I can love you like that…

The other day, I had a post on the sweet corn that I bought from my regular Bandong kuih-muih stall. All this while, I would see a bag or two of ubi bandong (tapioca) but they were so small and thin. I told the lady that I could not be bothered to peel all that prior to cooking – it would be such a chore.

However, the other day, I gave in to the temptation and bought a bag – one big bag for only RM2.50…

Tapioca 1

…and I took it to my parents’ house and asked their Indonesian maid to peel and cook. She told me that they call this ubi bandong pulut and it is, in fact, a miniature variety – the plant is only about three feet tall.

She steamed the tapioca and later, poured a bit of salt diluted in some water over the tubers…and it was ready…

Tapioca 2

Oooo…these yellow ones are the best! We would just eat it like that…or with granulated sugar…but we like it best with attap (nipah) sugar in which case, we will have to blend some of the sugar with a bit of oil. In the past, we used lard…but since we no longer have that in the house, any other oil would do – even olive oil.

Attap sugar and oil

It would be ready when it is nice and smooth. Just dip the tapioca in it…and eat!

Eating tapioca

Yum! Yum!