Anywhere you go in Sibu, you will see stalls in the uncountable number of coffee shops in the town selling kampua mee. All those that you have seen in my blog all this while would probably not even make 5% so you can imagine how many there actually are in the town. Of course, some are very nice while there are others that are not to my liking but still, most enjoy enough business to keep them going so I guess even the not-so-good ones aren’t doing too badly.

I was at the other side of town the other day – I do not venture there very frequently as by our Sibu standard, that is considered far even though getting there will not take much longer than say, 15 minutes by car. It was around tea time and I felt like having something to eat but I did not quite care for anything from our own Sarawak franchise outlet there nor this West Malaysian one so in the end, I decided that I would just stop by here (2.265652,111.862691)…

Farley Cafe Sibu

…for a plate of kampua noodles.

The stall is right in front of the coffee shop…

Farley Cafe, kampua stall

…manned by the handsome young man in the blue t-shirt.

I wanted a bowl of kampua pian sip but he did not have the combo in his menu so I had the kampua noodles (RM3.00)…

Farley Cafe, kampua mee

…and a bowl of pian sipΒ (wonton-like meat dumplings), dry.

I did not think the noodles were all that great, I’m afraid to say. First and foremost, I am not all that fond of this thinner and curlier version of the noodles. My friend in the instant kampua business said that if they make the noodles using machine, it would come out like that, otherwise it would be a little bigger and straighter but I don’t know if this same thing applies to these fresh non-instant ones or not.

Besides, I found the noodles kind of lacking in the fragrance of lard and shallot oil which are two prime considerations in determining good kampua mee, the qualities that would draw the line between the boys and the men, so to speak…plus it was a little overcooked and a bit too soft for my liking. But once I tossed all the chili sauce, given in the little saucer, together with the noodles, I thought it was quite all right after that.

It was a completely different story with the pian sip (RM3.00)…

Farley Cafe pian sip 1


It sure looked a lot different from what one would usually get to see elsewhere…

Delta Ah Mu pian sip
*Archive photo*

…especially with the slightly reddish sauce and the addition of those curly green vegetables. Another difference would be the fact that when one eats pian sip, it will be mostly skin and there is very little meat in each of them. When they make them, they would just apply a very thin layer of the minced meat onto the skin, thinner than the peanut butter I would put on my slice of bread. The ones that I had here, however, were very different. There was so much meat inside…

Farley Cafe pian sip 2

…that I actually felt like I was eating meatballs wrapped with pian sip skin…and yes, I liked it a lot!!!

I don’t recall ever having tried anything from the many stalls at that coffee shop or if I did, probably they were nothing good enough to be all that memorable but yes, I did try the beef noodles there. I cannot seem to find my post on it anymore…or maybe, I did not bother to blog about it as at best, it was just so-so, something one might considering having when one is around there but I would not say it is worth going out of your way for it…but I would say the pian sip is pretty good and on my part, I would much sooner choose that instead.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Anywhere…”

  1. great. RM3.00 for a plate of kampua. how nice! been many years i have not had kampua, gotta ask mom to make when i am back in msia lol. borneo version.

    Used to be a lot cheaper, RM2 -2.50…and then 2.80 and now, 3.00. 😦

    You can ask your mum to send over the instant kampua, widely available now – as nice as the real thing but good for 3 months only, no preservatives:

  2. I wish we had the food options/quantity of stops you talk about there! LUCKY!

    And the prices! Things here are a lot cheaper and there are a wider variety of stuff to choose from too. That little square of shops in that area has 7 coffee shops and one food court, just imagine that…and more across the road and at the other side of the junction beside it. πŸ˜€

  3. It’s funny what’s considered “far” in different places. In Australia, “close by” could mean a couple of hours drive away. πŸ˜‰

    Indeed. Like my girl’s school is only one and half hours away – it would take longer to drive to work in KL but there, it is not just the distance but also the horrendous jam!

  4. I like that curly noodle for my kolok mee.

    Yes, kolo mee is curly, kampua used to be straight(er) but these days, there are two – the curly ones are thinner too.

  5. That the kind of pian sip we want. Lots of well seasoned fresh meat in thin dumpling skin.

    Not quite authentic. The whole concept would be to eat the skin…like say eating lasagna, the focus is not so much on the meat. I guess people in the old days were not so rich, eat the skin, more filling so would not go hungry that first…plus no money for a lot more meat. Hardly hear of people eating kampua mee without meat these days – my young days, only 30 sen. With meat, it was 50 sen! So different from the prices today. 😦

  6. The first piansip looks really big fat loaded.. More meat and less skin, I like.. But mum likes the skin only.. She cooks only the skin with chicken soup, with lots of fried garlic, and that’s dinner.. Learnt that from my grandma..

    Yes, they sell the skin here, dried. Can buy and keep, cook anytime. I would cook with bone stock and meatballs. Have not had that for a while now – will buy a packet and cook and blog about it sometime.

  7. Pian sip, i love, i can eat a lot of it…

    I like wantons clear soup, and can eat lots of it! πŸ˜€

  8. Are you kidding.. i LOVE kampua! Ah.. too bad not enough lardy taste.. cheh.. what a let down! So where is your fav place ya?

    I’m not a die-hard purist who would insist on the original authentic taste. In the past, people always said Foochow food was not nice, cheap…and a lot but kampua noodles has been the favourite of all, young and old…since my childhood days. My current favourite may not be the favouirte of many, some say it is more like a cross between kampua and Kuching kolo mee – I have blogged about it many many times. Anyone coming to Sibu, this will be the first stop for the special kampua welcome:

  9. Their sign is quite colourful and hard to miss. πŸ™‚

    A lot of green in that area, dunno if it is the official colour of the BIG supermarket and departmental store there and this coffee shop and the food court nearby are all affiliated to it.

  10. Both I like, kampua mee & pian sip. Pian sip looks so good, lots of juicy meat & I can eat a lot. Yummy!!!!

    Where is the best kiaw in Kuching? Somehow or other, I have not heard of anybody raving about any there, only the kolo mee.

  11. The pian sip sure looks loaded with meat. I guess this would be the place to come to for pian sip?

    I would say yes, good choice if one is around there or doesn’t mind going all the way to the other side of town. It’s different from the usual/rest and I really felt it was very nice.

  12. The pian sip looks nice! Becos the seller was not stingy with the meat filling. hehehe….

    …or the maid does not know the right way to do it. Traditionally, the authentic ones would not have so much meat, not that I’m complaining. I like!

  13. Should try the pian sip at a coffee shop just next to the sungai merah river..can’t remember the name..not sure if they only open at night times. I had to wait for at least 10-15 minutes each time before getting my plate of pian sip

    I thought you went and you said it wasn’t anything great – just big or something? I don’t usually go out at night unless I have to so you would not catch me at such places.

  14. I have not seen pain sip with so much meat before! As for Kampua, my favourite is still the traditional handmade ones.

    I feel the same way too. The curly ones are thinner, may be a bit too soft if overcooked…and more like kolo mee.

  15. I visited via Google maps and saw what a crowded car park that place had. Must be a popular shopping/eating area.

    Shopping especially. The supermarket is very popular – cheap and everything’s available any time of day. Good for those working office hours, no time to go to the wet market in the morning. Food is easily available there though there isn’t one that stands out and will get people from my part of town to go all the way.

  16. The pian sip looks good, cause I can see the meat is more than the skin! Hehe!

    Not really but definitely a lot more meat than the usual elsewhere.

  17. Waiting to go out for dinner so I think I will have something similar to this later.. Hahaaaa… One of my friends suggested going to Sibu next month.. I am still considering…

    Good! Good!!! Come one, come all!!! *rolling out red carpet* πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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