Never gonna give up…

You all know about the yummy chicken pies from Aroma Bakery already as I have posted on them here…and here…but all this while, I’ve been told that their curry puffs are very nice too. However, I was made to understand that they did not make them themselves – the curry puffs were homemade and they would deliver them to the bakery to be sold at their premises.

I went there a number of times but they were always sold out…and recently, a young girl at the the shop said that they had stopped making so there would not be any more for sale from then on. But the other day, I heard that they were back in business…so I made a bee line to the shop. See! It pays to be patient and keep on trying and trying and not to give it!

Finally, I got the curry puffs that I had been wanting to try for so long…

Aroma Bakery curry puffs 1

They were selling them at 80 sen each and I must say that they did not look very nice, coming in all kinds of distorted shapes.

The pastry was very nice – baked, not fried…but the filling had very little meat, mostly potatoes. It tasted good though, slightly spicy and nice. Well, considering that they were only 80 sen each, I would not think that there was any cause for complaint. They were definitely better than the curry puffs I had bought from some other bakeries in town.

Aroma Bakery curry puffs 2

On the whole, tastewise, I would say that the ones I had in Sungai Petani (Kedah) were much nicer. Those were huge and had a lot of meat in their filling…but they were fried, not baked.

Sg Petani curry puffs
*recycled pic

The prices varied but the one that I liked best – their chicken potato was RM1.40 each, almost double the price.

All in all, I’ve yet to find any that can rival my favourite curry puffs – baked, not fried and made with short crust pastry…from that little shop in Kai Joo Lane in Kuching, the one renowned for its meat pastry (baked char siew pao). Sigh!!!