So much better…

Hi! Meet my ex-student!


He’s attached to a company here but he has been stationed in Borat-land for many years now. Of course, when one is posted overseas, one would be making a whole lot of money – he did not tell me how many millions he already has, all stacked up in his Swiss account though. All he did was to grumble about the 20% he lost as the value of the euro has dropped over the time he has been there.

Another thing that he complained about was the food there…and in his opinion, it is so much better here. He’s currently everybody’s favourite friend as he cooks great dishes to share with them using the A1 Mountain Globe instant curry paste and wee’s satay sauce and everything else that he would bring over from here. I would believe him when he said that he had to buy a new pair of jeans two sizes smaller every time he came home…and you would too if you click the link above and see how round his face was in 2008.

He just had his lasik done in KL on his way back to Sibu to carry out his democratic duty. That explains the  sunglasses indoors…and since he had to stick around cool, air-conditioned places, not dusty and no bright sunlight, I took him to this megamall here in Sibu…


…where the Giant Hypermart is located. It was a hot afternoon and everyone had parked their cars in the spacious shaded car park behind the building – parking is free, so why not?

The moment he saw the outlet of our own Sarawak franchise there, right away he  said that he wanted to go there as there are no fast food places where he is working – none of those popular international franchises, nothing. He did not eat much though. He ordered the fish burger that I just had a few days earlier


…and insisted on sharing half of it with me.

I wanted this…

SB waffle with ice cream

…but I was told that they did not have it there and I would have to go to the Pedada branch, if I wanted that. The Pedada branch? They have that there? The last time I had ice cream there, they did not serve their own – only those that we can buy in tubs at any supermarket in town. Well, that was way back in 2009 – they probably have it now.

In the end, we just ordered their soft ice cream, vanilla (RM1.50 each) – cone…


…and I must say that I liked it very much – very nice and creamy with its rich milky flavour and definitely much nicer than  what I had here.

Well, my ex-student probably liked it a lot, so much so that he went and ordered another one – the vanilla-chocolate mix…


Hmmmm…we walked around the mall and he bought some kaya balls to eat as we were walking around there…and then, I took him to the shops near my house for him to stock up on the curry paste and satay sauce to take back…and he bought some apam balik/ban chien kueh from a stall in the vicinity to eat as well. Hmmmmm…I wonder if that is the secret to slimming down – eat a bit of everything at regular intervals instead of eating square meals at regular meal times in the day.

Well, it certainly was sweet of him to contact me while he was home and get me out of the house to spend some time together before he went back – thanks so much for that. Do keep in touch and we’ll do this again the next time you come home.