Perfect combination…

My missus pounded some sambal belacan (dried prawn paste dip) the other day and I was thinking how nice it would be if I had some braised pork trotters to eat with that. I recalled having had some at an economical fast food stall at a coffee shop in Rejang Park that was really good, so I headed there in the hope that I could tapao (takeaway) some for dinner.

It was the first coffee shop (GPS coordinate: 2.306806,111.836915) in the block of shophouses beside the now-closed down cinema, not the one opposite/in front of it. Unfortunately when I got there, I discovered that they did not have any trotters that day, so I had to settle for the next best thing – braised pork belly in soy sauce…

Pork belly in soy sauce

That was RM10.00 worth of the meat and the lor-nui (braised eggs) were RM1.00 each.

Soy sauce pork belly & sambal belacan

It certainly was a perfect combination – the pork and the belacan – absolutely delicious together, plus the eggs some more! I certainly enjoyed the dinner that night…and I bet you would too!