Sylvia’s mother…

Well, it wasn’t her mother but Sylvia herself who uploaded these photos onto Facebook and tagged me…

Sylvia's tuna sweet potato porridge
*Sylvia’s photo

…and she said, “…thanks for sharing your recipe with your readers.” That, of course, was the tuna sweet potato porridge that I had featured in a post recently. She also mentioned that it tasted nice.

I wonder who else have tried out the stuff I have posted in my blog. I know Stella made some popiah following the steps I showed in this post and this one too

STP's popiah
*recycled pic

…and sometime ago, Pollie made some sambal timun the way my mum used to do it…

STP's sambal timun
*recycled pic

…and she mentioned that she brought it along to a pot luck party and everyone loved it.

Then, there was Chrisanakapai as well who tried out my steamed pork with cincaluk dish…and she declared in her own words, “STP, very sedap lah. Licin habis kena sapu la this lauk…”

Chrisanakapai's steamed cincaluk pork
*Chrisanakapai’s photo

So, has anybody tried cooking anything else that you’ve seen in my blog? Nice or not?…Come, let’s share with everybody…