Sometimes, I really wonder what is there for me to eat and more often than not, I would not want to eat the same old stuff every day. That is one good thing about the Bandong stall that I frequent very often in the morning. It offers an array of choices as it sells a variety of cakes, local kuihs and other delights and the best part is that very frequently, they will have something different for a change.

They have what is called soto ayam which I tried once but did not think it was that great. It was just nasi empit (pressed rice) topped generously with a lot of chopped spring onions and fried onions and they gave chicken soup to go with it. The first time I had something similar toΒ soto was in 1973 at the Lontong House along one of those smaller roads branching out from Orchard Road in Singapore….and I remember they had the rice cut into cubes (somewhat similar to ketupat) served in something likeΒ sayur lodeh or sayur masak lemak (vegetables cooked in santan/coconut milk). I think I would prefer that a lot more. There was another stall in the Bandong vicinity selling lontong but theirs was not really anything to shout about and anyway, it is no longer in business.

However, the other day, at my regular stall, they came out with something different – the nasi empit serunding

Soto serunding

…where they gave the usual nasi empit cut into cubes together with some serunding (very tasty spicy shredded beef/ floss)…


…plus a generous serving of satay sauce…

Satay sauce & nasi empit

I mixed them all together and ate. It was really very nice…and I would not mind having that again. The best part was that it only cost RM2.50! Real cheap…

Soto serunding 2

…and yesterday morning when I dropped by there again, they had nasi empit with chickenΒ rendang plus satay sauce. Also very nice! Yum!!!

Don’t just take my word for it. Just drop by the place and have a look – I bet you will surely be spoilt for choices…

I usually go at around 8.30 a.m. and on some days, some of the things may be completely sold out, so perhaps one should go earlier to avoid disappointment, say around 6.00 to 8.00 a.m.

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24 thoughts on “Choices…”

  1. OMG! Serunding! My mum and late grandmum make great serundings. The best i’ve ever tasted! SOBBSSSS. Cikgu, now you’re making me miss my mum. 😦

    Ah! Serunding! It was very nice. Fresh, I guess and tastewise, it was just right. I’ve bought before…like for Chinese New Year, kinda dry and very strong smell – not really anything to shout about. Bet your mum makes really good serunding – bagi sikit can? LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL.. next time if my mum make some, I’ll surely keep you in my thoughts.

      Hers is very nice, I assure you. Nothing like those you get outside. not too dry, not too wet. Not too spicy or bland either, and I would usually take them with bread, porridge or my maggie. LOL. And they’re nice to be taken with ketupat or rendang too. Serunding, they’re versatile. It’s the traditional ‘student’ food in my family. I had these til I was almost sick of them when I was studying cuz my mum make them in kilos for me to eat and share with friends.

      I know how to make serunding too, but mine always appears to be wet. 😦 cuz I dun have the patience to stand in front of the stove for hours and keep stirring the shredded rendang meat/chicken til it’s properly dried. Sigh. Serunding. it’s a love food… takes a lot of patience to make!

      Sigh!!! Too bad NZ very strict when it comes to taking food into the country. Otherwise this would be ideal for my daughter…along with my sambal hay bee…and the bak kua….. 😦

      1. ketupat and lemang* I mean…the Northerns often eat ketupat and lemang with serundings. πŸ˜€

        And here, I have it with nasi empit! LOL!!! All the same…all nice!!! πŸ™‚

      2. NZ duzzin allow foreign foodstuff eh? I could still remember… my dad also bring kilos of Serunding to the UK back in the 80s with him. My grandmum made it for him. And when he run out of supply, my late grandmum would make more for him and send it in the parcel.LOL…

        Those days, not the same. Dunno how now but when we went to the UK in 1994, we were allowed to take anything – serunding, sambal, bak kua… NZ, so strict with plants and meat – even key holders made of wood, not allowed to take in!

  2. sobs. i only can eat this during Hari Raya festival. parents dnt let and never buy this kind of foods. 😦

    Yes, yes…be a good girl and listen to your parents. They are only too concerned about your welfare.

    1. wei dnt tell me dat one not gud for my health ah?? hehe. i seldom fancy malay cuisine, but when hari raya festival, i love all those kuih raya and those dishes. i am craving for ketupat now!!! gosh!

      I dunno. Beef has high cholesterol…and the satay gravy has high oil-content, with peanuts some more, so not good for you lah! For me, ok – anything goes! Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  3. one thing I don’t like about the satay sauce in sibu is that it’s very watery. There is no nuts inside 😦 the ones I have here are mostly thick sauce with nuts. some places even give a teaspoon of sambal to be mixed with..

    You’re talking about Kajang, eh? Big bowls of sauce…and can always ask for more. This one is ok, just nice – not watery…and got whole nuts!!! I thought that was because they did not pound/grind the peanuts well enough. No complaints about the gravy – compared to some of the satay places in town.

  4. Eating something spicy to start the day is a good idea.. Must go and for my nasi lemak now. πŸ˜‰ Happy long holidays!

    Long holidays? You’ve gone back to Sandakan for the Harvest Festival? Here, it’s on the 1st and 2nd…so those taking Monday off would have an extra long break! πŸ™‚

  5. nasi impit .. been awhile since I last had that .. The beef serunding looks so so so delicious. You’re so lucky to be living somewhere with an abundance of all this good food at such an affordable price !

    Count my blessings. Nice food…cheap…and a couple of minute’s drive away. Sibu’s small…but not too small till there’s not much of anything. Just right! Just hope they don’t turn the place into a city and spoil the beauty of living here.

  6. Did you know that every dish you post on your blog today will be sold out the next day?

    Nah!!! Not so many people read my blog…and if they do not live around my area, it may not be so convenient for them to stop be. Old habits die hard…like a friend who stays in Rejang Park which is quite close actually. He says he always wants to drop by…but somehow, he will just turn and drive straight to town…

  7. Looks really delicious. Comfort food and above all, they’re fast. The serunding and the satay sauce look sweet, so I guess the nasi empit makes good contrast.

    Almost perfect… I would love it a little bit more pedas though. Come, they’re all from your kampong – look at all that you’re missing! Drool!!! LOL!!!

  8. No larr. Just went back in March, not that I have a money printing machine. πŸ˜‰

    You don’t? People in KL all very rich one…salary very high, everything got class one but personally, I think I prefer Sandakan (…or Sibu). I have a number of friends, West Malaysians, in Sandakan who worked there, now retired and they do not want to go back.

  9. wa…the beef floss..if got roti eat with roti very sedap leh πŸ˜€

    Very nice just to eat it like that – like bak hu! Yum! πŸ™‚

  10. i ate the nasi empit with satay sauce (not with redang) every time i ate satay. is kind of hard to find the combo you have there at here.

    Actually. I do not see many Malay stalls over there…and if any, at best, they’ll be selling cucur pisang and curry puffs and perhaps nasi lemak. Here, this is the one that I go to but there are others…and there are more stalls here, there and everywhere in the afternoon, so many things to choose! πŸ™‚

  11. Satay sauce can mix with almost any food and it will taste good^^

    Yup! Love it with gado-gado too… Been wanting to make that but haven’t got round to it yet. Getting to be very lazy… 😦

  12. I love soto but will request for mee hoon instead of the nasi impit. I love lontong too!! Must add 1 fried bull eggs with loads of kuah kacang. Aaa….the malay food in Sibu is somehow similar to Johor. In Seremban, these kind of food are so hard to find. (maybe I do not know where to buy?). Normally, malay store over here only sell nasi lemak and the normal fried noodles. Your nasi impit with satay sauce makes me crave for SATAY !

    Ya…exactly what I said in my reply to Isley’s comment…or maybe I do not know where to go, where to find the good ones… 😦

  13. waahh… serunding…. i love too.. expensive to buy over here.. normally i eat those during fasting time.. they have more choices too..

    Expensive? This one ok leh – only RM2.50 and they give a lot!!! Enough for two, I’m sure…but not for me lah! For me, just right for one! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Sounds like…every day…is about food to you bro. :p

    Yalor…at my age, I should be thakful that I can still eat and enjoy myself…πŸ™‚

  15. Wah!! I like this!! You know, i don’t know what is serunding till i join my current co. All of them are malay, they introduce serunding, lemang, roti jala to me, till i fall in love with it.

    I remember there was once i went to buy my morning breakfast i saw this nasi empit, i told the makcik i want nasi empit, i thought she will give me satay sauce, but i didn’t know actually they eat that with soup, i mean “lontong” I told makcik, can i just have nasi empit with satay sauce?

    Kelantan got very nice serunding! Serunding go with lemang, YUMMY!!!

    LOL!!! So the next time you come back to Sibu, they can expect a new customer at that stall in Bandong! Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ Sometimes, they have lemang, roti jala too…but I don’t quite fancy their roti jala. My daughter said the ones she bought from an Indian stall in Sg Petani nicer.

    1. T_T please dun mention roti jala… sobs… my mum make roti jala as well.. OMG… *dies*

      Isn’t it nice to be me? I get to eat ALL THOSE YUMMY things that your mum makes anytime I want!!! Yum! Yum! Drool! Drool! *rubbing it in some more! Hahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  16. I’ll try to skip having rice for breakfast cos it’s very fattening la!!!

    I don’t either before…but these days, I may take nasi empit or nasi lemak…but not chicken rice unless it’s for lunch. But I thought rice doesn’t make you fat – not as much as noodles (wheat flour)…and like rice, mihun and kway teow aren’t as bad either.

  17. I love nasi himpit and satay sauce to bits… you added serunding somemore, really ‘pakar makan’ lar brother! Salute with drools…

    Come, come to Sibu…and you’ll get to eat all this nice stuff that we have here. In the meantime, you can just…droooool! LOL!!!

  18. Looks like indonesian food… Craving! cravings!!! Arrrr….

    You know as a medical professional, I suggest that you go easy on the delicious food… But as a cook, I say GO ON!

    Hahahahaha!!! I’m almost 60, so might as well enjoy while I still can. Pretty soon, there may be a whole lot of things I will not be able to eat, not necessarily due to health reasons…but no teeth! I only have one solitary upper molar left!!! SOBSSSS!!!!😦

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