Last Friday, I had to drive all the way to my girl’s school again (I had to do that the week before as well) to take her home as her colleague had something on the next day and was not driving back to Sibu so she could not hitch a ride.

That morning, I cooked The Kitchen‘s kampua mee pok for breakfast…

The Kitchen's kampua mee pok & sides

…and I heated up the leftover Khadijah Kitchen’s sambal tumis prawns to go with it. This time around, I simmered it till the gravy/sauce had dried up and I loved it! It was very very nice, a lot nicer than anything I had had outside and one thing in its favour was that it was slightly sourish, not sweet like those usually found at the nasi lemak places. I also fried an egg, in my old-school style, of course, and had a few fish balls by the side too.

Before we drove out of town, I stopped to buy lunch for all of us. I had bought my girl the very nice nasi lemak from here the week earlier so I did not want to buy that again. Instead, I went to our very own Sarawak franchise and got their fish sandwich (RM7 something, inclusive of GST)…

Sugar Bun fish sandwich 1

I’ve blogged about this favourite of mine (and that of many too) a few times before like here, for instance, but perhaps due to the indoor lighting, I always thought that the photographs did not do it much justice. Oops!!! When I unwrapped it that day, I found that the bun was a little bit squashed. Never mind! Hopefully, I can get a nicer snapshot of it the next time I grab another one.

What I particular like about it is the fact that they have fish fillet in theirs…

Sugar Bun fish sandwich 2

…one big slice of real fish…

Sugar Bun fish sandwich 3

…unlike the fish burgers at some places where the fish fillet is like fish cake or has that fish ball kind of texture.

At one time, they had stickers or notices saying that they used “dory from New Zealand” but I do not get to see them anywhere now. Well, I am not a fan of dory as at times, there is a not-so-pleasant smell and sometimes, the texture is jelly-like and not at all palatable. However, the one they use here is always very nice and when it comes to fried fish fillet, I do prefer breadcrumb to batter coating.

As you can see in one of the pics above, the long hot dog bun is slightly toasted on the inside and they have coleslaw and slices of cucumber…

Sugar Bun fish sandwich

…to go with the fish fillet in it, a very compatible combination indeed…and I would usually add some tomato ketchup or chili sauce to bring the taste to a whole new level.

However, if you are not into bread so much, there are other options available. You can have it with their very nice savoury rice or with chips (over RM11.00 inclusive of GST)…

Sugar Bun fish and chips 1

…that would come with some coleslaw, mayo for the fish and a slice of lime. My girl opted for this that day but by the time we got to her school and by the time she came home after the last lesson of the day, the french fries…

Sugar Bun fish and chips 2

…had already gone limp and were not that nice anymore. I guess for this option, it would be best eaten on the spot, piping hot from the fryer. Still, it was a delightful lunch and after that, we made our way home.

For dinner that evening, I fried some green vegetables with lots of finely-chopped garlic, adding a bit of oyster sauce and the leftover prawns from those that I used for the aforementioned sambal tumis dish…

Fried green vegetables

…and in the freezer, I also found some giant prawns that my missus bought sometime ago though I cannot remember what she used some of them for and I fried those with tom yam paste to come out with this dry version of tom yam prawns…

Dry tom yam prawns

…which was very nice indeed.

The school has taken an occasional holiday today (All Souls’ Day) so she has had an extra day at home and I did not have to send her back yesterday. We will be making our way there later, of course…


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Friday…”

  1. All the prawns in your post are making me hungry for tasty prawns. There is a sugar bun shop in Kajang here. I wonder if it is a branch of the one in Sibu. I will go there to buy a fish burger one fine day.

    In Kajang? People making their way there would go for the satay, I’m sure, not this. Maybe it caters mainly to the locals living around there.

    They used to have outlets all over the peninsula in the 80’s – I remember there was one around Tunku Abdul Rahman, 1986. You would get to see it in old Malay movies and tv dramas. Eventually, they all closed down probably in the face of the competition from all those American franchises. It did do very well at one time though, over here, but it has toned down quite a bit now. Still, I think there are at least 3 or 4 outlets in Sibu alone…and they also have one in Melbourne – dunno how that one is doing.

  2. I just had the fish sandwich last Saturday! Yummy! Still as good as ever!

    Oh. A holiday for your girl today. Good. No need to rush to send her back.

    Oh? After you saw my photo on Facebook? Hehehehehe!!!!

    Indeed, one extra day – much cherished, that’s for sure.

  3. The 2 plates of dishes you whip out looks great and yes, this is my favourite fanchise too compare to the others. Love almost everything they had. Reminds me of their deep fried tilapia fish. Yumm…

    Have not had that for a while now. Too many places to check out, too many to go to. In fact, I hardly ever drop by but that day, it was because I wanted to buy something for my girl’s lunch.

  4. I love love that fish sandwich with slaw in it.. I can eat two! The prawns look so big and delicious too, home-cooked meal is the best 🙂

    Indeed, especially with that special ingredient – love! I would try to cook what my girl loves the most everytime she comes home on weekends.

  5. I saw this brand everywhere in Kuching. I did take a look on the menu but it did not excite me 😛

    Same as most/all franchise places, they never excite me either and that is why I never go to those but the fish sandwich here is one thing worth dropping by for. I’m ok with some of the other stuff they have but I would not say they are all that cheap – for that kind of money, I would much sooner go elsewhere unless I am…say, stuck at the airport here waiting for my flight.

    It sure would not make any sense at all – real silly, I would say, to fly all the way to Kuching to go and eat as such places when there are so many things around to enjoy…just like how I see some tourists from overseas in KL, Bukit Bintang…eating at McD’s. Duhhhh!!!!!

  6. I was just having a conversation on the weekend about Borneo having some of the freshest fish we’ve eaten. Makes sense that a local franchise would be selling something with fish as the main ingredient.

    …and not use some imported fish fillet. Not that plentiful though except perhaps in the coastal towns and fishing villages but it’s not that cheap there as well – people from KL and Singapore will buy in bulk, local folks suffer as they have to pay the same high prices for the fish. I guess by Borneo, you mean Sabah – North Borneo, noted for its seafood. Lots there! Cheap or not, I would not know. Not in KK, I hear, cheaper in Sandakan or Tawau.

  7. Very nice breakfast dish you cooked up. Noodles with fishballs is also a breakfast I whip up for myself quite often.

    Yes, I just threw the fish balls into the boiling water to cook a bit and then fish them out, use the same water to boil the noodles, so lazy…me. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. If the food is as good as you say it is, I’m surprised the franchise didn’t survive here!

    Well, some international franchises also closed down, what do you mean you’re surprised? The Fish Shop was one. Ooooo…I loved their oyster fritters! Would go out of my way to go and eat them – they had an outlet at The Mall, one at Sg Wang…and I vaguely recall one at KLCC too, not sure, cannot remember. They also opened an outlet in Kuching, also kaput already…and there was an American franchise, Little Roadhouse or something in Kuching – they served peanuts in buckets and everyone was supposed to throw all the shells on the floor…so the floor was buried in peanut shells. That one did not last long either and neither did some bagel franchise that was there.

    As for Sugar Bun, it had very humble beginnings in 1979, nothing much – just burgers and what they call “broasted” chicken so not surprised it went out of style over there. What I know is in the 90’s, the focus was in Sabah, where the money was and they grew and grew – even took over Gaya Island resort…or the restaurant there and there was an outlet in KK city centre with live band entertainment – I would never have guessed it was Sugar Bun! Too bad they bit off more than they could chew so they had to tone down eventually, dunno if they are still going on ok there or not, have not been to KK for years and years.

    The ones here are doing well – they have things other than just burgers and chicken. I think they will look at the local demand, see what sells ok. Saw they have kueh chap at their outlet in Melbourne! Yes, looks like they are doing ok there too, unlike Old Town. Pappa Rich came and I hear some Old Town outlets there have closed down. People there complain of poor quality control, not all the time nice. Seems to be the same with the ones here – Kuching, KL…not everything is always good, depends.

  9. hah….extra 1 day holiday ah? Need to replace or not? Hope it is one of those cuti peristiwa that no need to be replace.

    Aiya…my mee pok nicer la… vege and chirozo. Muhahahahahaha

    Chorizo or chirozo? Not really crazy about those but there are different varieties, some ok, some not nice. See, see your photo! 😀

    Nope, cuti peristiwa, no need to replace.

  10. I do like coleslaw in my sandwich. Many years ago, I used to like the A&W Fish sandwich. But I have not eaten any fast food for a long time. That’s good, right? hee..hee..

    Never tried. Had McD’s fish-o-fillet, did not like it, never had it again.

    Didn’t know A&W has it – that was the first fast food franchise I ever had – 1973 in Singapore. Loved their burger, their “chicken in a basket” and of course, their root beer. I did drop by their outlet at Bukit Bintang in 2010, guess that one is still around. I heard the big one at PJ Old Town, next to Shah’s Village Hotel has closed down. Used to go when my girl was a toddler – she loved the playground there.

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