I am pretty sure that a substantial number of you out there do not know what this is. Well, it is called umai

Umai 1

Now, umai is a special Melanau delicacy and for the initiated, the Melanaus are the dominant race around the lower reaches and the delta region of the Rejang River. It is made from raw fish – cut into thin strips and mixed with sliced onions and chillies and lots of calamansi lime juice.

Umai 2

Of course, for it to be nice, the fish must be fresh and the quality of the fish plays a part too. Some will say that certain fish would be best for making umai but I am not really that fussy – as long as it tastes nice and there are no bones. This one that I bought from my regular Bandong food stall is made with ikan yu or shark and all that only cost RM5.00.

I also bought this bowl of asam sotong (cuttlefish/squid with tamarind) for RM5.00…

Asam sotong 1

It was really delicious and the gravy was great with rice.

With all these nice stuff so easily available and so affordable too, is it any wonder at all that I do not really feel like cooking these days?