Been sometime…

This Sarawak’s own franchise…

SB 1

…has been around for years now and I do drop by time and again to get the fish burger that Melissa likes a lot, takeaway and I must say that I do too – I had a post on that a long long time ago in 2008. However, I’ve not actually eaten there since the time in March, 2009 when my friend (from Penang) insisted that I tried their cheese burger with egg – he thought it was simple the best, better than all the rest and I did drop by again once in August that same year as they were promoting their smoked beef burger (which, I guess, did not do too well seeing that it did not get onto their permanent menu eventually).

Well, Melissa and I went to the outlet round the corner from my house that day on Chinese New Year’s Eve…


…as we were busy with all the preparations and did not have time to cook lunch plus we were saving it all for the reunion dinner that evening.

Business was good…


…and both Melissa and I wanted their broasted chicken…


…with their special rice…


…which was nicely-flavoured and had raisins and bits of sausages in it.

I ordered the value meal (RM11.50)…


…which came with two pieces of the chicken along with the rice and the cucumber pickle plus a free soft drink. Melissa had the same but with only one piece, minus the free drink (RM6.90).

The meat was juicy and tender…


…and very nicely done and obviously, the chicken is less oily inside – unlike some where one would find layers of fat under the skin…


…and it is also less oily on the outside. As you can see, there were only traces of oil on the plate…


There are a lot of choices including their fried tilapia with rice, their nasi lemak or their spaghetti or fried macaroni and all the rest but my favourite is still their fish burger.

We have five outlets now (or at least, the ones that I know of) – one at the Sibu Gateway in the town centre, the one near my house in Pedada, another one at the Giant Hypermall and another at Taman Indah and one round the corner from Farley in Salim. Has anybody been to one lately? Which item on their menu is your favourite, perhaps you would like to share?

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36 thoughts on “Been sometime…”

  1. I love Sugar Bun. I love the taste of broasted chicken and the fish fillet. My daughter loves to eat the raisin rice. My husband likes the satay sauce a lot. I guess we are Sugar Bun family. LOL.

    Ahhhh!!!! Loyal supporters, eh? Yet to try the satay sauce. I did see it but did not ask for it. Must give it a try one of these days then.

  2. had bad experience while was at Tanjung Aru… next time do try to order Fresh Orange and tell me whether it is ‘fresh’ or just cordial… the outlet there cant differentiate it.

    Filipino? Must be – those people literally run the whole city…even the ones at Kah Heong. I think if they all go back, KK would come to a standstill.

    1. orang sabah bah…mati mati cakap itu fresh orange…

      Filipinos, I tell you – they all look alike…and like the Indons here, they can speak all the local languages very fluently. Next time you come, I will take you to eat kampua – made by young Indon girls who can converse in Mandarin and Foochow. Amazing!

  3. I also prefer sugar bun’s menu more than the other fast food joints’ but the one in MJ, Btu closed down after Kfc opened nearby! What a pity.

    That chicken place at the mall 100 metres away from this SB outlet certainly enjoyed very good business, even better actually.

  4. those designs on the window
    i think thats hand painted right?
    its cool i love every detail

    Yup! Very nicely done. And for Christmas, they had something else. Wonder if they would be painting anything for Easter…

  5. their chicken seems so crispy in the outside
    and juicy in the inside
    whoa that sounds like those in the commercial ah

    It certainly was good but my favourite is still the fish burger.

  6. I’ve always liked their fish fillet burgers! It’s the best fast food fish burger I’ve eaten!

    The secret is in the long bun and the coleslaw like sauce.

    I actually have shares in Sugarbun. My dad gave them to me on my 21st birthday, it used to be his. It doesn’t perform well. Haha!

    Oh? It was doing very well at one time but perhaps, it got a bit over-ambitious and ventured far and wide…even as far as Bangladesh (dunno why there). They seem to be making a comeback here though…slowly, especially their Red Carrot. Very popular, always crowded. Ya, the fish burger is my favourite too.

  7. Mr Chairman why they no come to KatLumPor no got? Got one outlet in China.

    There was one in KL, 1986 – Tunku Abdul Rahman area…and I saw it in one of the Drama Minggu Ini shows. Did not do too well, I guess…

  8. I remember that….fast food Sibu style 😀 If I’m not wrong, I think they have other local dishes too.

    Yes, they have lots now…not just burgers and broasted chicken like before.

  9. Wow! The broasted chicken looks absolutely tender inside and crispy outside. We do not have this franchise in Singapore… Too bad! 😦

    You all are spoilt for choice there, no need for this one anymore. But it’s good…and we should support our own local franchises instead of those expensive branded ones from overseas.

  10. The rice looks like something a little bit out of the ordinary with some raisins (?) inside.

    It’s something like the Malay nasi minyak or whatever it is called and yes, there are raisins inside. Very nice.

  11. We all love broasted chicken from Sugar Bun than any other franchise. The savoury rice taste great. I noticed that wherever there is KFC, there is also Sugar Bun.

    Hmmm…that’s quite true here too though not all the time.

  12. The fried chicken certainly looks very juicy.. less oil and not so much fats embedded beneath the skin.. nowadays I seldom take KFC or McD… those two are common around here in IPOH.. that is why I prefer grilled chicken as in Nando or Kenny Rogers..

    Ya…those are really so oily – the yellow layers of fat under the skin always put me off. They’re also very oily to hold.

  13. Johore has a few outlets of Sugar Bun but I’m not sure if they are the same as the one in Sibu or not. Infact, in the early 90’s I even saw one in Kota Baru but again, I’m not sure if they are from the same company. I like the fish paintings/ mural on the glass window.

    Yes, very artistic and to think that those were painted by the workers. If it was Sugar Bun, it would be the same chain. They had outlets far and wide…but I guess the bigger you are, the harder you fall! So these days, it is rather toned down – probably focusing on quality than quantity. More and much nicer choices now.

  14. sugar bun sounds very familiar.. i remember it was once in KL but nowhere to find it now already, sadly the kungfu chicken is still the major player here, though i’ve already banned it, haha!! BTW the fried chicken looks good~~

    It was…in the 80’s. Were you around already then? Kung fu chicken? What’s that?

    1. Sir,

      My blind guess for kung fu chicken ->> “K”ung “F”u “C”hicken…. ada tangkap ar? 😉

      Ahhhhh!!!! I see….

  15. Sugar bun, sounds like a bakery :p

    I am tempted to try though if I have the chance, the fried chicken looks yummy~

    They had a bakery – Applebee’s but I think nowadays, they call come under the same umbrella.

  16. Never fail to patronize this place whenever I go bek Sarikei. You can never can this kind of food (more onto Asian style) in other fast food chain. I like their rice, (all the rice menu oso not bad) .hehe…..

    Hah!! Hear! Hear! Hear it from the one who knows! Not bad, eh? This Sarawak’s own franchise…and so many other things here that’s quintessentially Sarawak. People always say there’s nothing here – they do not know how sadly mistaken they are.

  17. ironically, sugar and bun sells nasi lemak and i see no buns/sugar in your post.. hahahhaa..
    What’s famous over there actually? ;P

    Well, there’s bun for their burgers…and there’s sugar in the drinks. They started off with this broasted chicken and hamburgers – I remember at the time their advert on the radio in Chinese and the Sugar Bun “ham-pao-pao”….but these days, my favourite is the fish burger. If you look at Melissa’s comment and those of the rest, everything is good there – up to each individual’s likes and dislikes.

  18. Sugar bun? What a catchy name, I thought of bread and bun initially.

    I like the variety of their menu, with fried chicken, rice and burger 🙂

    Lots more actually, surely spoilt for choice here.

  19. Broasted chicken? Whatever it is, it sure looks very tasty. I love fried chicken but I haven’t seen any Sugar Bun around my area. If I spot one, I will be sure to try their chicken.

    I don’t think they have it anywhere there anymore. You will have to come here to try.

  20. Grrrrrr…me anti sugar bun…coz the one in kk gave orange juice from kotak n kept insist its freshly juiced orange….

    Oh? The packet ones? That’s not too bad. Papakucing said cordial – Sun Valley (Still got or not?) and the like, cordial lah tu! I like Peel n Fresh and they will tell you on the pack – freshly-squeezed, hygienically-packed, no sugar or water added….vitamin enriched some more! Which fast food franchise has freshly-squeezed juices? Here, you go upstairs to the subsidiary – Red Carrot – they have lah! Sugar Bun itself, I don’t think so. Is it on the menu there?

  21. Seems like you and this restaurant has a long history based on the number of posts that you cited. 🙂 The chicken looks interesting. I’m wondering what broasting is. It’s my first time to read that word.

    It’s explained there on the display – not familiar with the word either, never really bothered about it. I go there cause the food is all right, not expensive and it’s near my house.

    1. I thought that broasting was just an invented word of the restaurant that you went too. But no! It’s an actual word. I searched it on Google.

      It is? Wah!!! I did not even bother to do that. LOL!!! 😀

  22. chicken looks so homely made and juicy! a far cry from the other fast food eateries.

    Not really homely but it was good. They do have a few items on their menu that do come across like home-cooked though. Not a bad place to go to really…but I guess it is not as glamorous as the other more popular places.

  23. I love the fish fillet with that rice (usually comes with these pickles thingy, lovely). Have not had Sugarbun for such a long time!

    The fish is nice, no doubt about that. I would rather have it in their fish burger though.

  24. Sugar Bun!!! I think had been ages I have not had sugar bun! I remember their fried chicken very nice and fragrant.

    Don’t miss it – your next trip home. Very different now.

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