What’s good for you…

…may not be good for me.

Well, you see, I bumped into an ex-colleague sometime last week and she told me that the Sarawak laksa at Soon Hock Cafe was very nice…and a friend of my missus also told her the same thing. Normally, I would go there for the kampua noodles and the pian sip that my daughter loves a lot…but since they claimed the laksa was nice, I decided to go there and check it out.

When it was served, I was kind of disappointed as the presentation looked quite miserable…

Soon Hock laksa 1

Where were the prawns? The shredded chicken? Why they did not even have the chopped Chinese celery! And goodness gracious me!!! The  supposed-to-be-thinly-sliced omelette was horribly thick…

Soon Hock laksa 2

The imitation crab sticks and the meat that they usually use for their kampua noodles did not manage to save the day.

On the whole, it tasted o.k. and at only RM3.20 a bowl, I do not see any cause for complaint but I would not want to go there on purpose just for the laksa. If I happen to be in the neighbourhood and I’m looking for something to eat, I may consider…but then again, there’s the e-Cafe laksa at the other end of the block that, I feel, is comparatively nicer and if it’s Sarawak laksa that I want, I would much sooner go for the one with the giant freshwater prawns at Thomson Corner!

After all, what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander. We all see and evaluate things in our own ways and based on our own judgement, we will make our own choices between what we think is nice and what is not.