again, my friends, for dropping by our little town – I certainly hope you two have no regrets over your decision to make the trip and come all the way and that you have had a more-than-delightful stay here. Well, they did say they had been to many places in the Asian and ASEAN region but this was the only place where they had chauffeured tours to some of the places of interest and nowhere else did they ever seem to be shovelling food into the mouth all day long! LOL!!! Do come again – still some places that you did not manage to visit and lots more delights that you have yet to try…and bring everybody along as well! In the meantime, take care, you two, and God bless always.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Time to go…”

  1. fuyo! famous! autographs and photos please 😀

    Come on over. I’d gladly take you there to get a free copy and I’d autograph it for you, no worries. Not a problem at all. 😉

  2. ooo, that booklet is a cool souvenir, and it contains a very nice description of you, heheh 😀 based on the section on the char mien, it looks like it’s a very handy reference tool too 🙂

    Yes, it would be good for tourists/visitors who have no idea what to eat when in town. Maybe that is why I see them in KL eating at McD’s – imagine spending all the money to come all the way and eating what they can get back home, nicer ones at that some more.

    On the other hand, of course, one wouldn’t need a guide book like this if one had somebody like me here to take him or her around. Wink! Wink! 😀

  3. Wow! You are in the publication? You are famous now! ^^

    Enjoyed reading this post and it tickled me when your friend ate the cheeseburger when you didnt say anything about it.

    Pity they didn’t manage to buy our Sarawak kek lapis. Hopefully next round they are here they can get it. I am fond of Hati Parek more.

    They bought two types (and the wife said she would save them in the freezer for her hubby’s retirement party in March next year!!!!!) but hati parek’s out of stock. I like that…and Evergreen too – but these two, not really lapis, no layers.

    Yalor…and the day earlier, told him to eat mee sua…and he had curry mee! I did say the Penang prawn mee there is very nice – said must ask them to serve the fried wanton separately so would not become soft and soggy, did not say anything about the curry mee. Tsk! Tsk!

    Blush! Blush! So shy lah… Must hide for a few months, don’t dare show my face liao.

  4. Your friends have good taste. I agree the red kampua in Kanowit is still the best. I read that char mien entry. That’s by you, isn’t it? Please don’t forget to keep a copy of the book for me. Thanks.

    Oh yes! Will do that in case they’ve run out, come December. I wrote about half of the entries and the lady wrote the rest. I think you will be able to tell as each of us has our own unique styles.

    1. Just realized I’m in the photo too, seated fourth from left.

      Hahahahaha!!!! Sometimes, I emailed you or sent an sms…and he got them instead. Maybe I should put one of you surname first in my phonebook.

  5. I love the cloud and sky reflections on your photo of the building!!! 🙂

    It was a lovely day that day – been hazy in the previous few days, fires in Indonesia. Heard that Singapore was badly affected.

  6. Wow, famous book author now eh? Cool stuff 😉 . You know, maybe you can do a giveaway post, the prize is an autographed booklet 😀

    Aiyor…and then it will get chucked away somewhere – nobody’s interested in reading about what we have over here, I know. Happens even when I send things, the real thing – not just a description in a book, over for people to try. They would rather go for things they find a lot better elsewhere. Only useful for people visiting the town to give them some idea of what they can enjoy here – they’re already here, a captive audience so to speak.

  7. Wow, first thing that I see – your face in that booklet !! You are famous !!
    Anyway, ahh, so it was time for your friends to leave.. How can they leave without having that kampua noodles first? But I still prefer your Foochow noodles (aka Hailam mee, for me)…

    They say it is something like Hokkien mee, dunno. Personally, I feel they’re all different – all nice, matter of individual preferences. They did bring home many packs of the instant kampua noodles – for their daughter-in-law and for themselves. Cooked some already in KT – ate with serunding and they loved it! 😀

  8. I like the Foochow style fried noodles and for the kek lapis, sisik ikan is one of my choice whenever I buy. Wow, your picture appear in one of the pages of the booklet with a brief description of you, really famous now, eh.

    That’s at the back of the book – the one in charge of the project said that was needed.

  9. Wah. …famous liao !! Where can we view the book outside sibu ?

    Nowhere. You will have to come to Sibu, go to the office and get a copy, absolutely free.

    I do wish they would make some available elsewhere though – the Sibu Heritage Centre perhaps, or the Sarawak Tourism Board Office…and some major hotels in the town centre. The office is out of the way, actually – not in the town centre…so I really wonder how many of the target group – the visitors and tourists dropping by – will manage to get hold of a copy. 😦

  10. Congrats buddy! 🙂
    The book is finally out!

    I’ve heard you mention it and it looks so nicely done – glossy photos and credits too, that’ll be a nice addition to your portfolio. I’ll be sure to go and grab a copy when I’m back in Sibu.

    Hey, why don’t you go and get like 10 and autograph them to give out to your readers? Seriously! I’ll love to have one from you!

    TEN!!!! Ah well, let’s just say I did ask. Period. 😦 But anyway, I’ll TRY and save a copy for you for the next time you come home – but don’t take too long. If there are others coming over for a visit, I may be forced to part with it. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀 I don’t know whether there will be any left at the office by the time you come back as they seem to be giving it away to any Tom, Dick or Harry who drops by to ask, not necessarily those from the target group. 😦

  11. Congratulations on the launching of the Guide to Sibu Book! So next time we can just go jalan jalan cari makan based on the book… sure won’t go wrong one, right? Realgunners got a point there.. do make a giveaway… I sure will join one.. hahahaa…

    There are others involved in the project and they too have their likes and dislikes – let’s just leave it at that. Sending by post will be a BIG problem – it is almost 200 pages and is VERY heavy. Maybe equal to mailing two packs of instant kampua or more. 😦

  12. I guess it’s the backdrop of wood that makes the dishes stand it. (add on to above comment) 😉

    Ahhhh!!! You noticed!!! I spotted it the moment I stepped into the shop – they did not have that wooden table before and of course, I insisted on sitting there – sure helped enhance the photos in no small way.

  13. Congratulations! Now all who drop by Sibu town will have a guide on where and what to eat in SIbu

    What perhaps? Where, I’m not sure. I have not actually studied the map but I think it only shows the main roads, I think, so the exact location along some of the smaller lanes or roads may not be all that obvious.

  14. That’s an interesting book! Now become famous already ya? ^^

    No lah…frankly, before the book, already famous. Sibu is a very very small town and everybody knows everybody and I was a teacher some more – all the anaks going home telling the mums about the tua pui sinseh. 😦

    1. So when i go SIbu, the flight touch down, i mention your name to any of the people about Arthur, they will know…

      You can try. There was a time when they sent me something just my name and Sibu…and I got it! Dunno now – more young people, old ones retired so maybe they dunno me anymore. And poslaju, last time, if things addressed to my school, in the afternoon, they sent to the house knowing that I would not be in school. Hehehehehehe!!!

  15. Oh I want that book, with a signed copy of yours. 😉 I can see that one day you can be a Sibu Food Ambassador. 😄

    When will you be in Sibu? Anybody here who can go to the Resident’s Office (5th Floor) to ask for a copy for you before they are all given away? Very near your kampung – Kpg Nangka – the new Islamic Complex/Centre opposite St Mary’s Convent/Church/Primary School. Dunno by the time you come back, whether I have any left – I only got a few copies myself. Asked for more but the guy said see lah… See lah means what…you know lah.

  16. Now i remember all your makan makan post!! Remember to keep a book for me too. Congrats!!

    You’re sure your mum has not grabbed hold of a copy for you? Maybe more than one copy? She’s very fast one, super efficient. 😀 😀 Namind, I’ll keep one for you…if she hasn’t done so.

  17. Yummy to the plates of kampua! ^^

    Well, maybe you’ll be appointed as Sibu’s food mayor officially? I mean, introducing all of the local delicacies to us out-of-towners. *winks*

    If there is a monthly allowance, I don’t mind. Hehehehehe!!!

  18. When I do drop by, you’ll have to bring me here to get a copy and get you autograph it over the words or pictures. Doesn’t matter that it is not autograph friendly, as long as one of the contributor is very friendly 😀

    Come, come!!! When are you coming? Would love to have you and your boys here, including the big/old (*delete as applicable) one. Hehehehehe!!! 😀

  19. Noodles! YAY! And that building I liked in today’s post!!! Yes…I’m going backwards! LOL 🙂 Looked like a nice day!

    Weather has been quite good lately though we do get some rain on and off.

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