Does anybody know…

Does anybody know where I can get really good chicken rice in Sibu? The rice, that is. I find that the one here is nice but there is a need for some quality control. At times, it is just so-so, not really worth the trouble of making my way into town and going through the hassle of finding a parking space to go and eat. I liked the one here at our Sarawak’s own chicken rice franchise as well but I have not been since, not there nor any of the other outlets in town, so I do not know whether it is always this good or we just caught them on a good day.

This used to be the best in town but once, we found it rather disappointing but I did give it a try recently and thought it was not too bad, not as nice as before but it was good enough. Well, last Saturday, my girl said she would like to go there for the chicken rice and she did not want any of the pork so these were what we had…

Chopsticks chicken & duck meat platter

– the chicken, steamed and roasted, and also the roast duck and we also had the stewed eggs…

Chopsticks stewed eggs

All in all, inclusive of three plates of rice, the total came up to only RM17.00 plus. However, we did not think the rice was all that nice that day – it was all right, nicer than many around but no, it wasn’t anything like what it used to be.

And does anybody know where the beef noodles people have gone to? We liked it a lot and had gone there a few times just for that but when I walked around the place that day, they were no longer there! A lady selling mee sua was sitting at her stall, looking rather lost and forlorn. She did not seem to be getting any business at all and talking about business, it was lunchtime on a Saturday and the place was not very crowded, nothing like what it was like before. Does anybody know whether that was because of the poor economy in our country right now or people have moved elsewhere…where the food is nicer?

After lunch, my girl wanted to drop by the bakery round the corner, the subsidiary of our very own Sarawak fast food franchise, to buy some buns to bring to her school to eat in the week ahead. You see, with the current scorchingly hot and very dry weather we are experiencing right now, their water supply – they depend on the rain for that there – is running very low so there may be a need for water rationing and she does not want to do any cooking to avoid a whole lot of cleaning and washing up after that so as to save whatever little water they may have.

I just waited in the car and when she came back, she told me she had bought me these red velvet muffins…

UNIQBUN muffins

…to try. I remember I had bought the same before from another outlet of this same bakery, except that it was one whole loaf and yes, it was pretty good and so were these…

UNIQBUN muffins, red velvet

…that my girl bought that day, soft and moist, but of course, I was wishing I had the cream cheese frosting to go with it. It is the combination that I enjoy and love a lot and without the frosting, it would boil down to being…just a cake. Still, it was way nicer than these but I think those were cheaper. I don’t see those around anymore – I guess they did not sell very well so nobody is stocking up on them anymore.

And does anybody know where I can get really really good red velvet cake in town, complete with the cream cheese frosting and all?

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10 thoughts on “Does anybody know…”

  1. I like that plate of chix & duck meat & also the lor nerng. Nowadays very hard to find a place to eat where the quality control is consistent. It all depends on one’s luck.

    Sad, isn’t it? You find one very nice place and the next time around, it is not that great and another time, it is ok again. So inconsistent. I dunno why it is like that at quite a number of places these days. You go and eat with great expectations and end up not too satisfied and at times, quite disappointed even.

  2. I like a chicken rice stall that has a few things – white chicken, roasted chicken, roasted pork, char siew, chicken liver, stewed eggs+tofu, stewed pork.. Then I can order a little bit of everything.. Most of the stalls only have chicken & roasted pork.. Not all stalls got my favourite liver 😦

    I used to love the liver but I have grown out of it. I still love the ones at the Malay stalls, cooked rendang or whatever style but I do not get to see it here all that often. Sometimes, it’s beef liver. Nice too!

    Normally, we would ask for a bit of this and a bit of that but that day, my girl said she only wanted the chicken, not the pork…and I added a bit to those – the duck and the eggs.

  3. I prefer no cream cheese frosting on my cake. Red velvet is good enough.

    Look like everyone shifting to some place else. I have been to the chicken rice twice. Could not remember how it was.

    I wonder why they move around so much. Very hard to keep track. Here today, gone tomorrow.

    Oooo…I love the cream cheese frosting, so very nice. Without that, red velvet is just some very nice cake, brings it to a whole new level.

  4. Regarding chicken rice… or more specifically “rice”. Someone was telling me not long ago that Malaysia used to produce a lot of rice, but the rice paddies have seen been taken over with other developments.

    Kedah used to be the rice bowl of the country – I think it still produces a lot but the rice is usually taken up by one local authority to protect the farmers and the prices and they are stored in some godown so what is eventually sold in the shops is not all that fresh, not so nice anymore. That is why we would rather go for our own local ethnic-produced rice and the very nice Bario hill rice but the business people sometimes mix with ordinary rice to make more profit and so, they are not all that nice anymore. Terrible!

  5. Red velvet cake is very nice. My wife has made that a few times.

    Yes, my favourite but must be with cream cheese frosting, much nicer. I wish they had that inside the muffin, would be perfect.

  6. I prefer roasted chicken to steamed chicken…

    Same as my girl…and later in the day, best not to eat steamed as it is very moist and when eaten cold, may end up food poisoning.

  7. When I baked red velvet cupcakes, I was surprised that I actually liked the cream cheese frosting although it is quite sweet. So you like it too, eh? 🙂

    Yes, I do – sugar reduced, of course…but I did have one once, maybe they used butter or butter cream so there was this strong Golden Churn butter kind of smell – I did not quite like it.

  8. All foodie questions! I wish I could give you some tips… hahahaha… In Ipoh, I surely will give you good tips! Hope someone here will enlighten you on good local food in Sibu!

    Yes, my friend in Perth has given me the answer regarding the beef noodles – will drop by one of these days to check it out at its new location.

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