The other day, Louis J called and asked me out for breakfast, so I suggested going to Delicious Cafe in the Delta Commerical Centre near my house. If you’re driving from the town, it’s in the block of shophouses after Delta Mall (at the junction of Pedada Road and Gambir Road). Now, why would I want to go there, you may ask? Well, Shirleen commented on my post the other day and she said that they had some nice beef noodles at that shop.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any beef noodles…but an ex-colleague happened to be around there (the one who said the not-so-nice Soon Hock laksa was nice) and she suggested that we could try the pork rib noodles. I visualised something with pork ribs in clear soup like what I had in KL…

Pork kway teow, Damansara Uptown
*recycled pic

…but when it was served, unexpectedly, it turned out to be something like lor mee with the kangkong and all

Delicious Cafe's pork rib noodles 1

…and there were no pork ribs either. However, when I tasted it, again unexpectedly, I found that it was really very nice.

It was not as gooey or sticky like lor mee and the gravy was pleasantly palatable. I guess those must be what they call “pai kut ong” which is what the people in the restaurants call the meat from the rib section without the bones.

Delicious Cafe's pork rib noodles 2

And talking about bones, I have one to pick – I do wish they would be a bit more generous with their chilli dip…

Delicious Cafe's pork rib noodles 3

…but all things considered, it certainly got my thumbs up and I wouldn’t mind dropping by to have that again.