All that I’ve got…

I had not been cooking for a while…but on Friday which was a no-meat day for me, I decided to peek into the freezer to see what was inside. All that I’d got were some prawns that my brother-in-law in Bintulu gave us – frozen in ice. Don’t ask me how long they had been in there – you’d probably faint! So, I decided to cook them.

Firstly, I removed the shell from the prawns, leaving behind only the tail and also got rid of the “vein”. Then I chopped up some garlic and sliced one small Bombay onion. I spotted some spring onions in the fridge, so I cut up some for use as well…and I got a sprig of curry leaves from my garden.

Rich cheese prawns 1

There was the grated cheese that my daughter used to cook something when she was around, so I thought I might as well use that too. I did not have any evaporated milk in the house and since there was a carton of milk in the fridge, already opened, I just had to make do with that…and there were a few slices of pineapple lying around and they were not spared either.

Rich cheese prawns 2

Once I was ready, I heated a tablespoon of margarine in a pan and threw in the sliced onions and the garlic. After a while, in went the prawns followed by the pineapples. Then I poured in some milk…and added a bit of salt and pepper according to taste…after which, I put in the spring onions and the curry leaves. After stirring everything to mix it all thoroughly, I added the cheese…and simmered till it had melted.

The prawns were ready…

Rich cheese prawns 3

…and they were very nice. I thought it would go well with some pasta but unfortunately, there wasn’t any in the house…

Rich cheese prawns 4

…so I just had to eat that with rice. Yum!!!